The Bulb Dial Clock


Want a really cool LED project with an actual function?  Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories has released this DIY project, making a color mixing shadow clock.  Meet the Bulb Dial Clock!  This project looks like it’s going to help you hone up on soldering skils, as there are 36 LEDs to solder in this project.  Check it out here!




SEACHANGER Wash Unit for Source Four ERS

I posted an article about the SeaChanger color engine for ETC Source Four Profiles a few days ago, and I wanted to post about one of the other accessories that is available from SeaChanger – the SeaChanger Wash Color Engine.

All you need for this accessory is the lamp base housing – that’s what makes it awesome.  The SeaChanger Wash Color Engine basically turns the Source Four lamp housing into a color mixing fresnel, with all of the same dichroic guts as the Profile color engine.  The wash barrel on the unit has a 20° to 70° zoomable beam spread, which again turns this unit into a little bit of awesome.

The next show that I spec these on, I will take a lot of pictures of the unit.  In the mean time, check out SeaChanger’s product page on this device.

Weekly WYSIWYG #2: Color Mixing in R22

Ever since getting Release 22, I’ve been amazed at all of the changes that have taken place – the general appearance of the layout is different, the organization of control items in design mode is better, the atmospherics are better – and on, and on, and on.  One of my favorite new items is the ability for WYSIWYG to simulate additive color mixing; the previous version of WYSIWYG did not additively mix in the air, whereas R22 does, and it’s brilliant.

(click for larger res)

In shaded mode, you can select the Enhanced beam settings and set your atmospherics however you’d like.  Colors additively mix in the air and on surfaces.  I am truly blown away by this release – and the news and statements from Cast say that it’s only going to get better as the Cast team replaces and revamps every aspect of live beam simulation for R23.