POLL: What’s Your Lighting Control Surface of Choice?

A conversation I had about programming “ambidexterity” and console choice the other day has been sticking in my mind like white on rice, a glass of milk, and a paper plate in a snowstorm.  I’m curious as to what the Community as a whole considers its favorite console or consoles.

Please participate in this quick little poll below – if you’re a RSS feed reader, come on over to the website and participate in the poll!  Choose one of the answers from the list below.

If you happen to program on something or really like programming on something NOT on this list, would you leave a comment and let us know what that console might be?

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

JimOnLight’s Top Five Posts for November


I love reading the analyses of what you all like to read – every time I want to write one of these top five posts, I am always, always surprised!

November 2009’s Top Five Posts, starting with the number 1 post for November:

  1. Robert Mokry and the BFL-192 LED Luminaire
  2. VLX:  Inside the New LED Marvel of Moving Lights
  3. Oh No They Didn’t:  Christmas Lighting Controller
  4., page 2!
  5. Art with Shadows:  Tim Noble and Sue Webster’s Trashy Shadows

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Last Week’s Top Five Posts

I love the analyzing of web data!

Here’s the top five posts from December 1 to December 7.  Thanks for coming back – if you have a light-related subject you’d like to see more information on, please post a comment!

1.  PRG’s Bad Boy

2.  NYC’s Empire State Building, Lit for Elections

3.  Jim On Light Posts in the “Fixtures” Category

4.  Jim On Light Posts Tagged with “RGBIG”

5.  Clay Paky’s LDI 2008 Booth