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Another week has passed.  It kinda feels like 2010 has come and gone like a flash – although this has been one crazy-ass year.  I’m gonna be pretty glad to welcome in the first year of the next decade.  Howsabout you?

Check out some GREAT new photos added to the Flickr Pool – a lot of excellent work from a lot of excellent photogs!

Looking out with nothing there, There's never been a simpler pleasure. All the winds and clouds blow by, Everything else just doesn't matter.

Of The Earth

Le Lys Blanc

The dream of the traveller

Glorious Morning Startrail

Qatar National Day Light Show

dichroic light art via Rick Hutton

World's Largest Disco 2010

Here’s to an awesome week!

The 25th Anniversary of Rick Hutton’s 25th Birthday

People of Light:  If you’re looking for someone to look up to, I submit Rick Hutton for your approval.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of being at Rick Hutton’s 50th birthday (ohdamn) I mean the 25th anniversary of Rick Hutton’s 25th birthday.

Let me just say that I had a freaking blast.  I was in the company of pretty amazing people – being in the company of truly awesome people gives me so much energy and happiness.  It also is pretty great to be around so many mothers and fathers of the entertainment lighting industry.

I have to tell you a little about this party…  What exactly would you expect at a party from someone who started and runs the most successful and high-quality gobo business in the world?  Yeah.  You’d expect it to be awesome.  This party was awesome.

If you don’t know who Rick Hutton is, you need to know Rick.  Rick is one of the coolest people I have ever met on planet Earth.  I met a few people on Venus, but typically they were made of viscous layers of sulfuric acid.  Definitely not as cool as Rick Hutton!  Rick is the owner of two very awesome businesses – InLight Gobos (@InLightGobos on Twitter, and and Laser Surplus Sales, which is awesome if you’re a laser dork like me.

Rick has also become the first member of the Light Associated Media, LLC Board of Advisors.  That was my birthday present to Rick.  I feel so great that I have such a knowledgeable lumen scientist on the board!

Rick’s had all kinds of awesome in the lighting industry.  The lighting industry is partly what it is today because of Rick and the people that worked with Rick and the people Rick learned from early in the industry.  Rick was on the big Van Halen tour with the 1500 PAR cans that drove the ShowCo guys to develop the VL-0.  Rick also worked on the VL1, VL2 (my favorite), VL4VL5 (for which he and some other great people won an Emmy), VL6, VL7, and other stuff that is so effing awesome and monumental that it just kinda still blows my mind.

Rick’s also just a great guy and friend.  Wherever Rick is, there is happy.  Whatever Rick does, it’s friendly.  He’s become a great friend.  I look up to Rick – as a budding laser nerd, I learn a lot from Rick.  Also, he has an awesome wife, Adriana – who is way more awesome than I can possibly describe.

The talented, beautiful, hilarious, awesome, smart, and sexy Mrs. Adriana Hutton (left):

Rick brings people together – here’s Richard Belliveau from High End Systems and Jim Bornhorst from PRG with Rick:

Here’s Rick and Dawn Crosby, a smokin’ awesome chica I met this weekend, from the initial days of Vari*Lite:

Perhaps one of my favorite pictures from that weekend – a large crowd of some of the most awesome people in all of entertainment lighting – from the left – Jim Bornhorst (PRG), Dawn Crosby, Rick Hutton, Tom Hough (White Rock Design), Richard Belliveau (High End Systems), Hunter MacIntosh (American Ballast), and John Covington (PRG):

Happy (belated) Birthday, brother.  I love you, dude!

Also – I NEVER get to be in pictures, I’ve always got a camera strapped to my face!  Here’s me and John Covington!  JOHN IS 150% AWESOME!

Me and Dr. Tom Hough, a general bad ass.  Hough, what the hell were we talking about?  It must have been hilarious!

Steve Janders and Kin Reid from the world famous ShowLasers:

Theresa and George Masek from Vari*Lite:

Chris and Scott Dopson from Gemini Lighting in Dallas:

Check out all of the pics I took from the party – in Gallery format!  Click an image, it’ll open up a full-size viewing!

Wanna See My Shoulder MRI?

So, somehow I tore up my shoulder.  I’ve been taking pain meds and suffering some serious pain over the last month or so.  However, one absolutely awesome thing was seeing the images from my MRI.  That is one cool part of having a torn tendon!

So what exactly is an MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging?  From Wikipedia:

In an MRI machine a radio frequency transmitter is briefly turned on, producing an electromagnetic field. The photons of this field have just the right energy, known as the resonance frequency, to flip the spin of the aligned protons in the body. As the intensity and duration of application of the field increase, more aligned spins are affected. After the field is turned off, the protons decay to the original spin-down state and the difference in energy between the two states is released as a photon. It is these photons that produce the electromagnetic signal that the scanner detects. The frequency the protons resonate at depends on the strength of the magnetic field. As a result of conservation of energy, this also dictates the frequency of the released photons. The photons released when the field is removed have an energy – and therefore a frequency – due to the amount of energy the protons absorbed while the field was active.

The MRI machine that you get crammed in is pretty loud – I got to listen to NPR while the scans took place, over the course of about 30 minutes.  Here’s the result – I hope you enjoy looking at my shoulder meat and bone!

Kim Carney’s “Little Somethings” Blog. Read It.

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately.  I feel like I’m reading blogs about light and design pretty much any time I’m not working – I read in bed, I read at lunch, I read in the morning, I read in the evening.  I feel like there is something causing me to stuff as much information as I can possibly fit in that shaven noggin of mine.  Ever get that feeling?

I ran across a blog called Little Somethings, written by Kim Carney.  The specific post, “Let There Be Light,” just pushed me to read more and more.  Kim’s a designer and artist in Washington state – and she has a beautiful brain.

Recent videos posted on her site – the Mathmos Lamp, which has a proximity sensor-effect going on for intensity:

I also found this one on the Mathmos lamp:

Kim also posted a video on the Philips LumaLive clothing technology, which is always cool to see:

I love your blog, Kim!

2010 Asian Games Opening Ceremony – Whoa. No, Seriously.

This post started out as a bump for another great Boston Globe Big Picture Blog post, this time on the 2010 Asian Games opening ceremony in Guangzhou.  The deeper I dug into this opening ceremony, the more my mind was blown.  Imagine a huge performance stage covered with differing depths of water, and thous…

Nah, don’t imagine it.  Just check out these pictures and video.  This thing is amazing.

From the Big Picture Blog post on the games:

Then, check out some videos – there are a ton here.  I found a bunch in Chinese, but you’ll do what you can…  enjoy!  Also, the official website for the 2010 Asian Games, check that out too!

How much does something like this cost?  I asked myself the same question.  From Wikipedia:

Several statements were made prior to the official statement about the cost. On March 11, 2005, Lin Shusen of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) said the Games “will not cost more than ï¿¥2 billion”, in stark contrast to an earlier report, which had claimed that the cost could exceed ï¿¥200 billion.

In March 2009, the director of the marketing department of the Games, Fang Da’er, claimed that the Games were short of funds, due to lack of sponsorship and the global financial crisis. An informal estimate put the Games’ expenditure at about US$420 million and revenue at US$450 million.

On October 13, 2010, Mayor of Guangzhou Wan Qingliang officially revealed in a press conference that the total cost of staging the Asian Games and Asian Para Games is about ï¿¥122.6 billion ($17 billion), with ï¿¥109 billion spent on infrastructure, ï¿¥6.3 billion on the venues and some ï¿¥7.3 billion spent on Games’ operation.

Holy crap.  Go big or go home, I guess.

Thanks, Wikipedia!