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Rhinos are NOT Fat Unicorns: Superbowl 52 LX System Plot

I’m glad to post a really cool system diagram PDF — PRG‘s lighting network from Superbowl 52!  Uh, I mean Superbowl LII. Chris Conti, PRG’s Product Manager (for all kinds of badass entertainment lighting equipment like Bad Boy, Best Boy, Ground Control, et al) and Drawer of All Things Amazing shared this with me this […]

$200 OFF for Avolites LDI 2017 Offsite Training!

If you’re on the JimOnLight networks, you’ve probably seen this already, but here’s a last chance offer for my fellow Avolites console and media server users…  we’ve got just a few spots left, and we’ve set up a $200 dollars off coupon code for our LDI 2017 OFFSITE Training facility over at the Vdara this […]

Jim On Open Heart Surgery

On October 23, 2017, I’m going to be having open heart surgery.  I’m 39 years old. There are a lot of things in the world that are pretty surreal to have said to you — that first “I love you,” getting recognized for something you busted your ass on, the phone call that someone has […]

Happy 15th Birthday, InLight Gobos! 15% OFF ALL MONTH!

Today is an awesome day, because it’s the birthday of my favorite gobo maker.  Happy 15th Birthday, InLight Gobos!!! As far as my dollars and my production budgets go, InLight Gobos is the only gobo maker in the business.  High quality, thin and strong, and they give a damn about your orders. From the InLight […]


Ok, so do you?  Do you know Rick Hutton? Rick is one of the fathers of our current generation of lighting equipment, fixtures, and color systems — Rick is one of the fathers from the Vari*Lite days, adding his knowledge of optics, lasers, laser ablation, dichroic glass, and light to awesome products like the VL5, VL4, […]

Terrorists Bomb Ariana Grande Concert, 22 Dead

UPDATE, 15:08, 24 May 2017. I’m sorry folks, I just couldn’t look at this yesterday.  Too much going on.  There has been so much sent out about this terrorist coward attack; I have gotten several emails asking about updates, and this is what we know so far.  This shit is unbelievable to the normal person, […]

Steve Shelley Released SoftSymbols for Vectorworks 2017

I’m not a Vectorworks user, but I have used it in the past.  But Steve Shelley is awesome, he makes Soft Symbols, and he’s the guy you need to stop and talk to at trade shows, he’s the guy in the f**king bright yellow jacket walking lighting trade show floors.  It’s Steve Shelley, y’all.  If […]