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Happy Birthday, Joesph Swan!

Hey, who's that?  That's Joseph Swan!  Happy Birthday, Joesph Swan! (It was actually on Halloween, but he's dead and I wanted everyone to know about...

Hall and Connolly Carbon Arc Spotlight, Restored by Rick Hutton

Have you ever heard of the old lighting company Hall and Connolly, Inc?  They made spotlights - reflector-less carbon arc spotlights, that were huge and, well,...

Vintage Power and Light: The Coolest Thing to Happen to Tungsten Since Edison!

If you’ve been to an architectural lighting, entertainment lighting, or decorative lighting trade show lately, you should notice an interesting trend:  the lack of...

Kim Carney’s “Little Somethings” Blog. Read It.

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately.  I feel like I'm reading blogs about light and design pretty much any time I'm not...

The Daily Lamp – The Scariest Shadow Chandelier Ever by Hilden and Diaz

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFKZc0k8pzA] Today's Daily Lamp is awesome, and comes to you from my pal Lois the Stage Manager and from Tobin at Barbizon -- this...