Eizo’s Pinup Girl Calendar. So Racy, They’re All Skeletons.


There’s an imaging company called Eizo that happens to specialize in medical monitors made for viewing X-ray images, or radiographs, as they’re really called to all the cool kids.  So one day, this company called Eizo had an idea to produce a calendar to promote their products.  Eizo calls this other company in Germany called Butter that specializes in advertising, and then I imagine a conversation sort of like this took place:

“Okay, we want to make a calendar.  A pinup calendar.”

“Oh, that’s an awesome idea!”

“Okay, cool.  So, we need to make a calendar with physically attractive people in very revealing poses.”

“What does that have to do with the product?”

“Nothing.  Doctors like pretty people.”

“Cool.  What if we take x-rays of the pretty people to actually go along with your product?”


These images are just on the edge of safe for work.  Just FYI.  But really – what an incredibly awesome idea for a marketing product for a company who sells radiograph monitors?!

I’ve put these into a gallery, because, well, why not?  It’s probably better that way.  Also, you can buy one of these on eBay, apparently.