Electrical Safety Pop Quiz!

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Here I am with another pop quiz for you. In this edition, I hope to get a little basic knowledge out to all of you on electrical safety. I’m not looking to go into a lecture on this topic today, let alone any day. I just want to find new ways to get knowledge to the masses and perhaps do it in a different and/or more entertaining manner.

So, without further ado…please enjoy!

Electrical Safety Pop Quiz

Here are some questions that cover some very basic electrical safety knowledge that everyone should be aware of. Good luck and I hope you learn something that helps you stay safe!
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  1. Steve V
    Steve V says:

    A three-pronged (grounded) plug should never be used in a two-pronged outlet.

    While this is not recommended, it is not a “never” proposition if a properly grounded adapter is utilized.

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