Friday Morning Productivity Killer: iTunes 8 Visualizer

After installing a 1GB video card to do some amazing WYSIWYG viz, I realized that I still hadn’t figured out how to control the visualizer in iTunes 8 yet.  There isn’t a lot of info posted about the controls for the visualizer (which you reach by pressing CTRL+T, by the way), and I knew there was a way to control the parameters.

Lo and behold – when you press Shift and ? (in order to accurately type a ?) you are given the glorious help menu!  iTubes 8 Viz control is as follows:

? Toggles the help screen
M Changes the mode
P Changes the palette
I Displays the track info
C Toggles auto cycle (which is on by default)
F Toggles freeze mode
N Toggles nebula mode
L Toggles camera lock

Experiment around with these, you can actually get some pretty great video FX for your favorite tunes.  Stand by, because I’ll be writing a review of the Arkaos VJ software soon – that’s like DMX-able visualizations in a box!