Painting with Light

Dark Roasted Blend, whom I’ve written about a while back, posted an article called Painting with Light.  Take a moment and visit that post – it’s about long exposure photography and playing with light.

Amazing, beautiful!

“Sublime and Sensual” Smoke Art

I posted this here because of the amount of beauty that the light and the smoke create together – Dark Roasted Blend, in all of their digital image glory, posted yet another excellent post that has something to do with light and lighting, and in this occasion, smoke and art.  Please check it out!

(image credit: Irene Muller)

The Creativity of Lamps

That’s right, LAMPS.  Not “light bulbs,” as my wife and I have oft discussed, because I am a big nerd.  Dark Roasted Blend posted an enormous post about lamps and a bunch of creative “edits” done in the vein of the subject of lamps.  You need to check it out!

Neon Overload

Dark Roasted Blend has a post on the Neon vision of Japan.  Check it out, and prepare for NEON OVERLOAD!


One of my favorite blogs, Dark Roasted Blend, has a post about fractals.  Fractals.  That’s it.  DRB has lots of images, and lots of images on just about everything.  Their posts are always awesome, massive, beautiful, and out of this world, even if they’re about something in it.

Check out the FRACTALS post.  If you’re like me, you love using fractals in your media servers too.

(image credit: Rea Leonidopoulou)