This One’s for Igor

This One’s for Igor

Instant giggles

Hi, World.  Jim here.

My buddy igor is having a rough day.  No need to explain, he’s just having a tough time today.  I need everyone who reads JimOnLight to do me a favor — normally what I’d do when Igor was having a rough day is I’d just give him a big ass hug because, well, that’s my thing, I do that.  If I hug you at a trade show, it’s because I wanted to share the love!  Jim hugs are no joke, mophos.  So back to the favor…

If you can read this, or you’re around someone who can read this, close your eyes and think happy thoughts for a second or two, and send that shit to Igor, would ya?

I love you brother!  Hang in there man, you’re amazing!

Barcelona Igor

Reza and Igor at dinner