RIP, NataLight – Nathalie Jardin is Dead by ISIS


It appears as though the Le Bataclan house lighting tech, Nathalie Jardin, has died from her injuries from the coward ISIS attack on Paris this last Friday.  Several sources, including from her father, have deducted that Natalight passed away as a direct result of gunshot wounds to the stomach.  So, a woman who did nothing but love her job every day and made sure that people had an enthusiasm for the art, was killed by religious extremist cowards.

From Cosmo Wilson‘s Facebook page — this is tears material, please prepare yourself.


This is Nathalie Jardin. She is in charge of the House Lighting at Le Bataclan. She is an awesome person and very good at what she does. She loves lighting so much that her nickname is “Natalight.” I have been fortunate to work with her at the Bataclan on the shows I’ve done there. Last time I saw her was when she came to see AC/DC in Paris back in May.

After not hearing anything for 2 days, and hoping against hope, I am very sad to report that she was killed by the terrorists. For what? Another good person, doing what she loved, taken away from this world for no reason. My heart is broken.

I really do not have any more words. I am sad. Disgusted. Shocked. Sickened.

However, I feel that I need to share my last memory of Nathalie so she lives on.

I invited Natalight to the show when I was in Paris with AC/DC, and she stood on the platform where I run my lighting from. She watched the show through to the end, we chatted for a few minutes afterwards, we hugged and she left. That would be the last time I would ever see her. She sent me an email later that night that I would like to share with you:

Hi Cosmo!

Thank you sooo much for everything!
You made my dream come true!!
Your show was just amazing!!!
Keep in touch!!

Natalight 🌟

Rest in Peace, Nathalie…


I’m so sorry Cosmo, and so sorry to all that knew Natalight.  What a great soul stolen by cowardice.

Something else that sucks — I’ve not heard word one on the major networks about any of the passing of crew or stage hands in the venues.  Just people who were at the event.  NBC, CBS, ABC, Al Jazeera, and Fox — our industry was attacked.  It’d be nice if you’d recognize that we exist and that our people are being MURDERED.  You think it’s bad that people attending the show were killed?  What about those who were there MAKING the show for those “poor concert attendees,” as some news stations are reporting it.  We’re kind of used to it though, we had a handful of our brethren hurt and killed in Indianapolis during the Sugarland collapse too, and even though that was not a terrorist attack, we get left out of the mainstream.

We here at are not going to let those hurt and killed across the world doing what we all love go quietly.  You will always be remembered here.

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Sorry NataLight.  Requiescat in pace, sweet Nathalie.  We’ll do good by you.