Come See the Cutest Halloween Costume of All Eternity

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Glowy Zoey.  She and her daddy made the most adorable LED Halloween costume of all time.

No, seriously, it’s way cuter than your kid’s Despicable Me costume.  Watch:

Now Zoey and her daddy are in the LED costume business!  They’re sold out for this Halloween, though…  You need to go check out the website, Glowy Zoey, and then make sure to tell them JimOnLight sent you!

Here’s the original video that went thermonuclear:

The Daily Lamp – The Dildo Lamp, from Matteo Cibic

That’s right, today’s Daily Lamp is a lamp and a dildo.  Crazy?  Maybe.  But if you remember that scene in Parenthood when the lights go out and Steve Martin finds Diane Wiest’s dildo instead of the flashlight?

Meet Matteo Cibic‘s Bedside Lamp with Dildo:




Well, there’s something for everyone, isn’t there?!  From Matteo’s website on Bibelot Sexuel, the line that includes the Dildo Lamp (I mean Bedside Table Lamp with dildo):

Being surrounded by beautiful objects is a source of pleasure. An aesthetic pleasure,since “beauty is the promise of happiness”, as Stendhal once said.  A sexual pleasure also, as it happens with Bibelot Sexuel and a few other extraordinary cases.  Bibelot is a French word that stands for a small, curious trinket or decorative object. Sexuel needs no translation.

This collection of design objects by Matteo Cibic contains indeed a series of ornaments for the house and pieces of jewelry. Yet they are not the kind of objects you would expect to find on your grandma’s bookshelf. In facts, they all conceal a secret, immoral purpose.  The ceramic bedside lamp hides a dildo. So do the fish bowl and the candle holder. Not to speak about the bow tie, which mutates into a pair of sophisticated geisha balls. In Bibelot Sexuel, beauty and sex finally go hand in hand, in a passionate cry for freedom of pleasure.

There you have it, folks.  For all of those times you just have to have a dildo and don’t know where to hide it when your non-dildo friends come over for a non-dildo party.

Thanks Yatzer!


A DIY LED VU-Meter Necktie!


I am never, ever disappointed by Make.  Not in seven years of doing this blog have I ever come across a story on Make that wasn’t the coolest thing I had ever seen, and I read somewhere in the neighborhood of eleventy million blog posts a week.  Well, it might be more in the tennedy million range, but you get the point.  Make is wicked.

Check this out — Maker and awesome duderino Collin Cunningham is sporting a cool LED tie in this video, which also consequently shows you how to make the tie!  It’s a breakaway tie that is modeled on the prison guard-style of tie, velcro in the rear of the neck; there’s also a microphone in the knot that feeds back into the LED controller, giving you a walking VU Meter!  As you can imagine if you know me, mine would be peaked all day long.  This system is built on Adafruit‘s wearable electronics platform called FLORA — from the website:

FLORA is Adafruit’s wearable electronics platform. We designed it from the ground up to provide the best experience for Adafruit’s community of makers, hackers, crafters, artists, designers and engineers. It’s built around the Atmega32u4 chip, which has built-in USB support. No pesky special cables or extra parts for programming, just plug it in and get started making the wearables project of your dreams! Works on Windows and Mac.

The FLORA is extremely beginner-friendly– it is difficult to destroy the FLORA by connecting a battery backwards due to polarized connector and protection diodes. The onboard regulator means that even connecting a 9V battery will not result in damage or tears.

The Ampli-Tie!

This FLORA device is pretty cool!  If you’re a tinkerer like me who loves to solder stuff and blow up all kinds of delicate circuitry because you are an occasional dumbass, this thing is the way to go, with its onboard voltage regulator!  Check this out:

This entire project is pretty much given to the world free at Adafruit’s website (the Adafruit Learning System, which is pretty awesome!); you can make your own Ampli-Tie to wear around the conferences!  Go check out Make, one of the coolest places for nerds on Planet Earth!

A Light-Up Tony Stark Shirt Arc Reactor Shirt?!


I hate to admit this, but I thought those crazy Iron Man movies…  WERE AWESOME!!!!

Ok, maybe the second more than the first, but seriously — mindless explosions, glowing stuff, and a plot line that’s looser than most of my high school girlfriends?  How could you POSSIBLY go wrong?!

I saw this over at ThinkGeek the other day and I nearly lost control of my bladder — this is almost as cool as that glowing EQ shirt I saw back in Vegas last year!  Meet the illuminated Tony Stark shirt from ThinkGeek!  Frankly, it’s an awesome deal at $22.  You bet your ass I ordered one!



But soft — there are informations about the shirt that little Stark wannabe Iron Men should heed!  From the ThinkGeek page:

  • Officially licensed Marvel collectible
  • Black cotton t-shirt containing a light-up Arc Reactor
  • Looks like a standard t-shirt, but it’s actually the Iron Man Mark IX suit
  • Flexible interior with knitted cotton exterior
  • Provides protection from adverse weather, UV rays, and temperature extremes
  • With fresh batteries in the battery box, Arc Reactor will glow when switched on
  • Will not prevent shrapnel from reaching your heart
  • Machine washable (all electrical components can be removed from the shirt)
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)

I LOVE THIS!  Just remember:  this WILL NOT PREVENT SHRAPNEL from reaching your HEART!

Thanks to JoBlo and ThinkGeek!

I Knew If I Dreamed Long Enough, Solar Bikinis Would Be Born

Custom clothing maker Solar Coterie is now taking orders for a line of custom solar bikinis.  That’s right ladies, not only can you be hot, but you can also use your hotness to generate and collect small amounts of energy powerful enough to sustain your iPhone or iPod while you’re out there making us all talk like a bunch of bumbling idiots.  Here, let me show you what I mean:

Ok.  So there we go.  A suit made of solar thinfilm, terminating into a female USB connector allowing you to juice up that iDevice in the summer, or anywhere that the sun is shining that you won’t freeze your dumps off.  My only question is – if you’ve ever felt a solar collecting fil;m while it’s collecting, they do tend to get pretty hot to the touch.  Is the Solar Bikini going to get ridiculously hot while the wearer is sporting it?

Now I gotta believe the men’s version of this is coming, too.  A little less appealing is the only thing I can say about using my own junk to power my iPod.

Thanks, CleanTechnica!

Katy Perry’s Light Up Dress

So, those of you that follow Katy Perry – did you see her awesome light-up dress from the Met Ball recently? I tracked down some details on the dress itself – a company out of London called CuteCircuit produced the dress for Katy. That garment had over 3,000 LEDs mixed in with all that chiffon!

Below – a video of Katy in the dress, and below that, two images of Katy in the dress. Tres chic!
Sorry in advance for the 30 second ad at the top of the video, it’s from E!’s website…

Thanks, Go Fug Yourself!

Imogen Heap’s Tweeting Dress – The Twitdress

Do you remember Moritz Waldemeyer?  He’s the guy who built Bono his crazy laser jacket for the 360 Tour. Moritz is an amazing designer – he’s designed illuminated clothing and all kinds of crazy stuff for many famous people – Rihanna, the band OK GO, Michael Jackson, and the Black Eyed Peas to name a few.

His newest “thing” is a dress made for Imogen Heap to wear at the Grammy Awards – LED flexible fabric, with an interface designed by MSA Visuals that displays tweets and photos in real time coming from the web.  Awesome!

From the Times Online:

Heap, who composes her songs at home in Essex, attended the ceremony in a “Twitter dress”. At first sight her self-made outfit consisted of an oversized necklace studded with flashing lights and a transparent handbag that doubled up as a television. In fact, the necklace was a digital sign displaying messages that her fans were writing on to her Twitter profile. Those tweets were relayed to her jewellery through a wireless router – equipment that provides an internet connection – embedded inside her black dress.

Check out some images and a video:

A video of Imogen and her dress a-tweeting:

SixthSense – Pranav Mistry’s Genius Idea

I hope that a billion times more people know about the TED Talks than know about

The TED people have some of the most unbelievably intelligent people gravitating around them – or perhaps more accurately, they are revolving around a body of smarts to massive that I have not yet to this day been disappointed with.  So much, in fact, that I ended that sentence with a preposition just thinking about it’s awesomeness.

Okay, I’m not gonna say too much about what the subject in the video below is, but I want you all to just imagine having a small device on your person that could do everything you could think of, including making calls.  Oh wait, you’re thinking – I have an iPhone for that.  So do I, and I love it.  But imagine that, instead of interacting with your iPhone on it’s terms, the device interacted with your daily existence on your turf.

A few weeks ago one of my former Sweden colleagues (thanks, Kunal!) sent around  a TED video on something called “SixthSense” – a technology that basically takes the idea behind carrying around a display and turns it upside down and several angles of the meridian towards ridiculously awesome.  That all make sense?  The guy behind the mystery, Pranav Mistry, has created a device that has a high level of intellect, and projects data with light onto the surfaces in your life.

This idea is mindblowing.  I am turned upside down with this idea.  Thank you, Pranav.  Can I buy you a beer?

Check out this video, you owe it to yourself:

TED Talks – Pranav Mistry and the SixthSense Technology from Jim Hutchison on Vimeo.

Holy LED Umbrellas, Batman!

I just found the most ridiculous awful lit-up thing – an LED umbrella with LEDs composing the shaft of the umbrella.  That’s pretty cool in my opinion.  Now if I could only slap an effects engine into the umbrella and make the umbrella itself unrippable, then I am set!

Check out the umbrella on Brando’s website – and check out the video and pictures below.  It’s running around $50 shipped I think, which is a little rich for my blood right now.  Cool umbrella though!





Bare Conductive Ink – Paint A Circuit On Your Body

One of my most excellent classmates, Valeria Mirarchi, sent me a link about a paintable conductive ink called Bare Conductive.  The ink is paintable, sprayable, and carries a circuit.  The video below shows the ink in practice, using a dancer placed inside a special digital “music box” creating a tune by completing circuits between music modules.  Now granted, I wouldn’t hook myself up to 480V with this stuff (ha ha haaa), but it’s an interesting product!  Check out the video:

From the Bare Conductive website:

Bare is a conductive ink that is applied directly onto the skin allowing the creation of custom electronic circuitry. This innovative material allows users to interact with electronics through gesture, movement, and touch. Bare can be applied with a brush, stamp or spray and is non-toxic and temporary. Application areas include dance, music, computer interfaces, communication and medical devices. Bare is an intuitive and non-invasive technology which will allow users to bridge the gap between electronics and the body.

Bare Conductive is the brainchild of Matt Johnson, Isabel+ Lizardi, Bibi Nelson, and Becky Pilditch.  Check out their website!




Thanks, Vale!  This rocks!  Thanks to Materials for the initial article!