Installing Avolites Titan V10, plus Features!

Just a quick post, two videos — one for helping you install Avolites Titan V10 onto your desk/laptop/etcetera, and a video of the feature set of V10, which I’m pretty freaking excited about installing!

First things first, let’s get V10 installed onto your machine:

Now, while that’s installing, check out an overview of the features of V10, get yourself up to speed!

Avolites Releases Titan Version 10!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s dropped!  Titan v10 is now available for download:


FARMINGDALE, New York – June 28, 2016 — Avolites’ much anticipated Titan v10 software is now available to download for free onto all consoles from the Tiger Touch Pro (inclusive) onwards. Some older consoles may be compatible with v10 if an upgrade kit is fitted (please contact Avolites or US distributor Group One Ltd. if unsure).

Titan v10 is the result of a year of research and development by a dedicated team of Avolites developers, enhancing the best-loved features of Titan v9 and introducing a wealth of new ones. Many of the new features have been created in response to user and industry feedback.

“We’re thrilled that Titan v10 is now available for our users–we believe the new software will have a hugely positive impact on the lives of lighting designers, improving workflow and facilitating even more creativity and amazing results,” says Avolites Sales Director, Koy Neminathan. “Titan v10 will make our range of industry leading consoles even more powerful and able to adapt to the way our users like to work. We can’t wait to see the new features in action on more demanding shows than ever before!”

Officially launched at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt in April, one of the most striking additions in v10 is the full 3D visualizer powered by the Capture engine, which allows the user to create and edit shows right inside the Titan interface and lay out fixtures in the space using the console’s encoder wheels.

Titan v10 also allows the user to view intensity values in one place via the Intensity Grid. This clearly shows levels, source of information, whether increasing or decreasing and tracking information.

Avolites has also added the set legend Halo, which allows the user to add color borders around fixtures and groups, enabling fixtures to be viewed much more easily within the console screen, especially if there are a lot of them. Users can also easily identify which group they belong to.

Another feature is Freeform Workspaces. No longer restricted to just four workspaces per screen, pick any position and size for windows in seconds and store them to workspaces for quick access to the information one needs.

Titan v10 now offers a very useful UNDO feature, offering a 20-step back history, in addition to a new REDO history, too. Massively speeding up programming, the user can undo almost any action on the console including delete, merge, move and loads more. View history in the new undo window, and click any point to undo back to that action.

There are also extra directions including random for the hugely popular Key Frame Shapes feature, offering many more looks. Key Frame Shapes allows one to create spectacular effects from scratch. Using palettes or the programmer to define the frames, and powerful tools such as transition curves, phase and spatial direction, it is possible to create radically different looks for each channel in seconds.

And Avolites’ industry-leading Pixel Mapper gets even more powerful with the new Motion Blur effect, which creates trails that follow the element. Users can also now use the faders in Live Shape Editing to alter the shape with incredible ease.

Titan v10 includes the much-used Multi User Networking feature, allowing one to connect multiple consoles together to work collaboratively on the same show. A show can have multiple users, each with their own User Settings, Handle Worlds and Selected Key Profiles. When set to Multi User, consoles can also still be used as backups.

All Avolites consoles will ship with Titan v10 installed from Avolites’ head office in London from July onwards.

For a full list of Titan v10 features, visit:

To download Titan v10, head to:

About Group One Ltd.
Group One Ltd. is a US importer and distributor for a number of professional audio and lighting manufacturers. The company’s audio division currently distributes Blue Sky powered nearfield monitors, DiGiCo digital mixing consoles, MC2 high quality innovative amplifiers, and XTA digital signal processing equipment. The lighting division currently distributes Avolites lighting control consoles, elektraLite controllers and intelligent lighting, and Pulsar LED lighting.

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Reader contact:
Avolites US / Group One Ltd.
70 Sea Lane, Farmingdale, NY 11735
Tel: 631.396.0184 / Fax: 631.396.0190
Web: /

Titan V10 — full features blurb:

Key Frame Shapes 

Introducing the amazing new Key Frame Shapes, providing the capability to create spectacular effects from scratch. Using palettes or the programmer to define the frames, and powerful tools such as transition curves, phase and spatial direction, it is possible to create radically different looks for each channel in seconds. Synchronise these together for dramatic impact. Integrate Pixel Mapper effects with Key Frames using one simple interface.
See Key Frame Shapes in action in this video from Robe!

Multi User Networking

Connect multiple consoles together to work collaboratively or independently on the same show. A show can have multiple users, each with their own User Settings, Handle Worlds and Selected Key Profiles. When set to Multi User, consoles can still be used as backups.

Multiple consoles on the same show allow your backstage tech to exchange, reset or fault find on fixtures, or even patch in floor packages, without interrupting programming. The ability to have multiple programmers working at the same time enables speedy programming, with palettes being made or edited on one console automatically updating to other connected consoles.

Networking of the outputs using the Titan Network Processor allows system capabilities to be increased to up to 64 DMX universes, catering for even the largest world class spectaculars. All of this can still be used in conjunction with Titan Remote!

Full 3D Visualiser

V10 features a full 3D visualiser powered by the Capture engine. Create and edit your show right inside the Titan interface. Lay out your fixtures in the space using your console’s encoder wheels.
Channel Intensity Grid 

See all your intensity values in one place with V10’s Intensity Grid. This clearly shows levels, source of information, whether increasing or decreasing and tracking information.

Freeform Workspaces 

No longer restricted to just 4 workspaces per screen, pick any position and size for your windows in seconds and store them to your workspaces for quick access to the information you need.


Massively speed up programming with comprehensive Undo functionality. Undo almost any action on the console including; delete, merge, move and loads more. View history in the new undo window, and click any point to undo back to that action.

Pixel Mapper with Motion Blur 

Avolites’ industry-leading pixel mapper gets even more powerful with the new motion blur effect in Titan V10, allowing for even more creative possibilities.

Unmatched Pixel Mapping Capabilities 

The industry’s best pixel mapper allows complex multi-layer effects made in record time, across all fixture groups, as if they were one entity. Create and animate pre-programmed or custom content using Avolites’ unique Quicksketch tool and image import. Use Gradient Fill to create smooth, soft edge transitions and exciting layered effects, now even quicker using cross-layer copy and move functions.


Effortlessly copy values across fixtures, either in a recurring pattern or a smooth fade.


Quicksketch icons are fast to find during show time. Create custom icons instantly with Avolites’ unique Quicksketch drawing tool.
Titan Remote

Use the remote for fast and simple fixture focusing or updating palettes when away from front of house. Program, Edit or Playback all of your Cues, Cue Lists, Chases and Effects.

Titan Remote works as a separate networked console, giving you all of the facilities and tools of Titan. Available on iOS and Android.

RGBW, WWCW, and ARGB colour mixing and Pixel Mapping

Get maximum punch and more accurate colours from your LED fixtures, thanks to new, four-channel pixel mapping and colour mixing.

Show Library

The central point to access any item within your Titan show. All show elements can be searched or filtered using the quick filter, with each element appearing in page order for easy grouping. You can un-assign items rather than deleting them, so you never lose that all important cue which allows you to use the show library as a cue store.

Also the hub for importing programming from any other Titan show, Show Library allows you to quickly switch between shows when importing content.

Clip Select

Video Media Integration with instant multi-layer patching and Video Clip Selection by image preview.For servers supporting CITP.

Cue List View

Tapping once in the Playback display will open the Cue List View. Tapping twice on a cue opens the Channel Grid View for the current Live cue. All views are programmer interactive. Copy, Paste and ‘Select Range to Edit’ provide a powerful editing tool for cues, Palettes and Chase steps.

Move in Dark & Tracking

Easily create complex cue lists with the help of extensive move in dark and tracking options. See exactly what each step contains using the shape and pixel map views. Edit values directly from cue view, and set fade times over the whole cue, attribute groups or individual channels.

Show Import

Quickly create new shows from the best parts of your past productions. Reuse any part of your show from Shape Palettes to Fixtures and Cue Lists.

Set List

Cue pages can now follow the shows running order — no matter how late you are given the set list. Display helpful notes like songs, follow spot colours or operator cues.

Show Reports

Create a cue list hard copy for the director or arrive at the venue with your rig pre-patched by sending in advance your fixture patch to the venue crew.

Exchange Mapping

Fixture exchange is revolutionised with a unique visual, Attribute Mapping System. Customise any fixture exchange to fit your needs; for example, old Gobo 1 to new Gobo 3. Keystone Custom fit your projection onto any surface. Stretch, adjust, tweak to fit at your fingertips.

Blade Control

An intuitive hand eye action affording fast, accurate control of shutter blades.

Global Palettes

Global palettes are importable between shows, and allow users to apply information universally to all fixtures possessing intensity, colour, pan or tilt attributes. When imported, Global Palettes will match these attributes across all fixture types, saving you from having to recreate the palettes. Global palettes can be recognised by the ‘G’ in the top right corner of the palette handle.

Nested Palettes

Create palettes which reference information from another palette. When the originals are updated, they will also update the nested palette. You can toggle between whether the palette remains nested or not, allowing the palette to have hard attribute values, or to continue referring to the base palettes used to create the nested ones

YEAH! Avolites’ Ai Media Servers Solely Distributed in America by Group One!

It’s official and awesome.  Group One, the exclusive Avolites distributor in America, is now going to be distributing the Ai Media Server series of products for Avolites!  This is thrilling and pretty awesome for me, and for the industry as a whole!


Check this out:

FARMINGDALE, New York – Avolites Ltd announces the immediate appointment of Group One Ltd as the sole US distributor for its Ai range of media servers.

As of May 1st, Group One is now promoting, selling and supporting Avolites’ new Ai R Series media servers, which boast a long list of powerful features and hardware, alongside the manufacturer’s existing lighting control products, all designed and manufactured in the UK.

“We have had great success with the Avolites brand over the past three years and are greatly looking forward to building the Ai brand in the US,” says Group One President Jack Kelly. “The integration of lighting and video control is the future and we hope to play a key role in helping the creative minds in our industry realize their designs in the most effective and efficient way possible.”

Brad White, Group One’s national sales manager for the brand, is equally enthusiastic. “Content has become such a huge part of design in all market segments, from theatrical productions and concert tours to houses of worship, architectural installations and broadcast environments,” he says. “Having personally been part of the evolution of Avolites’ consoles over the last 20 years, I see the addition of Ai to Group One’s care as a natural progression towards the goal of total visual control. Jim [Hutchison], I and the entire Group One team are looking forward to continuing to build the Avolites brand with another powerful tool in the arsenal.”

Avolites Sales Director Koy Neminathan fully agrees that this is the right move at the right time. “I am enthralled to have both brands under one ‘roof’ in the US, and our focus on the convergence of lighting and video is further strengthened by this appointment,” he adds. “Having one distributor promoting and selling both lines of products makes logical sense and I’m certain that this is the perfect combination for Avolites in the States. We have waited for the right moment to move forward with Group One and we feel we have a great team behind us to support and train on both the Titan and Ai platforms.”

To find out more about Group One, please visit

More about Ai Media:

Download Ai Media here, it’s free!

Some outstanding videos and highlight reels for Ai Media:


The R-Series Media Server

The multi-award winning Ai Infinity server is the perfect choice for your most demanding video projects. The RX4 and RX8 have programmable, EDID managed, WUXGA (1920×1200) outputs. Each is digitally amplified to give you a preview and production output over DVI.

The back has in addition to the 4 or 8 DVI output pairs, the following outlets: LTC timecode input, 2 x Gigabit Network ports for connecting to Artnet networks, MIDI in & out ports, 4 lines of DMX512, Audio in and output, Genlock – essential for TV projects, and 2 x sync network connections to guarantee vertical sync across multiple systems.

The front 7 inch colour touch screen shows the Ai 3D visualiser, this gives you networked control of your whole show from one integrated and intuitive interface, no matter how many outputs you need.

The Rx range utilizes an i7 processor with 6 cores running at 3.5Ghz. 16 Gbyte of memory and a fast 80GB System SSD. The Media content is contained on an Intel PCIe SSD module with 1.2TB capacity The workstation grade motherboard is housed in a purpose made suspension frame inside the 19″ 4U height rack case.

Find out more about the R-Series HERE
Find out more about the software it runs (Ai) HERE

Are You Renting Avolites? Get On the Rental Partners Site!

Happy Tuesday, everybody!  It’s been a crazy week so far and it’s only Tuesday — Grammy Awards last night, huge stage fire in Mumbai this past weekend, and the 2016 is just getting rolling.  Here’s to a safe and happy rest of the year!

This is a huge worldwide shout-out to all people across the Earth renting Avolites consoles, servers, and equipment:
Are YOU on our Rental Partners website?


Bounce me an email at or through the JimOnLight contact form and we’ll get you sorted!  We’re just doing a quick shout-out among the production community to see if there is anyone out there renting Avo that isn’t already on the rental partners site…  and to get you on there pronto!

Random side note for those of my brothers and sisters here in America that don’t venture outside of our walls very often…

In America we rent, everywhere else on Earth they hire.
Also, here in America, they’re trade show booths; everywhere else, they’re trade show stands.


Andre Huff Breaks Boards with His Face, Offers $2500 Trade Ins on Classic Avo Desks Towards the Arena



Ok, so this is only partly true, because I get to see Andre in a few days and I am going to hit him in the face with a 1X4 to see if he can truly withstand the poplar POWER!!!

What is truly important here is that Andre Huff of Limelight Design Services, an Avolites Dealer and Service Center kind of place that also designs badass rigs, etcetera etcetera, is offering anyone who will listen a $2500 trade in on your old classic Pearl towards the purchase of an Avolites Arena.  Nobody paid me jack shit to post this, I think it is bad ass.  Trade in your classic Avolites and get Arena and the power of Titan!


So:  Andre is taking a $2500 trade in allowance off the price of a new Arena for these desks:

Pearl Classic
Pearl 2000
Pearl 2004
Pearl 2008
Pearl 2010
Sapphire 2000




That crazy bastard!  So, take advantage.  Call Limelight, call Andre, wake him up, tell him to make you eggs.



HEY!  Whatcha doing between 11am and 4pm today at any point?  Avolites is here at the Heart of Omnia, and we’re doing a fun open house and Titan Effects Workshop with the awesome AVOLITES training team!!!

JimOnLight and THE Brad White are gonna be there, but that’s nothing — Rosie Haigh and Annalisa Terranova, Avolites programmers and trainers extraordinaire, along with JB Toby (the brain of Avolites), Oliver Waits (code master and awesome dude), Koy Neminathan (Sales Director), Aziz Adilkhodjaev (Sales Engineer Extraordinaire), Steve Warren (come on, everyone knows Steve Warren), and Elson Lucas Gallardo, Javier Moreno, and our team of awesomeness!!!

Come by any time between 11am and 4pm today and learn how easy it is to rock and roll on Titan… we’ve got some Arena consoles, the Quartz, Ai EX8 media servers, the venerable Sapphire Touch and some of our signaling gear — the Titan Net Processor, the Titan Network Switch, and we are ready for you to learn about Avo for LIFE!