Soldering is Easy – A Comic for Beginners!

Have you seen this awesome, fun little learner’s comic on soldering?  Mitch Altman, Andie Nordgren, and Jeff Keyzer from Hacked Gadgets are responsible for this little bit of beginner soldering mastery!  Check it out, visit the PDF link here, and the original post here.  Learn to solder, you never know when you have to solder that blue wire onto the red one!

I Knew If I Dreamed Long Enough, Solar Bikinis Would Be Born

Custom clothing maker Solar Coterie is now taking orders for a line of custom solar bikinis.  That’s right ladies, not only can you be hot, but you can also use your hotness to generate and collect small amounts of energy powerful enough to sustain your iPhone or iPod while you’re out there making us all talk like a bunch of bumbling idiots.  Here, let me show you what I mean:

Ok.  So there we go.  A suit made of solar thinfilm, terminating into a female USB connector allowing you to juice up that iDevice in the summer, or anywhere that the sun is shining that you won’t freeze your dumps off.  My only question is – if you’ve ever felt a solar collecting fil;m while it’s collecting, they do tend to get pretty hot to the touch.  Is the Solar Bikini going to get ridiculously hot while the wearer is sporting it?

Now I gotta believe the men’s version of this is coming, too.  A little less appealing is the only thing I can say about using my own junk to power my iPod.

Thanks, CleanTechnica!

Vicki DaSilva’s REVERB – Able Fine Art, New York City Until August 30

Do you all know who Vicki DaSilva is?  I’ve written about Vicki a few times, she is a stellar and quite lovely light artist out of the NYC area.

Vicki’s got a new show open right now at the Able Fine Art Studios in NYC – a combination of light, commentary, and message, all mixed into a series of photographs called Reverb.  Vicki’s work has many layers, sometimes sweeping breaths of light that are guided by Vicki’s steady hand onto the photograph, sometimes quickly scribed words etched into the night air.  I love painting with light, it is such a process, like stone carving – except within the rigid structure of the stone, you must carve accurately with your light chisel in the darkness, leaving behind only that which will sustain – the mark of light.

Reverb has some pretty excellent works in it – I’m not gonna spoil it for you, but there are a few of my favorites…

Never Sorry – for Ai Weiwei:

Slalom #1:

If you’re in NYC, go check out Vicki DaSilva’s Reverb.  It’s at Able Fine Art until August 30, 2011.  Go support light art!

Jim’s New Tattoo – June 24!

I decided recently that the time to wait to get any more tattooing has passed. The guy who did my first tattoo is coming back to Oklahoma City on June 24, and I have an appointment to get some more equations!

So far, I have the Law of Reflection and Snell’s Constant – each of the equations on my arm are separated by a semicolon.  Each additional equation will be separated by a semicolon as well.  Here’s the first one:

Jim, new tattoo.

I’ve decided that this next round will be several equations.  First, the Lorentz force exerted on charged particles, from classical electromagnetism:

(Try to ignore the blue lines, they are guides for me to line up symbols in Photoshop)

Next in line is the Lensmaker’s Equation:

After that will be all four of Maxwell’s Equations, starting with Gauss’ Law:

Of course next will be Gauss’ Law for Magnetism (no monopoles, mophos!):

Followed by the Maxwell-Faraday equation explaining induction:

Last but not least or final – Ampere’s Law with Maxwell’s correction:

I am so freaking excited!!!

Jax’s Link-O-Rama: Lampshade On Head Edition

Hi everyone!  I didn’t title this the “back from the dead” edition, but I suppose it might as well be.  Didja miss me?  While Jim’s off doing Shakespeare in the Park, I thought I’d stop in and show you some pretty pictures.

I’ve got a new addition to my home: my new drafting desk, where I can draw to my heart’s content, and upon which is clamped the mount for the external monitor I like to use for computer drafting.  I’m lucky enough to have a full wall of east-facing windows, but I need a lamp for those late-night drawing sessions.  Here are some I found, along with some gorgeous chandeliers (they’re having a design competition over at Inhabitat, so there are a bunch of links from there–pop over right now and vote for the finalists!):

Found this here.  It’s true, you know.

After all those fabulously inventive recycled-materials lamps, I think I might need to try making one of my own to set on the corner of my desk!

Happy Birthday, James Clerk Maxwell!

SAY WHAT?!  Is that James Clerk Maxwell?!

It’s time for a certain James Clerk Maxwell to get some HAPPY BIRTHDAY appreciation!  HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY, James Clerk Maxwell!

You might know ol’ Jimmy Max here by his equations, which we call Maxwell’s Equations.  Ever heard of them?  Check out the James Clerk Maxwell Happy Birthday page to find out more!

PHISH at BLOSSOM – June 4, 2011

After a marathon week, I am back in the saddle at the Light Associated Media Headquarters in Oklahoma City!  A 15 hour drive from Columbus, OH to OKC happened a few days ago, and after sleeping off the remnants of that, I have my buddy Greg in town, hanging out and restoring some peace.  After the crazy schedule of working through the semester and trying to figure out how to do all that needs to be done, it’s time for a switching UP in gears.

You know how I spell relief after a hell schedule?  P-H-I-S-H.  Greg and I went to Blossom Music Center in Cleveland to see one of the shows on the summer tour – I had plans to interview Chris Kuroda again, but Phish’s media people never got back to me regarding the interview.  Sorry folks.  I know a lot of you had requested a second set of interviews with Chris, but I guess they’re too busy to accomodate me.  Regardless, the show was amazing, the band was fantastic, and the tour seems to be going very, very well.  Kuroda’s driving a pretty fun rig, and he seems to be having a lot of fun with it!

The rig, post show for detail:

aaaaaaaaaaand while being driven:

I’m not gonna run my mouth here much about the show, I think the few shots I got from my point-and-shoot (damned camera thieves) speak volumes.  There is some video coming, stay tuned!

A gallery view is below – click on a shot, and a gallery opens up!  Enjoy!  Also, did you go to the show? Drop a comment below, tell the world what you thought of the lighting!