Every Light Saber Ignition and Retraction from Star Wars (Including the Lame Movies)

For no other reason except that it makes me do a big belly chuckle, you have to take a few minutes and watch this video.  Someone put together a short movie of every light saber ignition and retraction of the Star Wars series.  Well, you’re gonna have to understand that I won’t be doing a primary resource search to fact check this video, so just enjoy it.

Greggus, this one is dedicated to you.

Thanks, Geekologie!

Lunchtime Art, Beauty and Peace – Fan Ho.

Don’t talk, don’t think, just appreciate this:

Okay.  Go back to what you were doing.  I just saw this, and I had to share it with you.
Check out more on the photog, Fan Ho.

Thanks, Ian Claridge!

15,000 Fireworks, at the Same Time. Awesome.

So, the question that has been posed here is:

What happens when you ignite 15,000 fireworks at the same time?

Big LED Lightsaber Battle at Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum

Have you ever seen the ROM, or Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto?  That is one fugly building, there is no doubt about that.

On July 31, however, a fun collaborative called Newmindspace held a massive LED lightsaber battle at the ROM.  It looks like everyone had a damned good time – and honestly, it reminds me of going to an arena show and being in the middle of a glowstick war!

For those who have no idea what a glostick war is:

Thanks, Nerd Approved!

Jeri Ellsworth and EL Wire – The Currency of Burning Man

One of my favorite nerds, Jeri Ellsworth, posted a video on making her own EL wire.  Okay, now how cool is that?!  It’s a simple process really, and EL wire is a pretty simple concept.  Check out Jeri talking about it below.  Oh, also – check out some of Jeri’s other videos on YouTube.  She is one brilliant soul!

Thanks, Make!

A Total Moment of Randomness – My Fourth Phase T-Shirt

I was throwing out some old t-shirts this weekend, and I came across one of my favorite t-shirts ever – my old Fourth Phase UK shirt!  For most of you this will probably be one of those “what the hell is Jim talking about?” moments, but for the people who know Fourth Phase from the days before they became part of PRG, I hope you enjoy the memories!  Fourth Phase doesn’t exist anymore, but I spent some time putting together some cool rigs in their warehouse!

This t-shirt has been all over the place.  Unfortunately, white deodorant stains t-shirts, at least hundreds of thousands of miles of it does…

Sunday JimOnLight.com Flickr Photo Pool

New stuff, old stuff, and inbetween stuff.  There is no timeframe for art.  Check out this week’s JimOnLight.com Flickr Group photo picks!


Kunstraum Richard Sorge Lunar New Year - Projections

I Am Legend

Amanda Durbin Shoot


Gracie's thinking WTF

UV CFL.  That is all.

BREAKING NEWS: InLight Gobos Signs Exclusive Ultra-Thin Gobos Deal

Okay, now I normally don’t do too many press releases, so you know that when I do one, I’m interested in the direction that it is taking the industry.  I just got word from InLight Gobos that they have signed a pretty excellent contract – InLight Gobos is the exclusive license holder for the rights to Beacon SSR’s ultra-thin material for color gobos.

InLight Gobos makes great work (as I’ve shared with you before), and they are a major industry player.  Watch out, industries of light, InLight Gobos is on their way to being the leader in the gobo and projections industry.  You heard it here, folks.  Spread the word.

From the press release:

Dallas, Texas, August 6th, 2010:

InLight Gobos has signed a US Exclusive agreement with Beacon SSR Stage light AB of Umea, Sweden for the rights to Beacon’s US patent covering the ultra-thin color gobos and material. InLight Gobos has been working closely with Michael Tannemyr and Beacon over the years. “We have developed a great working relationship that has been crucial to our products that we manufacture here in Dallas”, says President Rick Hutton of InLight Gobos. “The color gobos we produce are the thinnest in the market today. This allows all the color layers to be to extremely close together so that the layers are integrated in the image plane producing a very high quality image at the projection surface. We are extremely excited to have the exclusive on this technology and it will play a role in things to come”.

Keep kicking some butt, Rick and Adriana.  Your stuff rocks faces.

John Whitney’s “CATALOGUE” from 1961

There has been a lot of research going on over at the JimOnLight.com World HQ – lots of video research, moving picture content, and just general shifting image stuff.  The project will be monstrously enormous, to make up a modifier, but it’s all in good fun.

You have to see this – the video below is John Whitney‘s video, called “Catalogue,” from 1961.  Whitney was an animator who is considered by many to be the Father of Modern Computer Graphics.

Here’s another one, called Arabesque (from 1975):

Imagine something like this projected over a whole city…

Jax’s Link-O-Rama: Daft Punk Edition

It’s geektastic and rave-a-licious up in here, y’all.

Hooray for Daft Punk.