Jax’s Link-O-Rama: Space Case Edition

The countdown is in full force!  In less than 48 hours Jim and I will be in Las Vegas, preparing to rock out at LDI2010.  We’ve been making plaaaaaaaans.  Can.  Not.  Wait.

Meantime, here are some cool things you should look at.

Last week was the 31st anniversary of the publication of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Don’t panic.

Dandelion-Encased LEDs. A Chandelier-ish Fixture. Dandelions.

I apologize for the late hour.  I’m trying to adjust my sleep schedule to that of the dead so I can rock at LDI.

Jax sent me a link in a Skype chat one night – the more I looked into it, the cooler it became to me.  It’s a wall-art-lighting-fixture-amalgamation-of-temporarity at its finest – designed by Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn from Drift Studio.

I think I just invented the word “temporarity.”  Does that exist?  Oh, I am ridiculous.

Meet Fragile Future III:

Fragile Future III tells the story about the amalgamation of nature and technology. In the distant future these two extremes have made a pact to survive. Fragile Future III combines an electrical system with real dandelions in a light sculpture that is predestined to overgrow a surface.

This system is different from the earlier versions because we can build up 3D constructions with the newly developed modules. Therefore we have total freedom in creating different light installations. This project is a collaboration with the London based Carpenters Workshop gallery. The installations are limited and can be bought true them. We also produce custom installations on commission. The installations are delivered on Plexiglas so they can be easily installed and reinstalled. 5 Spare Dandelion light bulbs are included.

One module is a visible circuit with 3 dandelights. This module system is ease to attach to the next one (in unlimited different ways), meanwhile the power will always continue correctly true the installation. So it is possible to create a composition from just a few, up to 500 modules, according to the space and atmosphere.

Fragile Future III is far less fragile then Fragile Future I and II. Therefore easy to install and maintain. Both Fragile Future I, II and III are limited and built by our company.


Okay, I am SO GLAD that the extra Dandelion lamps are included! Can you imagine?! One accidental wind gust in the fall, and BOOM – another one of those crazy wall hanging light things from Target that lost a piece and now looks like a garage sale art masterpiece.

Pretty cool.

Thanks, Inhabitat!

Jax’s Link-O-Rama: Fixture Fun Edition

Ladies and germs, you don’t know how close I came to clicking publish on something truly insane last night.  I think I was actually sleep-typing for part of that last links post.

Gorgeous long-exposure shot by Travis of Caliber.  Apropos of nothing, but too pretty to pass up.

I’ve got a lot of fun lighting fixtures to look at today.  Check ’em:

What are YOU Hoping to Get Out of LDI?

LDI 2010 is obviously coming up at the end of this week.  I am so ridiculously excited!  Not only do I get to see the products and systems that are being touted as the top cheese in our industries as a whole, but I also get to see our brothers and sisters in these lighting industries that we love.  I mean, really – how great is that?!  This time of year is my favorite time of year.

For those of you who read JimOnLight.com and are going to LDI – there are a few things to remember about the conference if you’ve never been.  First and foremost – you’re gonna have a blast, see amazing light and lighting, and you’re going to meet people wandering on the floor and in company booths that you’ll get to know and see across the world for the rest of your life.  Make the best of it!  TALK to people.  VISIT with the companies.  CHECK OUT the gear.  PUT YOUR HANDS on the gear.  This is your chance to go shake hands with some amazing people.  Make sure that you do it!

There is going to be a LOT of really cool lighting to experience, from LED this-that-and-the-others to the High End Systems Intellaspot XT-1, PRG’s Bad Boy CMY, the Martin Mac 101, and Mac 350 Entour.  This is a good time to pay attention.  I’m a programmer out of necessity (I do love doing it, don’t get me wrong), but my brain leads me more towards the luminaire side of lighting – optics, light sources, color, reflectors, and output.  When I need something programmed like a master, I call professionals like Cat West and Benny Kirkham!

A special note about LDI if you’re looking for a job:
Make sure that you take lots of resumes and business cards.  Also, make sure that your whole experience isn’t about you looking for a job.  Some people are looking for people to hire, and some aren’t.  If you’re lucky enough to find a job opening, play it cool and offer your materials.

Also, here’s a special note for new companies exhibiting at LDI – and quite frankly, for some of the existing companies that exhibit at LDI:
People who come by your booth want to talk to you.  People want to know about your products, see your face, and actually feel like you give a s*%t about talking to them about your product.  They want to give you a card.  They also want to feel like you’re not too good to talk with them because you’re too busy looking for someone with the smell of money on them.  Try to keep this in mind when you’re on the floor and someone comes up to you.  The picture below is of a booth at LightFair 2009 in Las Vegas – now does this kind of atmosphere welcome someone to come up to you and learn about your products?

Yeah, me neither.  These people below actually sneered at us when we walked by (when they weren’t staring at their Blackberries):

This wasn’t like the end of the day or anything, this was 2pm during an afternoon Expo floor session.

Come over and say hi to me and Jax if you see us on the floor – we’re coming on Thursday, leaving Sunday.  I’m looking forward to seeing you all!

Jax’s Link-O-Rama: Insomia Edition

I have a problem, faithful JOL readers.  I’m pulling all-nighters like a grad student, but I’m DONE with that phase of my life.  So why am I up all night?

I am Jack’s inability to type accurately.

At any rate, Jim and I and a whole lot of other people are just a few days short of converging on Las Vegas like it’s never been converged upon before for LDI.  So let’s get down to business, because I need a nap before we commit to that epic incidence of lighting nerdery!

InLight Gobos Gives Breast Cancer the FINGER

Ok, this kicks ass.

InLight Gobos is having a Breast Cancer Awareness Month special:

For the month of October, InLight Gobos will donate $5.00 of your money from every gobo purchased and InLight Gobos will match the donation by 100%. Help us, help the people that need all the life saving help they can get! Stock up on your gobos this month and support a great cause.

This is why I love the hell out of some InLight Gobos.  How many other gobo and projection manufacturers are this conscious?

Now continue on with your day.

It’s Friday. Get Coffee, Then Check Out These Fixtures!

Happy Friday, everybody!

It’s been a crizizzaay week, has it not?  A lot has happened this week – all good stuff, no doubt, except for the fact that I have an ulcer, but I’m sucking it up and getting over that pronto.  When I pass, I’m half-tempted to donate my body to science so that they can all wear their hazmat suits as they dig through hundreds of productions and years of abuse living in and loving my industry.  Love it.

A good friend of mine – my favorite Mexico City resident, actually – Orquidea Vara sent me a link to these excellent lighting fixture images – all printed in 3D.  VERY cool.  I hope this gives you some inspiration on this very busy Friday!

Check out the whole set of drawings at the photostream of i.materialise.  Enjoy!

Armillary Sphere

Armillary Sphere

Brain Games

The Creation lamp

Exploding cappuccino lamp

Clone lamp

Parametric design

Medical meets Design!

Muchas gracias, Orqui!

Lumarca for a Monday Morning

Good morning, everyone!  I hope that this is the start to a fantastic Monday, and an even better week.

Today’s phrase is “volumetric video.”  To explain what I mean by “volumetric video,” take a look at this video:

This project is called Lumarca – and it’s the brainchild of Albert Hwarng, Matt Parker, and Elliot Woods.  From the Lumarca website:

Lumarca is a truly volumetric display which allows viewers to see three dimensional images and motion. The system requires only a computer, a projector, and common materials found at most hardware stores. This provides an affordable platform for artists to design compelling content that conveys information, narrative, and aesthetic information in a new way. Lumarca is a collaboration between Albert Hwarng, Matt Parker, and Elliot Woods.

Lumarca was entered into the World Maker Faire’s contest, sponsored by Red Bull, called Create the Future.  Long story short, they won – and are now looking for venture capital to make this project into something even more awesome than what they have.

Awesome project.  JimOnLight.com salutes you!

Sunday JimOnLight.com Flickr Pool

I even added a few of my own to the pool!  I have a ton to add to that pool, but other members’ work is SO much more interesting to me!  Check out the new stuff at the JimOnLight.com Flickr Group Photo Pool!

I hope that everyone has had a decent weekend, with at least a decent mixture of work and play and rest.

Plano, trees.



Rain Glow

Regent Theatre, Hanley - Stair Lighting



this mortal coil


For those who find this as awesome as I do, you should check out Matt’s blog.  I’ve been following that dude for a long time.  Awesome blog.

I hope you are all having an awesome Saturday!