Portraits of Photographers With/Without Cameras

This is such a cool article!  Fubiz posted this a few weeks ago, I’m still catching up from getting ready for this upcoming training season!

So generally, Rich Johnson (the photog behind the photos) wanted to catch the expressions behind the cameras for these photographers.  Some of these are absolutely great!!!





THIS guy below!  AWESOME goof face!





A Simple Introduction to Light Painting and Camera Sensors

Gotcha.  <punch punch>

HAHA, gotcha again, mophos!  <punch punch>

If you’ve not seen this, it is pretty awesome – Destin of the YouTube channel Smarter Every Day and his beautiful wife (while she was pregnant, no doubt) made this great little video primer for light painting and the way camera sensors act.  Check it out!  The initial intent was pregnancy photos, can you believe that?  What an awesome change of pregnancy photo pace!  Thanks a lot to @AronAltmark on Twitter!  You know, the Hebrew Hammer to all of us who know him “intimately.”

As I surfed around Smarter Every Day, I found this random video that Destin made of a Canon DSLR shutter in high speed.  Yeah.  Check this out:

Awesome!  Thanks, PetaPixel!