WTF Files: Dude Eats A Light Bulb in Under 34 Seconds

Wow. Ok. So, this guy in the video below is about to crunch-and-munch a light bulb and swallow that sucker.  The rules were that he had to eat all non-metal parts of the light bulb and swallow them.

That, uh, that guy ate and swallowed all of the glass in a light bulb.  The guy in question is named RJ Williams, and you can see his record accomplishments here.  Whoa.

Does Pepto Bismol cover this? You know, it just occurred to me that HE PROBABLY HAD TO REHEARSE!!!!!!!

MA Lighting’s USB onPC Command Wing for grandMA2

This was something that is just too perfectly timed not to catch my attention – I’m looking into using my wysiwyg Perform into a pre-visualization studio for myself (and perhaps others), and the two consoles I wanna run are the Road Hog Full Boar and the grandMA.

Translation from Jim to English:  the two consoles I wanna play with all day long on my own side projects and goofy 4am programming ruminations are the Road Hog and the grandMA.

The grand plan is to save up and get a USB programming and playback wing(s) for the Hog, and another console interface.  Not necessarily the grandMA2 stuff quite yet, I’m still a pretty basic grandMA programmer, and everything Jeff Waful (et al) has ever shown me on the grandMA that they use is just stellar.  I’ve been a Hog programmer since Kris Jones and Benny Kirkham showed me how to drive the Hog II back in 2002.  Marcus Wuebker was also pretty instrumental in turning me into a better Hog programmer, but I think pretty much anything those folks programs turns into a piece of art.

Then MA Lighting releases this – the onPC Command Wing for grandMA2:

So it’s a USB playback and programming surface for the grandMA2 software on the PC based lighting application grandMA2 onPC.  Specs from the brochure that got in my hands:

  • Perfect solution for flexible and mobile programming
  • Look and feel as known from grandMA2 consoles
  • 2,048 parameters on-board
  • Expendable by an MA 2Port Node onPC/onPC PRO
  • Light, handy & rock solid: extra small housing and just 6kg
  • Plug and play via USB: simply connect to your notebook
  • Fully integrated into the grandMA2 system

The brand new MA onPC command wing is the perfect solution
if you are working as a lighting professional all over the world, running a small club or theatre, want to join the huge grandMA2 family or simply look for a smart backup or preprogramming solution. 

Pretty cool.  I definitely wanna check this out.

Canadians Also Get Skin Cancer in Tanning Beds

It’s a not-so-funny thing, this whole skin cancer and tanning beds thing that’s been going on since the advent of tanning beds and human vanity.  Actually, way way way before that – we humans have been sunbathing for millennia, too, to satisfy our vanity.  I always found it amazing to ask the question, “how many of you use tanning beds?” in my Stage Lighting classes.  Showing research in class about the dangers of tanning beds was always a wide-eye-opening experience for some of my students, but there are some who don’t really give a sh*t what you say about it because Vanity Fair is too deeply engrained in their young dancer brains.

I digress.  Not even the initial point of the article, really, but that I Can Has Cheezburger photo was too, too funny.  Oh well I suppose, when chickens can’t come in out of the rain, what are we really supposed to do?

So in Canada right now there is a conservative member of Canadian Parliament who is pushing to ban the use of tanning beds by people under 18, and to add warning labels to the beds.  Canadian MP James Bezan introduced the bill this week – from the press release at James Bezan’s website:

Ottawa, ON – James Bezan, Member of Parliament for Selkirk-Interlake, today tabled a Private Member’s Bill (PMB) in the House of Commons to combat harmful radiation from tanning beds. The bill is designed to promote consumer awareness about the cancer risks of tanning especially for youth under 18 years of age.

“Too many Canadians remain unaware of the cancer risks from tanning and artificial tanning,” said Mr. Bezan. “My bill will help protect Canadians against this hidden health risk by introducing tougher labelling requirements on tanning beds and by prohibiting youth under18 years of age from using tanning beds.”

The bill requires that current radiation warning labels on tanning beds explicitly state that tanning equipment can cause cancer and may be carcinogenic.   In addition to having warning labels affixed to the tanning equipment this bill will require that large warning labels also to be placed in all commercial establishment providing artificial tanning.

Mr. Bezan stated there is good evidence to suggest that tougher labeling is needed.

“According to a 2007 study, 87% of tanning salons radiation warning labels could not be seen,” said Mr. Bezan. “Canadians need to know that the cancer risks are too high from using tanning beds.”

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an agency of the World Health Organization has classified tanning beds in their highest cancer risk category, calling tanning beds “carcinogenic to humans.”  They recommended that youth under 18 years of age avoid use of tanning equipment.

Both the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) and Canadian Dermatology Association (CDA) recommend that persons under the age of 18 be prohibited from using indoor tanning salons. 

In 2011, approximately 5,500 Canadians will be diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer and 950 will die of it.  Non-melanoma skin cancer is the most common form of cancer among Canadians, with 74,000 cases expected to be diagnosed during 2011.

Mr. Bezan said the inspiration for this bill came from a personal experience with his wife, who was diagnosed with two melanomas over several years.

I’m sorry to hear that repeated experiences with the MP’s wife and her diagnosed melanomas had to catalyze this attempt to throw the kibosh on underage tanning, but frankly and honestly no I’m not if it stopped her and other people from tanning in a tanning bed.  If it was tanning beds that caused the MP’s wife’s melanomas, then she’s lucky that her poor choices didn’t end up in her death from cancer.  I’ve reported on the dangers of tanning/sun beds a good handful of times on, and each and every time I get a mix of emails from readers and surfers about how either A) we’re totally right on because tanning beds are bad; B) we’re totally wrong about tanning beds and I should keep my #$%^$%^& mouth to myself.  I even got an email back in 2009 from an advocate for a tanning bed manufacturer asking me to take down my opinions on the subject.  Yeah, I’m not doing that.

Mr. Bezan is a lucky guy.  He has a beautiful wife and three beautiful daughters.  None of the four of them look like they need a tan.  Here’s why – because you don’t need a tan from a tanning bed or hours in the sun to be sexy.  Ladies (and many men too, I aspire to be thin and awesome soon!), you have beautiful bodies and there is no need to put yourself into cancer jeopardy in order to impress some douche who won’t pay attention to you unless you’re the color of a decorative autumn squash.  This is fundamentally flawed.  Our visions of ourselves cannot be so occluded that we will do this to ourselves, people.  This is crazy – the obsession with vanity, it’s gonna lead to your death.

Right now in Nova Scotia, you have to be 19 to tan, and 18 in Victoria, BC.  In Nova Scotia, for example, there is something called the Tanning Bed Act which curbs the use of such equipment and regulates their usage.  From the Doctors of Nova Scotia website on the Tanning Bed Ban:

The Tanning Bed Act [a PDF link, only 3 pages, check it out] which governs the use of artificial tanning devices, went into effect on June 1, 2011.  Doctors Nova Scotia, along with partners such as the Canadian Cancer Society, Cancer Care Nova Scotia and Sun Safe Nova Scotia Coalition, lobbied government to ban tanning beds for use by youth.

Doctors Nova Scotia made its stand on artificial tanning during its 2010 annual conference when doctors voted to lobby government to ban the use of artificial tanning devices for youth.

Banning tanning beds for youth is an important step in reducing rates of skin cancer in the province.  Overexposure to solar ultraviolet radiation has long been known to increase the risk of skin cancer. In 2009, the International Agency for Research on Cancer reclassified artificial UV radiation (tanning beds) to a Group 1 category (carcinogenic to humans). This is the same categorization used for tobacco.

One in three cancers worldwide is skin-related. The highest rates are found in countries with fair-skinned populations with strong tanning cultures. Canada falls into this category.

The known consequences of excessive UV exposure include:

  • skin cancers
  • eye damage
  • premature skin aging
  • reduced effectiveness of the immune system, possibly leading to a greater risk of infectious diseases

Several organizations around the world have established position statements discouraging the use of artificial UC tanning equipment by everyone and youth in particular. These include the World Health Organization, the Canadian Cancer Society and the Canadian Dermatology Association. 

The Tanning Bed Act received royal assent on Dec. 10, 2010.

OK – now let’s go over this one more time, for now at least:

  1. Tanning beds cause cancer.
  2. You are beautiful and don’t need to put yourself at such reckless risk of skin cancer
Here’s some melanomas for the road for you!

The Incandescent Light Bulb Song

Ok, this is some funny sh*t.  You have to take a few minutes and watch this guy Remy do his unrequited love song to the incandescent lamp.  Today is a hilarious day.  I needed this!


Friday Morning Semi-Lascivious Learning!

Yeah.  Sometimes lighting facts are best illustrated with lingerie.  I have been cracking myself up all morning learning about all kinds of facts from – which is full of great stuff.  Like this little tidbit about Phosphenes!

There are so many people I know who will appreciate this.  There are also so many people I know who won’t – so I figured that I’d go ahead and make the playing field even and make my OWN half naked facts!  It’s fair and acceptable for the ladies, right?

I crack me up. Somebody’s got to, right?

Jovanotti Concert Truss Collapse. 1 Dead, 8 Injured.

These types of stories are so hard to read, and even more difficult to write.  I’m not sure if you’ve seen the images on this one, but there’s been another trussing collapse, this time in Trieste, Italy:

Unfortunately, a 20 year old hand was killed in this accident as he helped assemble the rig – Francesco Pinna was pronounced at the scene, and eight others were taken to a hospital.  Theatre Safety Guru and general ridiculously intelligent engineer Erich Friend posted the initial article on this horrible tragedy, his article is posted on his safety blog, The Theatre Safety Blog.  From Erich’s blog post on the Trieste collapse:

The concert has been cancelled and the remainder of the Ora Tour has been suspended pending investigation.  The sports complex in the San Sabba district, next to the Nereo Rocco football stadium, was seized by the authorities and cordoned-off. “All concerts have been suspended”, announced Maurizio Salvadori, owner of the Trident agency that manages the artist. “We’ll decide what to do tomorrow but at the moment no one wants to go on stage.  It is not known why the structure collapsed.  As always, everything was certified by an engineer. The structure was used all summer with no problems.”  Mr Salvadori explained that the “ground support”, scaffolding that carries speakers and reflectors, had given way.  The mayor of Trieste, Roberto Cosolini, hurried to the site of the accident and underlined the urgent need for “the investigations and expert reports to ascertain responsibility for this incident to be carried out with maximum rigour”.

Ugh.  What horrible news.  There’s not a lot of information flying around about this accident, but there are several videos posted on Youtube about the aftermath and how horrible it looks.  Here are a few videos, all post event, of the aftermath of the Jovanotti concert truss collapse:

…and another video showing some collapse aftermath:

I’m so sorry to Francesco Pinna and his family and friends. This is for certain a horrible tragedy.

POLL: Who’s Your 2012 Presidential Hopeful?

I’m traveling a lot this month.  Something that gets even worse as I travel is my addiction to the complete waste of time we Americans call “politics.”

I watch and listen to a lot of CNN while I’m traveling – it seems like every airport television is tuned to either CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News.  Right now there is a lot of talk on the news about how no one in the US Senate and House of Representatives can agree on anything (even though their own people assigned a select committee on solving our fiscal crisis and failed straight up);  how the American people are getting the short end of the stick on every path imaginable while the seven or eight people who have all of the money get to do anything they want anywhere;  last and perhaps most vomitous is the travesty that the Government is about to throw down to the American people that will then be spoon-fed with a silver spoon to the Telecomm giants – the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

Ah, memories.

So, all of that being said, have you been watching the Presidential Candidates’ Debates lately?  Who are you rooting for at this point to lead our country down the mountain peak road we’re on with no guard rails and no brakes on the bus we’re all riding?  Please participate in the poll, I am very interested in the political leanings of the huge group of people across this great planet that is the Readership!

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Thanks Wikipedia, Central LA Politics, and Redwood Coast!

The JimOnLight Guide to Christmas Lights, Parts 1-5

Back another year by popular demand and thousands of visits, the’s Guide to Christmas Lights is here!  To break this down a bit and hopefully keep the five parts of the Guide to Christmas Lights:


Part One is geared towards sharing where Christmas Lighting got its start, including going WAY back to talk a bit about what actually happens in the sky around Christmas time (or Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Flying Spaghetti Monster time, or whatever flavor of religion you pick for the Holidays) and how we’ve been dealing with it for a few thousand years.


Part Two takes some of the most basic information about Christmas lighting – the light sources – and breaks them down for the reader to make it easy to understand and identify different kinds of Christmas Lights.  You know, for that moment when you have to pull the ball of lights out of the box in the garage and actually NOT burn your house down.


Rain lights, curtain strands, cascades, and all kinds of other terms that mean something about the different arrays that Christmas lighting come in – Part Three of the’s Guide to Christmas Lighting is all about telling those arrays apart so you can get back inside and drink some Wassail!


This is an important one – Part Four talks about how NOT to get yourself dead while doing all of that Christmas light installation!


…not last, not least, and definitely not the end of the series, but perhaps one of my favorites!  A quick overview of some of the basic and important electrical equations that can help you make a little more sense out of the task of hanging Holiday Illumination!

Drop us a comment below if you like the’s Guide to Christmas Lights – we’re dedicated to bringing you the best!

$300,000 to Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse Victims

Yeah, it’s not any easier to see.

Did you know that by law in the State of Indiana, the State cannot pay out more than five million dollars for one single tragedy, and it can pay no single victim more than $700,000?!  Ah, legislation.  If you can’t solve a problem, screw the constituents and remove the State of all fault.  That’s the Corporate way.

My source in Indiana says that all of the wreckage has been moved to a warehouse somewhere for “further study,” and that there’s a news story on every night or every few nights about how a reimbursement deadline has passed, or some other nightmare part of this mess has happened.  We’ve just come across a story here about how today is the last day for reimbursement deadlines if you’re taking the state’s offer of $300,000 for a death in this collapse.  A lot of people seem to think that $300,000 is a pretty rough lowball estimate on what their loss of life is worth.  Some people received just a small amount of money for injury, and some received a lot more – like a 17-year-old victim who is now paralyzed from the waist down.  He’s getting just $182,000 and change extra for his expenses.  He is paralyzed from the waist down.  Forever.  Not just until the just under $500,000 he’s being given runs out.   He’s paralyzed forever.  I guess he’s lucky that he’s not dead.  Life’s not getting in his way though – check out this article on how he’s doing, as he just learned to ski without the use of his legs.  Kinda awesome.

Somewhat of a schedule of payments was posted in an article at the Indy Star:

Families of each of the seven people who were killed will receive at least $300,000.

Surviving victims with physical injuries will get compensation for 65 percent of the medical expenses they accrued through Nov. 15.

A 17-year-old who is permanently paralyzed will receive an additional $182,476 for extra medical expenses.

All told, 65 victims — or families of Sugarland concertgoers who died — will receive state money, with payouts ranging from $109 to $503,042.

What gets left out? Future medical expenses and any expenses for psychological treatment.

Feinberg said the victims “have legitimate concerns about the amounts” they will receive, but he praised Zoeller for achieving, “with fingers crossed, (a) general consensus as to how the money should be allocated.”

However, that “consensus” doesn’t satisfy Kenneth J. Allen, the Valparaiso-based attorney who has already filed a lawsuit over the $5 million liability cap and the way the money is being handed out.

Allen, who represents six victims of the stage-rigging collapse, on Tuesday called the procedure “rash and not well-thought-out . . . just like the planning for the fair.”

This is a pretty ugly situation still, and I can only speculate that it will be one for a long, long time to come.  Right now, payouts for medical expenses stop for anything that happened after November 15, 2011.  So what happens if all of the medical expenses don’t stop for this thing until a year from now?  What if you’re paralyzed from the waist down forever?

You’ll be happy to know that truss collapse survivor and IATSE #30 member Steve Stover is alive and well, having had his entire face reconstructed.  As you can imagine, he’s slowly recovering and working through everything he’s experienced and survived.  Obviously he’s one of the lucky ones, being still alive and being mobile.

You know what makes me want to hurl about this whole thing?  All of the news is now about how the money is being doled out, or how the tort payments law in Indiana is unfair, or how “we need to revisit the law.”  People are dead.  There is a transparency that has been masked by the need to sink teeth into the money aspect of the incident, the need to get the restitution that I know I would feel if I were in any of these victims’ situations.  I didn’t want to be right about this, I wanted this one to be different.

Some additional linkage for this mess:

Talk about hindsight biting you directly on the tukkus – an executive from WLHK-FM came onstage right before the storm hit and gave a weather announcement.  Watch the video, read the transcript:

WLHK-FM (97.1) executive Bob Richards spoke on behalf of fair executive director Cindy Hoye and State Police Captain Brad Weaver.

Richards spoke for 55 seconds, and the statement is transcribed here:

“Good evening.  How are you?”
(cheers in crowd)
“As you can see to the west, there are some clouds.  We are all hoping for the best – that the weather is going to bypass us.  But there is a very good chance that it won’t.  So just a quick heads-up before the show starts:
If there is a point during the show where we have to stop the show onstage, what we’d like to have you do is calmly move toward the exits and then head across the street to either the Champions Pavilion, the Blue Ribbon Pavilion or the Pepsi Coliseum.  And then, once the storm passes and everything’s safe, we’re going to try our best to come back and resume the show – which we have every belief that that’s going to happen.”
(cheers in crowd)
“So please get ready, because in just a couple of minutes we’re going to try to get Sugarland onstage. Have a great show.”

Jeff Waful, Huey Lewis, and “The Umphreys” – Jeff Waful +1 Episode 2

Oh please – stop doing whatever it is you’re doing and watch this video.  Jeff Waful, the lighting designer for Umphrey’s McGee (and a f*cking cool guy, taboot) has another episode of his stellar concert industry interview show Jeff Waful +1 on the Relix Magazine website, and after Warren Haynes on the first episode, he has raised the bar that extra bit that gives creed to what we’re all doing out here – living the dream.