How It’s Made – Electrical Wire!

Okay, this is WAY too awesome.  Once I started looking through those How It’s Made videos I posted a while ago, I found some new ones.  Check THIS out – how ELECTRICAL WIRE is made!

The insulation and testing parts are my favorite!  The first video wasn’t enough for me, so I found this one to supplement.  Check it out, ridiculously informative – which is what I love!

Kip Kay’s Light Bulb Trick

I loves me some Kip Kay – Kip is a Maker and general awesome dude who does a lot (I mean a LOT) of DIY and hacking.  Our pal Alex Rugowski sent me this video of Kip’s “magic light bulb” prank.  Check it out, and know that I am making one of these to fool anyone I can think of!  Check out more Kip Kay nerd videos here – I highly recommend it!

Thanks, Alex!

Crepuscular Rays. Know Them, Love Them.

My friend Millisa sent me this pic the other day, and it kinda blew my mind:

Those rays!  Holy crap!  SO BEAUTIFUL!  That’s the stuff that paintings are made of, right?  Funny enough, they actually have a real name and an explanation – they’re called crepuscular rays.  It’s kind of an unfortunate sounding name, don’t you think?  It sounds like something you’d find on the bottom of a ship cruising Lake Michigan.


But the principle is very awesome – atmospheric optics dictates these crepuscular rays as beams of light that appear to emanate from one single point in the sky, from the sun.  A cloud, mountain top, or some other obstruction is what causes this phenomenon.  Honestly, it’s no different than the beam that comes out of a moving light, conventional light, or anything of the sort.  It’s a blockage – just like the aperture of a lighting fixture is a blockage to only allow enough beamage out of the light to make it diverge, or appear to diverge.  Like this:

There are also anticrepuscular rays, too – they are the opposite of crepuscular rays, and typically you have to have your back to the sun to see them.  Anticrepuscular rays appear to converge at the antisolar point, which is the exact opposite point in the sky from the sun.  Like this:

Cool.  I like to learn something new every day!

Thanks, APOD (1) and APOD (2)!

How “R” Lamps Are Made

I spent the weekend doing some research on lamps – yeah, it was a very lighting-intensive weekend.  Oh, did I mention I got my first tattoo?!  More on that later today…

I posted a bunch of videos from the “How It’s Made” series from the Discovery Channel – in my research, I came across a video of how reflector lamps are made – “R” lamps, you know?  Check this out – it’s interesting!

Also, check out:

Sunday Flickr Photo Pool

This is a pretty amazing weekend for delicious photographer love.  Every time I load the Flickr Group photo pool, my mind is usually blown!  Check out this week’s favorites:


Seeing the future in my crystal ball

E = m c²  [Explored]

velvet clouds/bársony felhők

Gray's Lake Sunrise ~~ Explore #219

Elephant from Thailand

Hawk from a Handsaw

You Can't Not Be on a Boat

Great work, photographers!

What A Week! How’s Everyone Doing?

I have to admit, this has been one of the busiest weeks I’ve had in a long time.  I’ve been talking to a lot of people in the business who are readying for the PLASA show in London (which I unfortunately won’t be able to make this year, alas), and for myriad shows across the world.  This is always the busiest time of year for everyone I know – now, and the entire month of October for corporate work.

What are you all doing?  Leave a comment below, let me know what you’re doing this season!  Who knows, maybe I’ll send you a free t-shirt!

Sunday Flickr Group Pool

I feel like I just posted one of these 12 hours ago.  Where in the hell did this week go?!

Enjoy some interesting photos – and if you’re a Flickr-r, which everyone should be (ASHLEY), add your photos of light to the Flickr Pool!

Soffit Lighting

Welcome Ramadan

silhouette and reds

Space Ship

Thanks for Making My Day, Jules Fisher!

Jules Fisher has a new text out.  It’s called The Designs of Jules Fisher.  I just got a copy, personally signed by the man himself:

That pretty much made my day, Jules.  Thanks a lot!

Dave Jones Talks About Thermal Design for Electronics

I’ve talked a lot about Dave Jones from time to time on – Dave is in Sydney, Australia, and he is one of my favorite nerds.  Like, way up there, near Collin Cunningham.  Yeah.  Dave knows his stuff.  It also doesn’t hurt that he’s a lot of fun to listen to, which makes me watch his spot regularly!

Dave just did another segment of his Electronics Engineering Video Blog – this time on some basic theory on calculating for thermal heatsinks for electronic gear – like LEDs and other opto-semiconductors.  Really, just put this on and go about your work.  I guarantee you’re gonna learn something awesome over your lunch hour.

Dave, you rock.  Next time I’m in Sydney, I’m SO buying you a pint, mate.

Light Paint Inspiration on a Wednesday Morning

I read this blog called Light Paint – it’s an outstanding collection of posted light art, and people submitting their excellent light paintings.  I needed some design inspiration this morning, so I was looking through the site and discovered four unbelievably beautiful pieces of light art.  Check these out, I had to share them with all of you.

from Philsometimes all it takes is bioluminescent algae…

from thegreatgildersleevefun with pendulums…

from photoholiclate night cully

from RonnieBruce – untitled, as far as I could tell