EXCLUSIVE VIDEO – Shawn London, FOH Audio for Eagles of Death Metal and Le Bataclan Attack Survivor, Speaks to JimOnLight

We’re honored to have a life-changing video to share.  I wish it were about something cool like Rate masters or inhibitive submasters used to protect certain parts of your effects live, but no…

This is Shawn London.  Shawn reached out to us here to tell his story of the coward Daesh attack on Paris, he was mixing audio at FOH when these assholes came into the venue and started killing people.  Once you watch this video, once you hear how Shawn was shot at several times, how he had to hear the pleas of people being purely executed, and how he got out while saving a life or two beyond his own…  you may have a change in heart in the way you do things.

These assholes blocked the exits, you guys.  They were executing people trying to escape.  Shawn will explain to you all of this, please watch his frankly horrifying account while standing behind a Midas Verona at the Le Bataclan when the bullets started flying.

In addition to the video with Shawn, Eagles of Death Metal was interviewed by Vice News founder Shane Smith.  I’ve been watching Vice since that great network started, I’ve tried to model a lot of the ballsiness of Vice’s, well, ballsiness, into the posting on JimOnLight over the years because those who work in our various lighting industries are usually pretty no-bullshit.  This second video is raw too, the band is glad to be alive and pretty destroyed that this happened, as you would imagine.  Hang in there though, there is real talk in this video too.

If you cannot watch this one, please don’t watch the first one.  But please, put on some adult underwear and save your life.  Learn from their experiences.  We humans SUCK at not repeating the history we all suffer through, so let’s make this the last time I have to give an interview like this.

RIP, Nick Alexander, EODM Merch, Killed by ISIS

I’m so very sad to also confirm the death of Nick Alexander, the Merch Man for the Eagles of Death Metal tour.  Nick was one of the first confirmed deaths of crew at Le Bataclan.

From BBC News:

He has been named as Nick Alexander, who died in the attack at the Bataclan concert hall, where he is thought to have been selling merchandise.

His family described him as “generous, funny and fiercely loyal”.

A government source said there were fears a “handful” of other British people had been killed. An unspecified number are being treated in hospitals.

A family statement said: “It is with huge sorrow that we can confirm that our beloved Nick lost his life at the Bataclan.

“Nick died doing the job he loved and we take great comfort in knowing how much he was cherished by his friends around the world.

“Thank you for your thoughts and respect for our family at this difficult time. Peace and light.”


From Rolling Stone:

In addition to serving as merch manager for Eagles of Death Metal, Alexander held a similar role on multiple tours with Sum 41, Panic! at the Disco and the Black Keys

“I spent a lot of time with Nick, but the thing about the touring merch job, it’s one of the more thankless jobs,” drummer Patrick Carney tells Rolling Stone. “You do it because you just want to travel and you’re interested in meeting new people and it’s really hard work. It’s not the job you take if you’re into partying. So he was a really organized, super hard worker, really funny. I remember him always very content with being on tour. It was what seems to make him the happiest. After shows, when everyone would go wild or whatever, he would also be really reserved. He was just a sweetheart, that guy.

“Just found out Nick Alexander was one of the people murdered last night in Paris,” Fall Out Boy guitarist Joe Trohman tweeted. “Great guy. I’m horrified.”

“I remember he looked more like a rock star than anyone else on the tour, in the best possible sense,” Carney adds. “He never complained. He was more interested in touring than anybody else that was on tour at any given point.”

Carney’s Black Keys bandmate Dan Auerbach was in Paris at the time of the attacks with his group the Arcs; Auerbach relayed to Carney that he and his band were OK and that they were locked down in Paris. “It’s unfathomable,” Carney says, adding that the Black Keys had played the Bataclan on numerous occasions. “Every time I go to a football game, you’re on high alert because you’re around 60,000 people or something. It’s in the back of your mind. But if you’re going to see your friends’ band play to a thousand usually super-liberal, open-minded people at a theater, it’s the last thing you think could happen.”

More information from the BBC article — Britons are being urged to do and know the following:

  • The Foreign Office said people with concerns about British relatives or friends in Paris should call 0207 008 0000.
  • A 41-year-old man from France was detained by police after a suspected firearm was discovered at Gatwick Airport. The airport’s North Terminal was evacuated but has since re-opened.
  • The London School of Economics tweeted that one of its former students, Valentin Ribet, had been killed in Paris. He was a French national.
  • London’s Tower Bridge, the National Gallery, the London Eye and Wembley Stadium are being lit up in the colours of the Tricolour. The same has been done to The Usher Hall in Edinburgh, Glasgow’s Hydro and Edinburgh Castle.
  • Flags are being flown at half mast at Downing Street and the French Embassy in London.
  • A vigil has taken place in Trafalgar Square. Groups taking part included the Muslim Council of Britain and the Christian-Muslim Forum.

Requiescat en pace, Nick Alexander.  We will not forget you.

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