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How DO You Teach Magic?


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What? “Alien” Light from Büro für Form

I am really curious as to what planet this Alien light comes from - the Alien Light from Büro für Form looks suspiciously like...

Daniel Mullen Paints Light Like A Boss

Check this out -- Daniel Mullen, acrylic on canvas, title should be "I'M GONNA SMACK YOU WITH AWESOME" Daniel Mullen Amsterdam based abstract architectural painter, Daniel...

Gutting Old CLFs

As we all know, CFLs are difficult to recycle, even though they have their good qualities.  According to Instructables user "unknownpocketnerd," we now know...

The Daily Lamp – A Ceiling Lamp, Made from the Ceiling

As strange as it is at first glance, it's actually a quite awesome idea -- adapt your architecture to have some form AND function. ...

How to Make the Electric Pickle Experiment

A long-desired experiment in many Intro-to-Lighting lectures, the famed Electric Pickle Experiment is something that many older lighting teachers have shown to their classes...