Lindsey Buckingham’s Gonna Big Love You Right in the Face


This is the next tune I am going to learn on the ol’ guitar as soon as finish learning this one for my wife…  For those of you who need a good musical kick right in the face, check this out on this fine Tuesday morning — here’s Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac fame picking Big Love.  Watch this.

How would you even light this?!  It needs nothing but a carefully parked spot and some patience…  Sometimes our job is truly just to illuminate something amazing.

Ok. Now you may continue on with your day, I just wanted to make sure you all had a little music in your ear today.


Sapphire Touch at the Mayweather/Maidana fight!

Sapphire Touch at the Mayweather/Maidana fight!

Ok, ok, I know, I know, if you’re on the JimOnLight mailing list you’ve heard about this, and I don’t want to overstimulate people…  Well, actually yes I do, it’s a lot of fun, but in the case of your tender inbox and sensitive spam filter, I don’t want to upset the balance!  TODAY is the Avolites Open House at Barbizon Miami!  Come on down from 3pm-5pm and learn about the seriously revolutionary Titan OS and some #Avolites hardcore rock-solid console action!

This costs you nothing, and I heard there could be sammiches.  Call 954-919-6495 or email for more info, but I know you can just show up, too!

I’m there from 3pm-5pm for you to chat with, sit with, discuss your favorite colors, talk about your feelings…  I’m there at Barbizon Miami for YOU!


Findley Quaye Kicked Off the Stage at the Convent for “Polluting the Venue with Bullshit”


In a pretty awesome speech given by promoter Matt Roberts of The Convent Club, Findley Quaye was told to take his shitty music and go home.  At least the shitty music he and his boys were playing at The Convent Club. After a crappy 30-minute set, the promoter came out and cancelled the garbage.  Watch this:

This shit is awesome. Matt Roberts, good on you for putting an end to the garbage that Findley Quaye was throwing down. That is unacceptable performance for people paying, and we salute you for having the testicular fortitude to put an end to it. Here’s the text of what Matt said at his club after putting the kaibash on Findley Quaye…

Matt Roberts:

“I am so sorry guys, I’ve worked in the industry 28 years, I have a reputation.  And the reputation — as small as it is — but when somebody doesn’t turn up for soundcheck at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and I smile, and then at 9 o’clock they turn up, and then I have a beautiful, beautiful crowd of people who I love, and then they come and they fuck my stage. [pointing at the band] You guys, go home.  We will…  We will refund the tickets, and I can only say that I am so sorry, because the music industry and live music is beautiful.  And.. I — I suffer from alcoholism and stuff, and I have issues in my life, but I am professional.  And I am sorry — I will not sit here and pollute my venue with bullshit, and I can only apologize for you who were getting some of it, because there is some magic there, but not…  international people watching I apologize, but not in the Convent, and I am so sorry guys.  So, all I can say is that this is my house, and I have acted how I feel is appropriate.”

That obviously flared up some people!

On the Convent Club’s Facebook page, Matt Roberts commented on the publicity:


What do you think of Matt Roberts’ actions? Leave a comment!

JOL Sunday Flickr #28


Do you Flickr?  Are you still adding lots of your photos to the social photo sharing site of record?

We would hope that you would feel welcome to join the JimOnLight Flickr Group and share your awesome photos of light!  Check out this Sunday’s offerings from a great group of photogs sharing their lumen captures…  make sure to pay tribute and visit the pages of each shot, they’ earned it!

Carry On My Wayward Son, with ALL of the Cocaine

Wanna see some crazy shit this early on a Monday morning?  #COCAINE

I personally have never seen Carry On My Wayward Son played with this much enthusiasm, um, ever.  Not even at karaoke nights.  Maaaaybe not even ever at karaoke nights back when I used to drink a lot, and those were some crazy nights.

I found this on Dangerous Minds, and this is too awesome not to share (check out Dangerous Minds — one of my favorite blogs!):

A few online sources mention that years later, in the ‘90s, Walsh was supposedly arrested for possession and threatened with jail time. We also know from this 700 Club interview that guitarist Kerry Livgren and bassist Dave Hope were seriously addicted until they “found God.” In that particular interview, Hope admits to having spent $40,000 (in 1980 dollars!) on cocaine the year before his Christian rebirth. We can only guess what the differences would be between Dave Hope’s and Steve Walsh’s level of commitment to the white lady, but this performance seems to indicate Walsh was in imminent danger of flying off the stage and into the stratosphere at any second.

You see, as I have heard many times before…
Cocaine makes you a brand new man!  The problem then becomes that the brand new man then wants some cocaine.


Prism Power – the ROGUE RH1 Hybrid Product Video


I love programming these videos.  I get to work with a real video badass in this market, Todd Murray, who is just one talented mopho, and that is a fact.  Better yet, he’s not a douche about it.  What a surprise, a non-douche yet really talented artist!

Check out our latest, the product video for the ROGUE RH1 Hybrid from CHAUVET Professional.  Programming by me, videography by Todd Murray, Josh (Jaybles) Berlant, and Bryan Adams.  But not that Bryan, OUR Bryan.

X-Rays of Lamps are BAD ASS!

Check this out — an x-ray of some regular ol’ incandescent lamps, some color added in post by the artist, but seriously check this out:

Assorted light bulbs, X-ray

TOO COOL!  I had to find more.  This particular photo above comes from Dr. Paula Fontaine at Radiant Art Studios.  As awesome as it is, it did not fully satisfy my now immediate need to see more lamps through x-rays!

Check these out!








HUGE thanks to Society6, BZA, Hongkiat, ChiliPeppers4U2, Melissa Stapleton, Ideum, Wikipedia, and Sun International for the great x-ray photos!


Simpsons Locales, Painted in Night, with A Dash of Creepy


You have to give it up to Tim Doyle.  Tim paints all kinds of awesome nerdy stuff that people like us all enjoy.  Something he painted back in 2012 is still getting lots of play, and it holds special real estate in my heart because A) well, it’s light stuff and B) because Simpsons.

Check these out, they’re mind blowing, especially if you grew up watching that 5pm Simpsons rerun daily, religiously.  Mr. Doyle also has an amazing gallery…  and if you’re looking for more of these Simpons night-time nightmare fuel tablets, look for UnReal Estate, Parts 1-3.




Drones Flying Through Fireworks is Outstanding


Effing outstanding doesn’t really do it too much justice, but you get the idea — or at least you will once you watch these two videos.  Even just part of one of the videos, you have got to experience this for yourself.  As my wife said to me about this, “it’ll change your life.”

Check it — this one is from a guy named Jos Stiglingh (Jos’ youtube link) took his DJI Phantom 2 quad-rotor drone and a GoPro HERO3 Silver and ran that rig right through the West Palm Beach fireworks show.  Jos’ balls?  Brass.  Jos’ results?  Spectacular.  Check this out:

WOW. Even GoPro got in on that action with a video on their channel —  good move, GoPro!

Also now with equally metallic external appendages, Robert Hartline, a guy in Nashville who owns some Sprint stores who also has a quad-rotor drone of sorts, made his own video, but his was in promotion of some business schtuff, from the article at WBIR:

Hartline, an entrepreneur who owns 12 area Sprint stores and the sales reporting app CallProof, decided to put his $1,300 drone up as a promotion for a new venture — Hytch, a carpooling app he’ll launch in October. Its matchmaking software finds neighbors with similar commutes and encourages gas-money reimbursement.

“You probably have neighbors with the exact same commute as you, you just don’t know it yet,” he said.

Hartline ran the drone from a spot near Pinewood Social and watched the video feed on a screen with his friends. Tennessee only limits drone use for law enforcement, and the Federal Aviation Administration only regulates altitude for non-commercial drones, so Hartline said he was on firm legal footing for the activity.

His only regret: His battery ran out before the big finale.

We’re sorry too, Robert. Still cool. Check out Robert’s go:

JOL Sunday Flickr #22

It’s an evening edition of the JOL Sunday Flickr — it’s been a decent day full of a bit of relaxation, laundry, and hanging out with the awesome Mr. Ben Dickmann this afternoon for a bit.

Check out a great bunch of photography of our favorite subject — lumens!  Make sure to give these great photogs some click loving!  Also, check out the JimOnLight Flickr Group — join us, why don’t you?

Our reward for busting ass to get all our shit covered before the downpour

Rays of Light in Sherwood Forest

Light Crime


light painting smile fingers

Deference of the Departed

Beautiful colors


Tap Kids! 2011 Showcase


First Light

Have an awesome night, everybody!