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Nick Alexander GoFundMe – Help Our Brother

Nick Alexander GoFundMe – Help Our Brother

You cannot blindly give to anyone and for any cause these days.  We’ve had some trouble in our industry with certain cagy personalities trying to defraud people with fake funding campaigns.  People do suck, and they DO try to profit from the deaths of people fallen.


After some research, the Nick Alexander GoFundMe seems to check out.  We recommend if you want to donate to Nick’s family, Miguel Benavides generously and selflessly started the campaign, and it’s a safe/solid route to go.  Please check it out.  Help if you can help.  I’m afraid there will be many more to come.  We stretch the penny as far as it will still conduct electricity, right?

I have to ask if anyone has seen or heard of a GoFundMe in process or any other kind of help for NataLight’s family (Nathalie Jardin), her father…  Please if you’ve heard something, let me know via the contact form, it sends me an email directly.