Dima Loginoff’s “Curl My Light” Lamp. Lamp. Lamp?

A while ago (like Christmas 2008) I wrote about Dima Loginoff’s “Curl My Lamp,” supposedly when it was just developed.  I was surfing the Russian Creator’s Blog and discovered a bunch of eye candy shots of Dima’s “Curl My Light” lamp.  So just out of curiosity, does an inch of buttcrack and some highlightedly lit back muscles sell lamps?

Yeah, I just made up the word “highlightedly.”  What of it?

The video is of Dima Loginoff at the Milan Fair.  It is in Russian, which means that only my friend Tatiana from Sweden will be able to understand hi.  HI TA!

Okay.  Eye candy shots:

More Work by Dima Loginoff

I wrote a post earlier this week about The Andrew Lamp by Dima Loginoff.  After a bit more searching on DIma’s site, I found a few more examples of Dima’s style.  He seems to like the exoskeleton shape of a lamp, very representative, and casting interesting shadows, a la Linnebach Projector-style.

The next couple of shots are Dima’s “Miami Lamp.”

“Curl My Light” is below – another representative shadow projection fixture.

The Andrew Lamp, by Dima Loginoff

Dima Loginoff, a Russian designer has come out with the “Andrew” lamp.  All black and white, the layering is amazing.  I’m not sure the reflectance of the material used in the ring sheets, but I can imagine this lamp must look beautiful.

Also, apparently Dima Loginoff also worked as a hair stylist.  Who knew?  Multitalented.

Thanks, DesignBoom!