A Global Collection of New Years 2015 Fireworks

Happy New Year, everyone!

I’m not one to do “resolutions,” per se — I haven’t quite figured out yet how not to disappoint myself on day two of the year, so I skirt the activity altogether!  Since I went to bed around 11pm last night, I wanted to see some of the fireworks from last night.  Below is a collection of New Years 2015 fireworks from cities like Dubai (which was AWESOME), NYC, London, San Francisco, Chicago, Brazil…  oh America, we don’t party like the rest of the world parties.  Let’s all at least resolve to loosen the hell up in 2015, America.  We look like jackasses across the globe for the BS we see in our news.

Check these out, this is some awesome stuff!

Dubai 2015 fireworks:

Sydney 2015 fireworks:

London 2015 fireworks:

The Ball Drop in Times Square, NYC, 2015:

Rio de Janeiro 2015 fireworks:

Tokyo 2015 fireworks – a “fireworks only” view:

Tokyo 2015 fireworks – take a moment to close the three text boxes and this is an awesome video:

North Korea 2015 fireworks — for a country that starves millions of its people, they sure have a nice fireworks display budget.

Istanbul, Turkey – 2015 fireworks:

From the Taipei 101 in Taipei, Taiwan – 2015 fireworks:

Paris 2015 fireworks, from the Arc du Triomphe:

Hong Kong, China – 2015 fireworks:

Moscow 2015 fireworks — again, I guess that economy isn’t so bad after all…

Berlin, Germany – 2015 fireworks:

Chicago’s Navy Pier fireworks, 2015:

An absolutely AWESOME view of San Francisco’s 2015 fireworks show:

Madeira’s 2015 fireworks – they’re just off of the Canary Islands:

Lake Buena Vista, FL – otherwise known as Disney World, in the Magic Kingdom – 2015 fireworks:

A view of the Las Vegas 2015 fireworks, um, extravaganzas – plural:

I think that’s enough for one post, don’t you? HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let’s make 2015 WAY better than 2014, because 2014 really, really sucked for my family. Now get up, shake off that hangover, make some promises you’re not gonna keep to yourself, and have some breakfast!!!


Drones Flying Through Fireworks is Outstanding


Effing outstanding doesn’t really do it too much justice, but you get the idea — or at least you will once you watch these two videos.  Even just part of one of the videos, you have got to experience this for yourself.  As my wife said to me about this, “it’ll change your life.”

Check it — this one is from a guy named Jos Stiglingh (Jos’ youtube link) took his DJI Phantom 2 quad-rotor drone and a GoPro HERO3 Silver and ran that rig right through the West Palm Beach fireworks show.  Jos’ balls?  Brass.  Jos’ results?  Spectacular.  Check this out:

WOW. Even GoPro got in on that action with a video on their channel —  good move, GoPro!

Also now with equally metallic external appendages, Robert Hartline, a guy in Nashville who owns some Sprint stores who also has a quad-rotor drone of sorts, made his own video, but his was in promotion of some business schtuff, from the article at WBIR:

Hartline, an entrepreneur who owns 12 area Sprint stores and the sales reporting app CallProof, decided to put his $1,300 drone up as a promotion for a new venture — Hytch, a carpooling app he’ll launch in October. Its matchmaking software finds neighbors with similar commutes and encourages gas-money reimbursement.

“You probably have neighbors with the exact same commute as you, you just don’t know it yet,” he said.

Hartline ran the drone from a spot near Pinewood Social and watched the video feed on a screen with his friends. Tennessee only limits drone use for law enforcement, and the Federal Aviation Administration only regulates altitude for non-commercial drones, so Hartline said he was on firm legal footing for the activity.

His only regret: His battery ran out before the big finale.

We’re sorry too, Robert. Still cool. Check out Robert’s go:

2013 Simi Valley Independence Day Fireworks Accident, At Least 36 Hurt – Multiple Views of Accident


Last night when all of the people in my dad’s neighborhood were out busting off what sounded like Class B fireworks, Simi Valley, California experienced a bit of bad fireworks juju, injuring at least 36 people for burns and other related injuries.  From the videos of the accident, you’ll notice a mortar shell flower-potting (which means it explodes either inside of the tube, or right as the propellant charge reaches the open air at the top of the tube), which then tipped over other mortar tubes, shooting shells right into the crowd and igniting other tubes.  Amazing, isn’t it?  Entertainment is a bigger/better/faster/harder business, and when something goes wrong, it always really goes wrong.

From an article at the LA Times, bolding is mine:

At least 36 people were injured or treated at Simi Valley-area hospitals after a major malfunction at a fireworks display sent pyrotechnics shooting into a crowd of spectators.

An estimated 8,000 to 10,000 people were gathered at Rancho Santa Susana Community Park in Simi Valley Thursday to watch the show when, officials believe, at least one pyrotechnic prematurely exploded in a mortar, causing a chain reaction that tipped over other fireworks and launched them into the crowd of spectators.

Simi Valley police initially said 28 people were injured, including 20 who were taken by ambulance to area hospitals. Additional victims sought treatment on their own.

Simi Valley Hospital treated 26 patients, 14 of which came in by ambulance, according to hospital spokeswoman Alicia Gonzalez. The patients ranged in age from 17 months to 71 years, and 12 were children, she said.

Twenty-three patients have been treated and released, she said. One was transported to an area burn center. Two remained at Simi Valley Hospital on Friday morning, but were listed in fair condition.

The injuries included burns, shrapnel, trampling wounds and chest pains, Gonzalez said.

I’m glad to hear of ZERO fatalities.  Wounds may take time to heal, but that time can at least be filled with love.

Check out some video of this accident — the initial flower-pot explosion starts a chain reaction of disaster that everyone close to is lucky to have lived through.

This is the most incredible view of the accident — just the magnitude of that size mortar shell exploding at ground level is almost unbelievably scary:

From ABC News:

A different ABC News affiliate, incredible video of the display:


Established and accredited fireworks company Bay Fireworks from Bethpage, NY was contracted to perform the Simi Valley fireworks display this year.  Bay has assured news outlets that their employees are highly qualified; we here at JimOnLight just hope that the Bay Fireworks crews from the Simi Valley event are all safe and secure, too.

Images of the cleanup and investigation today (July 5, 2013):


a destroyed mortar shell from July 4th’s Simi Valley Fireworks accident


Police and investigators examine the damage, from July 4th’s Simi Valley Fireworks accident

Simi Valley Fireworks Mishap

The moment of explosion on ground level, from July 4th’s Simi Valley Fireworks accident

Have you ever seen the setups for fireworks displays?  There are some massive displays out there — the one here from last night in Peoria, IL was also pretty massive:

When I mention “mortars,” I’m talking about a tube that a fireworks shell goes into that guides it upwards — the desired effect.  These images are from fireworks displays across the world — notice the common theme of pipes and tubes?  The older industry way of setting up displays like this was with steel pipes (which would probably have avoided last night’s disaster in Simi Valley), but the common usage mortar tube is now PVC or other plastic resin.  Like so:








Thanks to the LA Times, Larry Crump’s Fireworks Pages, and Reuters.

How Fireworks Happen – A Great Infographic!

Sweet, have you seen this?  I saw it at Neatorama first – it is WAY too cool not to share!

Check it out!  Original link here: