A Quick History of ACT Lighting with Bob Gordon

Have you all seen this? ACT Lighting posted this great quick video on the history of ACT Lighting with the pres, Bob Gordon.  If you’ve ever met Bob, you’d know that he’s a pretty cool dude!

Check out this quick video history of ACT Lighting:

Also, you should subscribe to ACT Lighting’s Youtube channel, because there are tons of videos on GrandMA stuff! That is quickly becoming one of my favorite consoles, especially after hearing Cat West and Joe Cabrera talk so highly of it. Seeing Jeff Waful rock that thing several times also doesn’t hurt! If you’ve never even looked at their channel, you are missing out – the Console Cocktails series is on there too!

Chroma-Q’s Color Web and The Killers

Did anyone see the Color Web product at LDI? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it was the HUGE LED NET that was on that wall at AC Lighting‘s booth.  The product was pretty cool, and the size was just mesmerizing.  For some reason I remember some guy remarking about the product to his buddy – “I’m gonna wrap my whole house in that instead of Christmas lights!”

The product is out with The Killers right now – lighting designer Steven Douglas has 265 square meters of Color Web 125 LED panels rocking the “Day and Age 2009” tour, and the work is good stuff.  Artistic License makes the Color Web, and AC Lighting and AC ET has exclusive rights on the product.  Steven is out with gear from Christie Lights UK.  Check out a video:

AC Lighting released a press release for the product and tour – from that article:

Tour LD Steven Douglas was looking for a semi-transparent video surface that would enhance the band’s performance rather than detract from it. In addition, he needed something that would take up very little truck space and could be curved into different shapes, due to the design of the stage truss configuration. Steven considered several popular LED video surface solutions before selecting the Color Web system, which he had used to great effect on a previous tour.

The 265 square metres of Color Web 125mm cell pitch LED panels are configured as a 28 metre wide by 18 metre high curved back wall with three 5 metre circles truss-mounted above the stage. In addition, the LED webbing covers the band’s on-stage backline. Steven chose a mixture of custom video content designed for the tour, as well as stock footage and photos taken by himself. In addition, Steven is using the Color Web backdrop in solid colours as a lighting tool.

Steven seems to likes them too:

Summarising his experience using the LED display surface, LD Steven Douglas commented: “The Color Web ticked all the boxes for what I needed for this particular tour. As a low-res product it is a great option. For the people in the front of the stage it is just a bunch of coloured dots at this distance, so doesn’t detract from the band’s performance. However, as you get further away you start to see the images take shape, so at a distance it acts as an enhancement…

Nice work, Steven!

color web

LDI – A TON of Photos!

My wife and I bought a new DSLR a few weeks ago, and I took it on my trip to LDI.  I’m going to try to post one or two of these a day, and I have about 30 groups of photos of different booths and such – LDI 2008 was a great time.  I got to meet Mike Zinman of The Zinman Co, I got to hang out with old friends, and I saw a heckuva lot of great technology.  There’s some amazing LED technology out right now by companies like iLight and Traxon.  Don’t worry, I have pictures of their stuff too!

Here’s some general LDI images – if you were there, leave a comment!  I bet we passed right by each other eleventy times.

The Arri booth and the Strong booth to the right – that’s either Barco or Lasernet to the left (the green).

The “LDI guy.”

Vectorworks, and *I think* the back of Clay Paky’s booth.

AC Lighting’s area.  Cool LED CYC fixtures.  More on that later.

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