Congratulations, Cat West and Joe Cabrera!


This weekend two excellent people, Cat West and Joe Cabrera (@consolecat and @hisbgait on Twitter respectively), tied that special knot in Vegas.  You know the knot – the one that can only be untied with a lawyer, a judge, and hurt feelings.  Two of the coolest people I have ever met get to officially cover each other on their respective health insurance plans, take a deduction on their IRS 1040 form, and blame the dog for those random Sunday morning barking spiders.

Congratulations, Cat and Joe!  Welcome to the club!

Cat West – Interview on iSquint – Where is the Industry Heading?

Okay, I love these interviews.  I did one back in mid 2009 with iSquint, and now he’s got an interview posted with our favorite sassy programmer/LD, Cat West.  Don’t waste a second, check it out!

Cat’s actually a ninja – and she WILL kick your butt with her throwing stars made of complex algorithms.

Yeah.  I went there.

How NOT to Call Tech Support

Another frigging brilliant PSA video from Cat West at Console Trainer.  Cat and Joe really make a lot of sense in this latest video – How NOT to Call Tech Support.  Check it out!

PSA #2: How Not to Call Tech Support from Cat West on Vimeo.

The Winner of the FREE T-SHIRT Contest IS…

We have a winner, chosen by random selection.

The question that was asked was about the Wholehog console:
Holding down what 2 keys on the Wholehog will open the Programmer window?

To open the programmer, you can hold down the zero key and the open key.  Presto.

Keenan Molner, you’re the contest winner!  Congratulations!!!  Send me your address!

My thanks go to Cat West at Console Trainer for the shirt and the sassy video she’s always putting up!

If your company would like to give away some t-shirts or other swag, send me an email through the contact form.  Let’s get another contest going!  I’ve got more coming up, so stay tuned!

High End SHOWPIX T-Shirt Contest REMINDER!

Hey Cat, could you remind people about the High End Showpix T-Shirt Contest?

The trivia question:

Holding down what 2 keys on the Wholehog will open the Programmer window?

You have until June 21, 2009 at 11:59pm to send me your answer via the contact form.  DO NOT post your answer in the comments, that would be way uncool, man!

Cat West Tells Us How to Re-Image the Hog iPC

Cat West from Console Trainer posted a video a few days ago about how to re-image your Hog iPC console.  Check it out, because she has all kinds of stuff to teach you.

System Restore for Hog iPC from Cat West on Vimeo.

I’ve Missed You, Blog!


I’ve been crushing it the last few days on two lighting designs, and I spent the whole night last night finishing up the rest of the work.  My blogging suffered for a few days there, and thanks to my wife for contributing when I was driving across the country.  There’s a lot on the ol’ plate right now!  Did I mention I’m going to SWEDEN in August for a year?!

To show you my appreciation, more free stuff!  I’m going to start up another contest on Monday – courtesy of Cat West and her lovely website, Console Trainer.  Cat, you rock.  Watch her PSA on two-handed programming, prepare to laugh.

Free stuff!  I still have to announce the winner of the RAM contest – coming soon!

Cat West’s Interactive Whole Hog Guide

interactiveguideDo you remember that great guide that Susan Rose wrote for the Whole Hog II console?  Cat West of Console Trainer has produced a Whole Hog guide for the operating system used in the Whole Hog 3, Hog iPC (in 3 mode), Road Hog, Road Hog Full Boar, and Hog3PC.  Cat’s guide is great – make sure you check it out!

Setting Up Pixellage – Cat West’s Video

One of the people I follow on Twitter – a gal named Cat West – has published a video on using the Echo software to collage across pixelation luminaires (ie, StudioPix and ShowPix).  It’s a good video – please check it out!

Setting up Pixellage from Cat West on Vimeo.

Also, check out Cat’s blog at Console Trainer.  Thanks, Cat!