Sunday Flickr Group Photo Pool

It’s been a little while.  I’ve been pretty swamped – this time of year always seems to really kick my butt.  October has historically always been the busiest month of the year for me.  What’s your busiest month of the year, typically?

This is a cool day for the Flickr Group Photo Pool – some excellent work developing there, please check it out!  I love to share.  You also need to check out my special web ninja’s Flickr group, Today’s Sun.  It is absolutely chock full of awesome.  Here’s a few highlights:


Burning Clouds


Whispy clouds with a happy little tree.

…and now, the Sunday Flickr Pool Post!

cocoon shape : an innovative design?


OutInChi Launch Party

Horse Drawn To Water

light illumination

Tap Kids! 2011 Showcase

Crepuscular Rays