JOL Sunday Flickr #34

Volume 34 of the Sunday JimOnLight Flickr Group photo pool.  This group has been around a long damned time.

I really enjoy looking at the digital photos of other photographers; I think watching other people’s eye helps improve your own.

Make sure to click through and support these photographers, Flickr still rocks!

Carnival Court House

Daybreak at Torres

lens rot.


A little #digico demo at the office!

Wow. #florida #skies

Sortidor d'aigüa

Сold march evening

IMG_9586 copia

Light painting with Christmas lights as a Christmas tree in Homerville, Georgia, on Christmas Eve (2).

Melissi Beach after sundown


Have a great Sunday, road warriors and brothers and sisters of light!

JOL Sunday Flickr #33

It’s always nice to share some of the beautiful work submitted to the JOL Flickr Group — lately it’s been one of my favorite posts to write because it’s not about someone prancing into a night club and gunning several dozen people down, or some truss structure falling, or the like.  The shit has been pretty dark out there lately.

Take a moment and appreciate some random photographic art, all in the name of light.  Enjoy the quiet.

Capvespre des de la Gola del Ter

Say goodbye summer!

Bolshevo railway station after march sundown

SVO Always Near


Carnival Court House

Not a bad view.

Feast of Light Designs in Vegas #1

Fisherman Chronicles, Chapter III

Have a great rest of your Sunday.  Be good to each other out there.

JOL Sunday Flickr, #32

In the movie Basquiat, there is this little story that Jeffrey Wright says as a voice over as Jean-Michel Basquiat that just absolutely murders me every time I hear it:

“There was this little prince with a magic crown.  An evil warlock kidnapped him, locked him in a cell in a huge tower and took away his voice.  There was a window made of bars.  The prince would smash his head against the bars hoping that someone would hear the sound and find him.  The crown made the most beautiful sound that anyone ever heard.  You could hear the ringing for miles.  It was so beautiful, that people wanted to grab the air.  They never found the prince.  He never got out of the room.  But the sound he made filled everything up with beauty.”

I will always wonder why this dead man’s crazy art appeals to me so deeply.

"Untitled" by Jean Michel Basquiat

“Untitled” by Jean Michel Basquiat

This week’s JOL Sunday Flickr, a late night edition, because — well, because I was up:


RGB is the way-to-be!


National Velvet

Web & LED par


Apple Store in big apple


circus wall

Urinetown! 2007: The Cops in the Dark Scene

so much light

crystal green




I hope for everyone reading this you have found something that woke up something in you.

JOL Sunday Flickr #31

As many times as I write this post, I always see something new in the material.  I love sharing these works with the world.  Do you ever check out the JimOnLight Flickr Group?

SVO Always Near

Sortidor d'aigüa

Sometimes nature needs no filter. #nofilter

Shooting Star

Lake Alexandrina Sunrise


Dead Sea & Holy Light

Light up the dark!

Light and shadow

Light and Shadow


The Mudhouse

Sunrise at Taylors Mistake B.efore O.ptics---

---swefog - live t26 evo2---


light trails

Lollapalooza 2011

the beauty in layers

I hope one of these motivates you somehow creatively.  Have an amazing remainder of your Sunday.

JOL Sunday Flickr #30

It’s been quite the week, huh.

I know people come and visit the JOL Sunday Flickr posts every Sunday that they get posted… this particular episode happens to be #30 for those keeping track, officially on the “JOL Sunday Flickr” moniker…

Today we’re doing peaceful.  Peaceful is good today.  Tomorrow or the next day is going to be a rough watch, because I was given an exclusive interview with Shawn London of Eagles of Death Metal.  As soon as the Vice episode with Eagles of Death Metal posts, we’re going to post our interview.  It’s fucking rough, you guys, but it needs to be heard.

Here’s the Vice interview video intro, it actually airs this coming week some time.  Teaser is just not very fucking apropos right now, is it.

Ok, back to some peace. Please, check out the Flickr Group photo pool. People post some excellent stuff there, support your amateur (and professional!) photographers!


file under open xy

---dw--- B.efore O.ptics---


Light Curtain

the beauty of an arriving storm

shadows of refraction

Abstract motion lights


Wow. #florida #skies

Never gets old, that view


Light and drops

Tunnel Driving


Si ens llevem ...


wax on wax off

O What A Sunrise!

6:30 a.m.

Pretty Florida skies.

ben d'hora, ben d'hora...


JOL Sunday Flickr #29

Another week passes:

  • Another week of awakes and sleeps
  • Another week of real light and darkness
  • Another week of human light and darkness
  • Another week of living the dream

Every time I look through the photos on the JOL Flickr Group, I live other peoples’ dreams across the world.  I feel I could write a novel on what a photograph gives me in content and ideas.

Check out some of my favorite photos from the group…  and if you’re not subscribed to the group, please do, we’d love to have you.

I love photos.

JOL Sunday Flickr #28


Do you Flickr?  Are you still adding lots of your photos to the social photo sharing site of record?

We would hope that you would feel welcome to join the JimOnLight Flickr Group and share your awesome photos of light!  Check out this Sunday’s offerings from a great group of photogs sharing their lumen captures…  make sure to pay tribute and visit the pages of each shot, they’ earned it!

JOL Sunday Flickr

Another week, another task list, another group of things to get done before NEXT week!  We’re all in the same boat in the Lighting Industry right now as we all prepare for the Prom of the industry, LDI 2014.  Who’s going, who’s not going, and who is going that has never been?

Check out some photos from the very awesome and never disappointing Flickr Group Photo Pool!

JOL Sunday Flickr #26

Another weekend has come and gone…  now we need inspiration for the upcoming week.  Check out some top images from the JimOnLight Flickr Group Photo Pool.  This is an amazing collection of photon magicians, totally worth a look.

Check it out here.

JOL Sunday Flickr #25

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted one of these.  I hope you enjoy this visual inspiration on this Sunday evening.

If you frequent Flickr and you love light like me, come on over and join the Flickr Group!

Enjoy your Sunday evening, world.