A Quick History of ACT Lighting with Bob Gordon

Have you all seen this? ACT Lighting posted this great quick video on the history of ACT Lighting with the pres, Bob Gordon.  If you’ve ever met Bob, you’d know that he’s a pretty cool dude!

Check out this quick video history of ACT Lighting:

Also, you should subscribe to ACT Lighting’s Youtube channel, because there are tons of videos on GrandMA stuff! That is quickly becoming one of my favorite consoles, especially after hearing Cat West and Joe Cabrera talk so highly of it. Seeing Jeff Waful rock that thing several times also doesn’t hurt! If you’ve never even looked at their channel, you are missing out – the Console Cocktails series is on there too!

Zero 88’s ORB Console Review

Live Design has an article about Zero 88 (aka ACT Lighting)’s new console, the ORB.  ORB has been engineered to be a theatrical desk that’s powerful with LEDs, media servers, and automated fixtures.

Some stats:

2,048 channels
200 Subs
1,000 “memories”
1,000 each:  Color, Beam, Position, and FX Palettes
1,000 user-defined macros
4 onboard USB ports
2 XGA monitor outs

There is also an offline editor, free, for the ORB.

Check it out – and check out the review at Live Design.