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Ask Us (Almost) Anything

Swiggity swooty!  Welcome to the first JimOnLight Ask Us (Almost) Anything!  Well, almost anything, we’re mostly skilled in the secrets of working with light!  Join us Sunday, July 26, 2015 at 10am Eastern, 7am Pacific! If you’re in the various industries of Light, from Research to Entertainment, we’re here to help YOU!  Is it early […]

Just Another (Thanksgiving) Day

Hey everybody. How are you all doing? I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving as we start the holiday season. I hope most of you have managed to get the day off or at least some time off to enjoy the day with friends and family. If you’re like me, this is […]

FOLLOWUP: Anyone up for friendly football competition?

Ok. For those who would like to try out this “sports” thing, we’ve set up a Pro Football Pick ‘Em Pool for this year. If you’d like to get in on it, all you have to do is head over to football.jimonlight.com and sign up. There are no entry fees. We are hoping to get […]

Stage Doesn’t Collapse – But It Could Have

In this time of year when everybody is having some sort of fair and providing entertainment, we’ve come to expect to see accidents. Well, I’m very happy to report that in this case, there wasn’t an accident. The potential for one was clearly there – between poor staging and the possibility for bad weather – […]

Electrical Safety Pop Quiz!

Here I am with another pop quiz for you. In this edition, I hope to get a little basic knowledge out to all of you on electrical safety. I’m not looking to go into a lecture on this topic today, let alone any day. I just want to find new ways to get knowledge to the […]

Outlet Pop Quiz!

Not everyone is a world traveler but if you’re like me, you’ve encountered somebody that is visiting from another country and they need your help finding a converter for their power cords. And sometimes you look at these plugs and wonder who dreamed up these things, where’s the universal plug or why can’t we all […]

Jim’s A Travelin’ Man

In case you didn’t know, Jim has packed up all of his belongings and is making the journey back to Dallas. And you know he’s doing it the only way Jim knows how – awkwardly. It’s kind of like 1 state forward, 2 states back. But, more like 1 state forward, 3 states to the […]

Multimeter vs. Magic Smoke

Do you have one of these? Have you ever had to replace one of these in it? Have you ever received what you would consider a weird and therefore incorrect reading? Have you taken a reading twice and had inconsistent readings? Is the magic smoke still inside? How do you know? Are you wondering when […]

Big Ups to The Oatmeal for Mad Props to Nikola Tesla

In case you aren’t an avid follower of The Oatmeal (@oatmeal), you should be. If today’s posted comic about Nikola Tesla doesn’t say enough about why you should follow along, then you are probably a web crawler and are just going to catalog this with no emotional understanding. Oh well, your loss web crawler – especially […]

Just Around the Riverbend

We’re nearly there. The new look is here and we’ve moved to the new server. Thanks Media Temple! The only thing I’m waiting for is our new content delivery network (CDN) – you know, that thing that puts all of your content all over the world so that everyone experiences a quicker site load time […]