ANNOUNCING THE WINNERS of the Fall Scholarship Contest!

I apologize for the delay folks, I’m fighting some kind of flu bug.

Now, without further dudes:

Ladies and gentlemen, the public has spoken in the Fall Scholarship Contest!  Congratulations to TEAM DULUTH, who takes first place by popular vote.  First runner up is Johanna-Mai Vihalem who is currently in Paris, and the second runner up is Daphne Mir, everyone’s favorite budding LD out of SoCal.  Congratulations to each of you who entered – each one of you is going to receive a 4Wall Entertainment t-shirt and a box of goodies from me.

Winners, I’ll be in touch shortly to get relevant information!

I’d like to take a moment to comment on and add a little surprise to the contest.  I put the donated scholarship funds and my contribution to the pool out to vote by the Community as a whole.  The readership is full of very intelligent and influential people who are all out there shaping and advancing the industries of light – researchers, designers, scientists, laser engineers, LED manufacturers and developers, production technicians, lighting directors, solid-state lighting scientists, opticians, doctors, physicists, and many other professionals read the blog each day.  The reason that is able to do anything for the community is DUE TO the investment of the community into the future of our beloved industries.  I trust the readership to choose.  Far be it for me to take seven light lovers’ videos and make a decision on whose passionate plea for light was better than any other – I got warmth from each and every video.  I am inspired by each and every one of you.  So much, in fact, that I am going to give each of you a post on for your video over the next month.

I want to add one more mention to the contest – after watching all of these videos, I felt like I needed to recognize one video for its production and creativity.  I enjoyed every one of these videos – and I plan on having more of these contests to give back to the lighting industries.  Overall, on a production aspect, I want to recognize Nik Robalino‘s video for being the most well produced.  Nik, please tell your crew that I think they did an excellent job.  I’m working on putting something special together for you and your crew.

Contest participants – I’ll be in touch shortly to get addresses and all of that so I can send you each some good stuff.  Great job to everyone – you should be ridiculously proud!  Thank you to the Community for participating.  More to come! Scholarship Contest Entries – WATCH and VOTE NOW!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fall Scholarship Contest entry period has ended, and we have had excellent entries.  Excellent!  So much, in fact, that I have decided to post all of them for your voting and enjoyment!

These people have taken it upon themselves to tell you, the world, about what they love about light.  I am honored, excited, and overjoyed for you to see these entries.

First up:  Johanna-Mai Vihalem’s love of light.  Go, Johanna!

Now, Daphne Mir tells the world about her rise to rockstar lighting designer. Go, Daphne!

Jeff Handke, tell us what you love about light. GO!

It’s time for the men of The Duluth Crew to tell us why they love light. DO IT!

Drew Carter, it’s time to SHOW THE WORLD WHAT YOU GOT!

Nik Robalino, tell the world what you LOVE about LIGHT!

Last but not least, Zack Weigand shows the world what he loves about light. GO ZACK!

Okay internet – your turn.  In ONE WEEK from tomorrow, on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2010 by MIDNIGHT, a winner will be delcared, and their video posted on for all the world to see in its own post on Monday, September 27.  Contest participants, this is your time to tell the world to come and vote on your contest entry.

GET BUSY! Tell the world about your video!  Tell them to come here and vote!

VOTING: Everyone gets a vote, just choose from the list below.  RSS readers, come on over to the site and cast your vote for your favorite video!

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Let’s change the future by giving students worldwide the drive to become the next industry rockstars!

STUDENTS. I’m Giving Away $500 for Books. You Just Have to Make A Video.

Lighting Students, listen up.

I posted the competition rules a while ago for the contest that I am holding for a FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR PRIZE for books and supplies (which, hey, kinda rhymes!) and the cutoff time is MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.  So far, we have two entries.  TWO.

Does no one want $500 free dollars for books? I gotta believe that this ain’t true.

The two entries that are currently in the running for $500 for books and supplies – Daphne Mir, whom we all know affectionately as @lekogirl, and Zac Weigand’s video.  Zack and Daphne are both lighting design students.  Check out Daphne‘s first:

and Zack Weigand‘s video:

The original contest video and rules:’s Fall 2010 Student Book Money Contest from Jim Hutchison on Vimeo.

The Fall 2010 Student Contest RULES:

  1. Make a video telling the world how you feel about the best thing ever – LIGHT!
  2. Upload the video somewhere like Youtube, Vimeo, Viddler, or somewhere else public before September 15, 2010 at midnight CST.
  3. Email Jim with the link to the video:  either jim AT jimonlight DOTCOM or


  • There is no time limit or minimum on your video.  Make it as short or as long as you like.  Just make your case.
  • Please, no naked anything.  It doesn’t help your case, and if you make it public, you better believe people are going to see it.
  • Be nice.  The world would be so much more awesome if everyone was nice and treated each other how they’d love to be treated.
  • Light Associated Media LLC and cannot be held responsible for anything you do that upsets people.  I just want to help a student.  Don’t put me in a situation where I have to make defensive decisions.  By entering the contest with your video you agree not to act like a fool and do stupid things.
  • I make final decisions on who ultimately gets my $500.

The 2010 and FAT-OFF


For about 3/4 a decade now, I have done a lot of living.  I’ve toured shows, I’ve designed some of my best work to date, I married my amazing wife, and I started to share any of the knowledge of light that I have with anyone who wants to learn.  It’s been a good decade.

Not everything is great in my life though, and it’s all my fault.  I’m a big guy – and not big in a Notre Dame linebacker kind of way, more like a McDonalds Cheeseburger Connoisseur kind of way.  I never used to be a big guy – I was a relatively fit dude up until I graduated from undergraduate school.  I am really tired of being a fat guy, and I am as of today making a change in my life that I hope will affect my future, my wife, and my existence.

In all of this decision making, I realized that I had a partner in all of this overweightedness.  All the while Justin Lang and I from have been competing for your attention online, we have become good friends.  We also both realized that we don’t want to be fat guys anymore, so we’ve decided to use our sense of competition to force ourselves to drop some weight.  So, without further adieu, this day officially starts the 2010 and FAT-OFF!

Today, I weigh in at 238.6 pounds, and Justin weighs in at 244 pounds.  My goal weight is 175 pounds.  I haven’t been 175 since high school.  Justin’s goal weight is 170 pounds.  Our contest deadline is July 1, but I assume it might take another month or two to hit my goal.

Justin and I will be competing for the largest percentage of weight loss between now and July 1, 2010.  As far as prizes and all of that goes, I have my own idea for prizes between the two of us:  no more blood pressure meds, no more being out of breath when I tie my shoes, and spending maybe another decade or two with my wife instead of dying from too many cheeseburgers and bacon, regardless of how delicious they both are.  Also, not to be overestimated, bragging rights.

Justin and I will be tracking our competition with the free iPhone app, Lose-It!.  Let me say the most important part of that again – FREE.  More information will follow this post in coming days and weeks.

If you are feeling froggy and want to jump into this competition to join our rebellion against our bellies with your own weight loss challenge entry, I’m listed on Lose-IT! as, and Justin is listed as  I’m tracking everything from exercise to food intake, just to make it even harder for me to cheat.

It’s time to change my life so I can keep lighting the world.  What’s your goal?

The Gaff Tape Dress Showdown


Two of my favorite Twitter folks, @lekogirl and @a_mandolin, are gonna be having a showdown using Gaffer’s Tape to make a dress of some sort.  For those of you who don’t know gaff tape, it’s what we use in the lighting industry (and in pretty much all over facets of entertainment) as the duct tape for everything.

These rocking chicas are going to use it to fight it out, homemade dress style.

It is so on.  The bar is high – here’s @lekogirl’s color filter dress from LDI 2009:


But watch out…  @a_mandolin brings this to the ring:



I am throwing $20 USD into the winner’s pot for this competition. If you’re interested in donating to the 2010 Gaff Dress Challenge, get a hold of me through the contact form.  Any kind of donation (money or otherwise) is great.  I’m trying to make this worthwhile for these two talented ladies!

The rules are simple:

  1. The main fabric of the dress can be gaff tape.
  2. Yes, you may use non-gaff tape for fasteners, boning for corsets, zippers, whatever.  Make sure to ask first.
  3. The dress must rule the school.

Easy!  The end of this gaff tape dress-off will be at USITT 2010.  More details as they emerge.

Get ready, we’re going to get our faces rocked off.

Light Plot Deconstructed – The Continuing Contest!


iSquint just finished the first part of the Greg Hillmar contest for Light Plot Deconstructed, Greg’s new book about light plots and the process of making one.  Now that iSquint has passed the torch, is going to host the second part of the contest for one of two signed copies of Greg’s book!  iSquint will be announcing the winner of the first signed Greg Hillmar book soon.

First, thanks Greg for providing us the books so we could give them away to the JimOnLight and iSquint communities!

As in all contests on JimOnLight, this one is just as easy – to be entered into the completely random drawing for the last signed copy of Greg’s book, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post.  Leave your name, email address (which will of course not be published or shared with anyone), and if you’re feeling generous, leave me a note!  I LOVE your notes!

I will be running this section of the contest from right now until October 30, 2009 at midnight central time.  Once the contest is closed, I’ll just stop allowing comments on this post.  Good luck, and thank you so much for reading JimOnLight and iSquint!

Greg Hillmar is also selling copies of his book for $40 on the Light Plot Deconstructed website.  Check it out! Contest – The Last in The US for A While

Contest time – it’s the last one in the States for several months, although I’ll be doing plenty while I’m gone.

(advance thank you to my wife, who will be shipping out contest prizes)

jay o glearum

I have a copy of Jay O. Glearum’s Stage Rigging Handbook that’s ready for the winning – it’s an extra I had lying around, and it’s one of the best rigging books ever.  As always, the shipping is on me.  All you have to do for this contest is tell me a creative phrase for remembering how to tie a bowline knot – one of the electrician’s most used knots.  Email me your answer through the contact form, and I’ll pick someone at the end of the week, from Sweden!

Good luck, everyone! Contest: Let’s Rock Facebook!

Several milestones have been met this week – I am thrilled to tell you that has reached over 100,000 readers, and I just finished writing over 1,000 posts on the site.  Every person that reads drives me to write more and more, as I love sharing my knowledge of light with anyone willing to listen!  There is a sink of dishes waiting for me, as a matter of fact, that has been neglected because I’ve been researching articles.  At least it hasn’t started to smell yet!

In light of this milestone, I’m firing up another contest, this time for a copy of Wolf, Parker, and Block’s textbook, Scenic Design and Stage Lighting from Wadsworth.  Mine is the eighth edition, not the ninth, just FYI.  I taught out of a copy of this book for a good handful of years.  It’s a great book, and many people across the country are using it for their classes!

The one I am giving away is new, and retails for about a hundred dollars:


Contest Details

This is a pretty easy contest to enter, like I try to make all contests I conduct.  All you have to do is become a fan of the JimOnLight Facebook Page.  That’s it!  Once I get 100 fans on the page, I am going to have a random drawing for the winner of the book from all of the fans on the page.

Tell your friends on Facebook to fan the page!  As soon as the page reaches a hundred fans, I’ll pick a winner and update this post.  Good luck!  Please pass the word!

The Winner of the FREE T-SHIRT Contest IS…

We have a winner, chosen by random selection.

The question that was asked was about the Wholehog console:
Holding down what 2 keys on the Wholehog will open the Programmer window?

To open the programmer, you can hold down the zero key and the open key.  Presto.

Keenan Molner, you’re the contest winner!  Congratulations!!!  Send me your address!

My thanks go to Cat West at Console Trainer for the shirt and the sassy video she’s always putting up!

If your company would like to give away some t-shirts or other swag, send me an email through the contact form.  Let’s get another contest going!  I’ve got more coming up, so stay tuned!

High End SHOWPIX T-Shirt Contest REMINDER!

Hey Cat, could you remind people about the High End Showpix T-Shirt Contest?

The trivia question:

Holding down what 2 keys on the Wholehog will open the Programmer window?

You have until June 21, 2009 at 11:59pm to send me your answer via the contact form.  DO NOT post your answer in the comments, that would be way uncool, man!