Confusion Through Sand – An Experimental Video on Recycled Paper


Something that not many people know about me:  Until I was in my late teens, I considered joined the military, as was my initial plan in life.  I was going to join up, become an officer with combat experience, and then move on to join the FBI or CIA.

Since then, lots of things in my life gave a hand in turning towards art instead of war.  I am pretty glad for every moment of time I have not spent sweating somewhere under suppressing fire somewhere in a third world hellhole.  But in my travels and corporate event design and touring, I have met some great people who have and are in those places doing what they do for our freedom.

Sometimes it’s amazing to see art done by people who have seen that side of humanity.  Check this out — a video called Confusion Through Sand, done completely on recycled paper, and this is an amazing piece of work.  It is going to be heavily emotional for those of you out there who have had time being shot at in the deserts of the globe.  The audio is…  well, it is unreal.  Unreal.

Confusion Through Sand from ornana films on Vimeo.

I recommend watching this one too… the Making Of…

making Confusion Through Sand from ornana films on Vimeo.


HUGE thanks to Funker350 for posting the first round.  I highly recommend checking out Funker350.

Prism Power – the ROGUE RH1 Hybrid Product Video


I love programming these videos.  I get to work with a real video badass in this market, Todd Murray, who is just one talented mopho, and that is a fact.  Better yet, he’s not a douche about it.  What a surprise, a non-douche yet really talented artist!

Check out our latest, the product video for the ROGUE RH1 Hybrid from CHAUVET Professional.  Programming by me, videography by Todd Murray, Josh (Jaybles) Berlant, and Bryan Adams.  But not that Bryan, OUR Bryan.

Happy Birthday, James Watt (and JimOnLight)!

WHOA!  No way.  It’s January 19 again, and that means that it is the birthday time celebration for good ol’ James Jim-Jim-Jimmy-Jarooni Watt, the man we have to thank for several different and awesome inventions like the steam engine and the first copy machine.  Yeah, that’s right.  He’s awesome — or at least was while he was alive!


Check out a post I wrote about the Amazing James Watt over here at…  uh… on, uh, JimOnLight!

Also, also, how about a FREE KINDLE BOOK about James Watt, written by Andrew Carnegie?!  Everyone likes free, it’s a proven fact — now tie FREE and LEARNING and you’re on fire!!!

Happy Birthday, Jimmy Watt!

Lighting Insights January – Jim Talks FOCUS PALETTES

FOCUS PALETTES!  Let’s start out another year of educational lighting and lighting design videos at CHAUVET Professional

This month’s video is a basic primer on Focus Palettes — the why, who, when, what, where, OH YEAH!  You know, why write cues with your fixtures just pointing somewhere random, right?

Let’s talk focus palettes!

X-Rays of Lamps are BAD ASS!

Check this out — an x-ray of some regular ol’ incandescent lamps, some color added in post by the artist, but seriously check this out:

Assorted light bulbs, X-ray

TOO COOL!  I had to find more.  This particular photo above comes from Dr. Paula Fontaine at Radiant Art Studios.  As awesome as it is, it did not fully satisfy my now immediate need to see more lamps through x-rays!

Check these out!








HUGE thanks to Society6, BZA, Hongkiat, ChiliPeppers4U2, Melissa Stapleton, Ideum, Wikipedia, and Sun International for the great x-ray photos!


Do Carrots Improve Eyesight? No, No They Don’t.


Well, that old tale that we’re all told as kids that if we eat our carrots we’ll have better eyesight has been busted.  Mom and dad, you guys are LIARS!  It’s a good thing I like carrots as a general rule, otherwise I would still have no reason to be pissed.

Now it’s not that carrots are NOT the cure-all for eyesight, they’re just not THE cure-all for eyesight.

In all seriousness, the tale of carrots being the best thing for your eyesight came from World War II in the United Kingdom.  From Scientific American Magazine:

Decades later rumors swirled that the British Royal Air Force pushed that message as a cover-up for the recently adopted radar technology they were secretly relying on for their nighttime skirmishes. Information from the de Havilland Aircraft Museum suggests that subterfuge was indeed the British Ministry of Information’s plan. But Bryan Legate, assistant curator at the Royal Air Force Museum in London has a different view. “I would say that whilst the [British] Air Ministry were happy to go along with the story [of carrot-improved vision], they never set out to use it to fool the Germans,” Legate says. “The German intelligence service were well aware of our ground-based radar installation and would not be surprised by the existence of radar in aircraft. In fact, the RAF were able to confirm the existence of German airborne radar simply by fitting commercial radios into a bomber and flying over France listening to the various radio frequencies!” he adds.

It’s not to say that carrots are bad for your vision, because frankly anything with that much vitamin A and beta carotene is frankly great for your eyes!  But there are other sources of these nutrients for your eyes, funny enough — GREENS are AWESOME for eyesight!  Kale, collard greens, spinach, even arugula to some point, anything with lots of lutein, which is just purely great for your eyesight.  The general thought among the scientific community is that having these proteins and nutrients in your body helps your eyes by filtering out high-energy wavelengths of light from causing retina damage.

So remember:  beta carotene, lutein, green leafies, and Vitamin A.  THOSE things are great for your sight!

A Global Collection of New Years 2015 Fireworks

Happy New Year, everyone!

I’m not one to do “resolutions,” per se — I haven’t quite figured out yet how not to disappoint myself on day two of the year, so I skirt the activity altogether!  Since I went to bed around 11pm last night, I wanted to see some of the fireworks from last night.  Below is a collection of New Years 2015 fireworks from cities like Dubai (which was AWESOME), NYC, London, San Francisco, Chicago, Brazil…  oh America, we don’t party like the rest of the world parties.  Let’s all at least resolve to loosen the hell up in 2015, America.  We look like jackasses across the globe for the BS we see in our news.

Check these out, this is some awesome stuff!

Dubai 2015 fireworks:

Sydney 2015 fireworks:

London 2015 fireworks:

The Ball Drop in Times Square, NYC, 2015:

Rio de Janeiro 2015 fireworks:

Tokyo 2015 fireworks – a “fireworks only” view:

Tokyo 2015 fireworks – take a moment to close the three text boxes and this is an awesome video:

North Korea 2015 fireworks — for a country that starves millions of its people, they sure have a nice fireworks display budget.

Istanbul, Turkey – 2015 fireworks:

From the Taipei 101 in Taipei, Taiwan – 2015 fireworks:

Paris 2015 fireworks, from the Arc du Triomphe:

Hong Kong, China – 2015 fireworks:

Moscow 2015 fireworks — again, I guess that economy isn’t so bad after all…

Berlin, Germany – 2015 fireworks:

Chicago’s Navy Pier fireworks, 2015:

An absolutely AWESOME view of San Francisco’s 2015 fireworks show:

Madeira’s 2015 fireworks – they’re just off of the Canary Islands:

Lake Buena Vista, FL – otherwise known as Disney World, in the Magic Kingdom – 2015 fireworks:

A view of the Las Vegas 2015 fireworks, um, extravaganzas – plural:

I think that’s enough for one post, don’t you? HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let’s make 2015 WAY better than 2014, because 2014 really, really sucked for my family. Now get up, shake off that hangover, make some promises you’re not gonna keep to yourself, and have some breakfast!!!


HAPPY 2015, WORLD!!!


GOOD-BYE, 2014 — and HELLO, 2015!

I hope that if you’re out there partying that you have a blast with the rest of your night/morning, and if you’re out there working a show tonight, please have a blast afterwards, even if it’s much after load-out.  YOU DESERVE IT!