This Week’s Gobo-A-Day from InLight Gobos


Rick even made me a gobo of a bruise I had for use in a Greek show. Crazy!

You know, there is one thing that I don’t believe that our industry can live without — gobos.  It’s not practical to have a projector for every logo you want to project, and it’s not vyable to think you can print every gobo system you want to use because you’ve got LED ellipsoidals now.  I’m not sure where that thought process came from, but I believe it to be flawed.

I also believe that creativity in optics is something that needs to be heavily pushed among our creative industry, and that’s why I support InLight Gobos, hands down.  Rick’s processes produce the best glass gobos I’ve used in my career.  He’s also doing what most companies in gobos aren’t doing — keeping on top of the science of making the best gobos.

I started Gobo-A-Day this week with InLight Gobos in mind — check out the week’s offering, and remember that on any catalogue gobo ordered online, if you use discount code JOLdiscount, InLight Gobos is gonna give you 20% off those catalogue gobos!

Here’s this last week’s GOBO-A-DAY:

Blue Waves, BAB-018


Vertigo Orange, BAB-001


Plym, BAB-010


Fireworks 3, INL-028


Turmoil, INL-023


Crystal Plate, INL-020


 See you next week!  Check out the full InLight Gobos catalogue!

You Need A Steve Shelley In Your Library

Obviously, if you work in lighting, you have read this book.

Steve Shelley wrote a great text a while ago that has had three excellent revisions, called A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting.  If you’ve studied Theatrical Lighting in a collegiate (and hopefully high school) program, you’ve either taken a class from that book, or read that book as an assignment for another class, or maybe you just wanted to be best at what we do, so you went ahead and read as many things as you could get in between flying, gigging, classes, USITT, that show you have a plot due for, you know — all that.


AND I KNOWWWWW you’ve met Steve Shelley.  He is not the Steve Shelley from Sonic Youth, but I know for a fact that he rocks as hard as the other said Shelley.  Funny guy, big bright green freaking jacket that reflects the light from the planet formerly known as Pluto, like my skull.  Come on, does everyone in the world not have a Field Template?!  What do you do when your macbook decides that it has to update something when you need to be drafting or you previz your video card right out of your laptop?!


The point — have you read Steve’s A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting?  It’s the Third Edition; you need the book.  Get the book.  It’s really not even a difficult choice, it’s as important a book to read in our industry as Richard Cadena’s Electricity for the Entertainment Electrician and Technician.  Which, also you need to read.  Like, you know how you needed to read the rules on drivers’ ed when you took that?  Steve and Richard write content of that importance.

aaaaaaaand, consequently, because you need to read this:

PS:  Nobody paid me to write this, I believe this sh*t down to my very bones.  Be better, be safer, learn the most that you can.

4Wall Acquires Shadowstone (Law and Order SVU Fans, Take Heed)


A little bit of industry inner workings business, 4Wall Lighting has acquired the team and gear for Shadowstone, Inc — a pretty major player in lighting production for film, TV, broadcast, lots of work for decades.  If you’ve ever been a fan of Law and Order SVU, you saw a lot of what was filmed lit by Shadowstone’s gear.

From the official press release from 4Wall:

Moonachie, NJ:  4Wall Entertainment Lighting, a national provider of stage and theatrical lighting services, has reached an agreement to acquire the assets of media, film, and entertainment lighting provider Shadowstone Inc.

4Wall CEO Kathy Torjman spoke of the acquisition.

“Adding Shadowstone’s team and equipment to our strong foundations in both the New York and Washington DC markets is a great benefit to our customers. Shadowstone has a loyal client base, as well as incredibly high standards for equipment and customer service that we share.”

Industry veteran, Frank Marsico, founded Shadowstone in 1993 and grew the company from the humblest of beginnings into a premium industry brand with the help of Vice Presidents Paul Marsico and Philip Marsico.

Shadowstone’s rental division, which has experienced rapid growth in recent years, supplied lighting and electrical equipment to major Motion Pictures and TV productions nationwide including Law & Order SVU, The Blacklist, Gotham, Boardwalk Empire, The Amazing Spider Man 2, Black Mass, and Tower Heist.

The accomplished Shadowstone systems division has designed, built, or supplied major media projects including studio installations for Fox Network, ESPN, NBC Sports, ABC/Disney, EWTN and AOL, as well as government projects such as LED broadcast lighting systems for the White House Press Briefing Room and multiple US Senate Hearing Rooms.

In addition to the substantial equipment inventory gained through this acquisition, 4Wall will also retain Shadowstone’s highly regarded and experienced team that has helped build the business into what it is today.

“We feel that the rental and systems staff we are bringing into the 4Wall fold from Shadowstone will be a great fit for our divisions, while also greatly expanding our company knowledge base in the film and television sector,” said Torjman.

Frank Marsico spoke of the acquisition and the upcoming transition, saying:

“I would like to personally thank all of Shadowstone’s clients, industry associates, friends, vendors, and especially the Shadowstone staff, for helping make the ‘Shadowstone vision’ a reality over the past 23 years. The Marsico family and our staff look forward to the new opportunities and growth that will come from joining the 4Wall organization.”


The Feature Feature: Chauvet Pro’s RH1 Hybrid and its Dual Prism Set

I’m trying a new series here on JimOnLight where I talk about features that I have found exemplary in certain pieces of equipment, or fixtures, or whatnot.  CHAUVET Professional’s ROGUE RH1 Hybrid gets to be first!

Welcome to The Feature Feature!

I just did a gig with a couple of handfuls of RH1 Hybrids from CHAUVET Professional, and I wanted to reach out to the product management team about what they were thinking when it came to this particular optics set.


Generally, it’s like this — there is a 6-facet linear rotating prism on one wheel, and on another, an 8-facet rotating prism that is more of a circular configuration.

Blah blah blah, watch this.  Here:

Here’s a product video for the RH1 I programmed while at Chauvet — that was one of my favorite parts of the job, helping with pushing the fixtures over that edge of awesomeness.  Here’s the video, programmed on the Tiger Touch 2 — I obviously like this fixture, so you can’t claim bias.  I am biased!  It’s an awesome fixture:

Complete side note here…  when you’re writing palettes for this fixture, make one that has the linear rotating clockwise and the circular rotating counterclockwise, slow to medium speed, and then add some gobo shake JUST enough to see the beam wiggle.  AWESOME SAUCE!!!

I got to chat with Mike Graham, the product manager for the Hybrid (and the Rogue series), I wanted to get more information on what and how they came about the decisions.

OK, RH-1 Hybrid.  It’s awesome.  The prism set is frankly my favorite feature, having that 8-facet circular and 6-facet linear counter-rotating with a teeny bit of gobo shake just quite frankly makes my eyes tingle!!  Can you tell me a bit about where the ideas came from for that optical combination came from?  How did you arrive at the two of those together?

Mike Graham:
The idea behind the effects package in the RH1 Hybrid came from the need to step up and away from other hybrid fixtures on the market.  We already had the dual rotating prisms in our Rogue R1 Beam, and they were very effective, but we add in a few more features to really make the RH1 Hybrid special.  By adding in the rotating gobos, we were able to create another facet of motion into this already amazing effect. 

Is there anything in that fixture that you had to decide on over something else?  How do you suss out decisions like that?

Mike Graham:
The Rogue RH1 Hybrid was one fixture where we were very sure of the feature set.  We would have liked to have been able to add in CMY, but there were limitations with the optical system that prevented that from becoming a reality. 

What’s the coolest visual effect you’ve seen a designer do with your fixture?  The perfect combo of which features pushes the RH-1 over that creative cliff of awesomeness?

Mike Graham:
I have to be completely honest here and say that I am impressed every time I see these lights in action and how different designers use the feature set inside the RH1 Hybrid.  However my favorite was to see a combination of the star rotating gobo in extremely slow rotation with the dual prisms overlapped coming in and out of focus. This effect was being used as a direct view at the audience so you felt like you were inside of a tunnel of light.  On top of all of that, they were using a split color that amplified the effect that much more.  Very cool!



We here at are huge fans of the InLight Gobos brand of custom color optics work.  Rick Hutton, the brain behind the processes and craftsmanship, makes the finest gobo glass on the market.  That’s just how it is for us.

We believe in Rick’s product so much that we asked InLight to give us a coupon code that we could offer to the lighting industries to spread the word as to how bad ass InLight Gobos really are…  so take yourself over to the website, and for online orders only, on any gobo from the catalogue, enter in JOLdiscount into the Coupons box…  like this — it’s on the second page after you submit your information:

Screenshot 2016-04-05 17.34.59

Now here’s today’s favorites — the discount works for any and all catalogue gobos, but these are my five favorites for today!



Meltdown, INL-025


Zippy, INL-008


Jungle, INL-003


Color Trip, INL-034


Check back soon for new gobos and as always, use JOLdiscount for 20% off InLight Gobos’ catalogue work on all online orders!