No Frosted Lamps in the EU Soon? Meet the Euro Condom!

In September the European Union will be implementing a ban on frosted incandescent lamps.  A ban – on frosted lamps.  I don’t really get this, do you?  The argument (well, not really an argument, it’s passed) is that clear lamps give off more lumens than frosted lamps.

Hold on, what? I’ll write a bit more about that soon, but in protest to this interesting ridiculous ban, artists are designing new and interesting ways to say go fornicate with yourself to the silly rule.  One of those ways is from Ingo Maurer, who has given the world the Euro Condom – a high temperature latex cover for clear incandescent lamps, which are going to still be legal:


Yeah, it’s a rubber for clear incandescent lamps.  An interesting commentary, yes?  I enjoy the statement, although I’d just rather have the frosted lamps back in service.  I mean, aren’t frosted lamps like one of the most purchased lamp types ever?




Thanks, DeZeen and Debate Europe!