Posts – Thanks for the First Year, Everybody!


September 1 marks the day when I really started to write full time on

It’s been an amazing year – has grown from one visitor (yeah, me) to an average of a thousand a day! I’ve had a hairdo, I shaved my head, we’ve lived in three different states, and I am getting another Master’s degree in Sweden. What a crazy and excellent year this has been!

I started this website to help tell anyone who works in an industry that deals with light about other industries that work with light. As a collective intelligence, we can all accomplish so much – I write about anything dealing with light, and I write to share what I know about our beloved industries with whoever wants to learn something. It has been one fantastic year, and I have learned so much from writing.  In addition to all of the research that I do for the posts I write, it is staggering – amazing, wonderful, and excellent – to see how many people Twitter me, email, and IM about news stories that are up and coming.  It really says a lot about our industries, and all of us who deal with light as a medium.  Please keep it all coming!

I am grateful for every single reader – you make writing great for me. I want to show you how important you are to this website, so I teamed up with ZinmanCo, Electronic Theatre Controls, Synthe-FX, iSquint, and BMI Supply to provide a ton of free stuff for readers! T-shirts, coffee mugs, flashlight keychains, a pair of HotHands gloves, more t-shirts, and awesome iPhone software is all up on the block! I’m also giving away a few T-SHIRTS!

Here’s the deal:
All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and tell me where you’re from, and starting at 10am CST I am going to give away some stuff each hour until midnight! If you tweet about JimOnLight with hashtags (#jimonlight) at Twitter, then you get another entry into the contest!  You don’t have to tweet about the contest, just tweet about JimOnLight!  I will give away something hourly today, starting at 10am, then I’ll give some stuff away on Wednesday the 2nd, Thursday the 3rd, and a special grand prize on Friday the 4th. A quick side note on the iPhone software – unfortunately I can only give this away to US-based people, because iTunes won’t allow the codes to be given overseas. Everything else is up for grabs, though!

I just want to say thank you to every reader of – I love to write about light, and you all make it so worth it! A huge thank you to Shannon Dudley, the designer of this beautiful new redesign, and my wife, who puts up with my crap. Isn’t that enough? She also coded the site!  I have been in love with her since the day I set eyes on her.



10am Giveaway – one license each of Mike Zinman’s GelCalc, iSwitch DMX, and PocketLD – and one ETC Selador t-shirt

Sean Forsythe
iSwitch DMX:
Victoria Hendrix
Matt Carney
ETC Selador t-shirt:
Nicolai Gubi

11am Giveaway – A Zinman/BMI Bundle! One bundle of licenses for all of Mike Zinman’s products in the giveaway (iSwitch DMX, ML Finder PRO, GelCalc, and PocketLD), and a BMI Supply coffee mug!

The 11am winner is:
Zach Spitzer

12pm Giveaway – A Zinman/BMI Bundle! One bundle of licenses for all of Mike Zinman’s products in the giveaway (iSwitch DMX, ML Finder PRO, GelCalc, and PocketLD) – and a BMI bottle opener!

The 12pm winner is:
Sarah S., also known as @thedarkwaffle on Twitter

1pm Giveaway – One bundle of licenses for Mike Zinman’s iSwitch DMX, GelCalc, and PocketLD – and a BMI Supply t-shirt!

The 1pm winner is:
Tony H. of

2pm Giveaway – an ETC Selador t-shirt and a BMI LED keychain light!

The 2pm winner is:
Alex Rugowski

3pm Giveaway – a Synthe-FX t-shirt (XL) – from the makers of Luminair!

The 3pm winner is:
Dean Palmer, Jr.

4pm Giveaway – a copy of Mike Zinman’s ML Finder PRO and a BMI Supply coffee mug!

The 4pm winner is:
Jen Jones

5pm Giveaway – a new pair of Setwear Hot Hands gloves from iSquint!

The 5pm winner is:

Daphne Mir

6pm Giveaway – One bundle of licenses for ALL of Mike Zinman’s products in the giveaway (iSwitch DMX, ML Finder PRO, GelCalc, and PocketLD) times FOUR WINNERS!

Winner 1:
JR Lidgett
Winner 2:
Erica Lucci
Winner 3:
Gobogeek Sean
Winner 4:

7pm Giveaway – an ETC Selador shirt and BMI Supply LED keychain light!

The 7pm winner is:
Scott McLeod

8pm Giveaway – Zinman 3-pack (iSwitch DMX, GelCalc, and PocketLD) and a BMI Supply LED keychain light!

The 8pm winner is:
Phil Gilbert

9pm Giveaway – ETC Selador t-shirt and $5 coupon toward anything your heart desires in the JimOnLight Shop

The 9pm winner is:
Andrew Girling

10pm Giveaway – BMI Supply t-shirt and $5 coupon toward any of the fine wares in the JimOnLight Shop

The 10pm winner is:
Kate Olmstead

11pm Giveaway – Zinman 3-pack (iSwitch DMX, GelCalc, and PocketLD) plus one ETC Selador t-shirt times FOUR WINNERS!

Winner 1:
Andy Babin
Winner 2:
Victor Zeiser
Winner 3:
Jeremy Bunner
Winner 4:
James Brigagliano
Bonus Winner:
Shoko Baum (from Israel – we’re shipping you an ETC Selador t-shirt!)

12am Giveaway – One license of Luminair 1.5, the awesome DMX Remote iPhone app by Synthe-FX

The 12am winner is:
Brent S.

That’s it for the prizes today, but there are more to come ALL WEEK! You can still comment here to get in those drawings. Prize winners will be notified in the next few days about how to collect their prizes.

Contest Winners – Brad Schiller’s Programming Guide, and ShowTool LD

I love giving away stuff!

Just a quick update on the winners – Brad Schiller’s The Automated Lighting Programmer’s Handbook is going to David Rigsby of Austin, and the following six people have won licenses to ShowTool LD:

Nick Woolley
David Kolenda
Brad Peterson
Chris Huff
Matt Philips
Darran Wilson

You guys have all gotten an email from me just now.  Congratulations!

Also, I have a huge pile of stuff sitting here to be given away – if you haven’t won something from me, don’t fret, there’s lots to go around!  Anyone want a sticker?

Templates and Supplies WINNERS!

I am proud to announce the two winners of the templates and templates, and the drafting and rendering supplies!

Joshua Heerssen, ( you’re the templates winner!
Megan Reilly (, you’re the supplies winner!

Plese send me your addresses via email – everything is packed up and waiting to get shipped!

I have a ton more stuff to give away, so if you didn’t win, don’t fret – more chances are coming up!

Thanks for all of the entries! – A “More Free Stuff” Contest!

YEAH!  Free stuff is awesome.  When it’s free stuff that lights up, even more rocking takes place.

Four people will get a stickable LED light pods – LumPods.  These little things stick to places like the back of your cell, above a keyhole, or any place your heart desires.  All you have to do is leave a comment with your answer below – tell me who you consider as your favorite lighting designer or luminaire designer.  That’s it!


I’ll pick four people, all drawn randomly of all entries, to get one LumPod each – make sure to specify in your comment whether you prefer:  black, pink, white, or silver.  Don’t forget!  I can’t promise to give you the color you wanted, but I’ll do my best.

I’ll keep the contest open until Monday, June 1, 2009.  Make sure to enter, all you have to do is tell me who your favorite lighting designer or luminaire designer below!