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Ten Songs about Light, or ДЕСЯТЬ ПЕСЕН О ФОНАРЯХ

I randomly came across this really great set of ten images of light in the winter - 35 Photo has a post up right...

Bono’s Laser Jacket on the 360° Tour

Hey Bono, quit shining your darned jacket into my eyes! Ah, I kid. Have you seen Bono's laser jacket?  As if he wasn't cool enough, Moritz...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Stephen Hawking!!!

WHOA!  I can't believe I almost missed this - dude!  Stephen!  Mr. Hawking!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, man! We here at JimOnLight.com really respect your work -...

Random High End Systems Lighting Demo Porn. WHAT ELSE are You Doing?!

Ha haa, yes, it's time again for another installment of Random Lighting Porn, and for you fellow Parliament Funkadelic fans out there, "brought to...

How Much Solar Surface Area Would It Take to Power the World? [infographic]

If you understand the panel surface area (or even the general collector surface area) needed to power something with solar, you will look at...