Bill Klages Teaches Television Lighting at ETC’s Summer Camp

I finally got through ALL of my Bill Klages shots – last week at ETC’s Summer Camp in Middleton (at the ETC Mothership!) I got to listen to Bill Klages talk about setting up shots for film and broadcast.  You know who Bill Klages is, right?  He’s only the father of modern television lighting and all.

It was pretty amazing to get to see him work and teach the audience.  The man knows light, and it is so obvious how much skill he has developed over the course of his career.  I snapped a ton of shots of Bill while he was giving his seminar, and I’ve listed a gallery view below.  Click on one, and you’re transported to a mystical gallery place of images, like MAGIC!

I just loved this shot – the model is Marina, who was a champ and a good sport for the demo.

Fred Foster, ETC‘s CEO, introducing Mr. Klages.

Fred Foster giving Bill Klages his “HD” hat.

Gallery below!

Kiwi and Pom’s Disco Chair

Our good pal and Duluth Crew member Alex Rugowski pointed this out to me a week or so ago – what a cool use of EL wire!

Meet the Disco Chair:

From the designers’ website – Kiwi and Pom, out of London:

Commissioned by Wallpaper* Magazine, the Disco Chair is a bespoke illuminated furniture concept. Constructed from 200 linear metres of Electroluminescent wire, the chair transforms into a neon rainbow when powered. A pulse setting enables the chair to flash on and off creating an instant disco installation.

This thing is just way cool.

Way, way groovy, mang.

Photos of Life, Specifically My Life, and Recently

Sometimes I break out my camera at sunset, and snap random useless shots of light until the wee hours of the morning.  I guess that’s just how I roll.  I mean, it’s not like there’s any shortage of light where I am, so why not, right?

Life is so interesting.

A Tour of ETC’s Amazing Factory – Also Known as “The Mothership”

While I was in Middleton this last weekend for the ETC Summer Camp, I was lucky enough to get a grand tour of the place where all Source Fours, Sensor dimmers, ETC consoles, and other ETC lighting lines are created, manufactured, and repaired when necessary.  This was a pretty cool experience, quite frankly!  I have a metric ton of images for you all here – along with some narration for most of them.

*Deep breath*

I’ve put these images into a gallery with descriptions and titles – click on the one on the top left below here and the gallery pages will load up, and you can step through each images by clicking on the icons underneath each large image.  Simplicity! Covers ETC’s Dealer and Rep Summer Camp

I had a great time this last weekend at Electronic Theatre Controls‘ 2010 Summer Camp – the great folks at ETC had me up to experience their Dealer/Rep Summer Camp Conference, where ETC dealers and representatives across the world learn about new products, existing products, talk to people working in the major leagues with their products, and generally have a good time.  The first night I was there, I had a day of learning about Selador LEDs, Unison systems, Sensor dimming, and seeing a shootout of ETC products against other products in the industry.

I mean, who hasn’t ever used an ETC product?  I can say that it certainly isn’t me – my career started out on a Microvision FX, and ETC stuff has been in my career since then.  It was pretty great to meet everyone, see people I knew, and meet new people that I will know from now on.  The factory is pretty awesome – I’ve got a post all about that on its own, as well as a post with Bill Klages’ lecture about television and film lighting!

One of the absolute highlights for me at this conference was listening to Pete Weigland and Nick Gonsman give a demo on integrating wireless devices with the EOS console.  Nick and Pete gave so much information on wireless devices in general that my mind was absolutely full of information on wifi, and happy to be so full.  Thanks, Nick and Pete!

Check out some images, won’tcha?

Me and Lowell Olcott rocking a few bottles of the Spotted Cow…  YUM!

My favorite shot of John Kuehl, ETC’s web and social media genius

David Lincecum, Jim Hutchison, Bill Klages (the father of modern TV lighting), and ETC’s Pres, Fred Foster

David Hilton and Novella Smith talking about Selador LED fixtures

The Sons of Sunset jamming in front of the ETC Mothership!

Here’s a ton more shots – in gallery format!  Click one and flip through them all!

Thanks for having me, ETC! Wants A Student in the World to Have $500 for Books

Books and supplies for lighting students are expensive.  Watch this video:’s Fall 2010 Student Book Money Contest from Jim Hutchison on Vimeo.

The Fall 2010 Student Contest RULES:

  1. Make a video telling the world how you feel about the best thing ever – LIGHT!
  2. Upload the video somewhere like Youtube, Vimeo, Viddler, or somewhere else public before September 15, 2010 at midnight CST.
  3. Email Jim with the link to the video:  either jim AT jimonlight DOTCOM or


  • There is no time limit or minimum on your video.  Make it as short or as long as you like.  Just make your case.
  • Please, no naked anything.  It doesn’t help your case, and if you make it public, you better believe people are going to see it.
  • Be nice.  The world would be so much more awesome if everyone was nice and treated each other how they’d love to be treated.
  • Light Associated Media LLC and cannot be held responsible for anything you do that upsets people.  I just want to help a student.  Don’t put me in a situation where I have to make defensive decisions.  By entering the contest with your video you agree not to act like a fool and do stupid things.
  • I make final decisions on who ultimately gets my $500.

Now go out there and make the best video about your love of light that you possibly can!

Light Associated Media and Are Here to Stay

Ladies and Gentlemen – I would like to announce to the world that Light Associated Media, LLC,, and are here to stay.  Everything is going to be fine – and furthermore, you’ll notice that I took down the post I wrote last week about the future of the family.  It was wrong of me to post that crap online and drag feelings into it, and I apologize to Leia for it.  Divorce is a hard thing, and there was a large miscommunication about what was going to happen with the business.

I am taking over as CEO, and Leia is going to still help on the backend from time to time as a consultant.  The woman is ridiculously talented at information architecture and CSS (I mean, she IS a code ninja), and I think we are lucky to have her code in the first place.  She is unbelievably awesome, she is ridiculously skilled, and I have to say again – if you need the best in web design, coding, back end, WordPress mastery, or anything that people are going to load in a browser ever, get Leia.

Let the love of light resume, peeps.

Happy 234th Birthday, United States of America!


HAPPY 234th Birthday, America!  You’re looking a little rough around the edges lately, but I still love you so much.  I have been traveling all over the place lately, and I’m always glad to come home to you and share your land with my fellow citizens.

We have some work to do though, America.  Let’s quit not being a country full of geniuses and become a country full of geniuses!  We’re AMERICA!  Let’s act like it!

Okay.  Some things I’d like to see us do pretty soon:

  • Let’s stop using oil and gas and use electrical (or at least hybrid) transportation
  • Let’s stop using oil and coal to make light.  Instead, let’s use wind, wave, geothermal, and solar power!
  • Let’s start developing ways to reduce the amount of trash and waste we make, at the least through lighting
  • Let’s all get together and stop letting the people with all of the money crap on the rest of us.
  • Let’s stop being ridiculous around the world and be world leaders in art, architecture, design, and (especially) lighting!

I have a few very close friends who work for the United States Government and are spending this Fourth of July holiday thousands of miles from their families in a dangerous place with people shooting at them.  Let’s remember that, no matter what you feel about the wars we’re involved with or what you feel about the military, those people are our brothers, sisters, friends, and family.

This little bit of flat top picking is for those people NOT able to have a cold Shiner Bock this Fourth of July.  Let’s tip one (or several) for them today!  (Thanks for the video, Dad!)

More than anything, I have had enough fighting for a lifetime.  Fighting sucks!  Even though our birthday signifies independence and the “might” to be independent, I want to share my aspirations for us to be SO INTELLIGENT and GOOD AT THINGS OTHER THAN FIGHTING that we can be independent without needing to try to kick other people’s butts.  Let’s not be bullies, America – let’s be leaders!  When we exercise our thought muscle, we don’t need to show our guns.

Jiddu Krishnamurti once said:

“We all want to be famous people, and the moment we want to be something, we are no longer free.”

America, we rock.  Let’s join hands with the rest of the world and all rock together!


PROTESTERS: Leave The Location Crews Alone

Have you seen this video?

The video above is of some protesters assaulting a location crew outside of the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.  To be completely honest, I don’t want to give these douchebags the press, but this is ridiculous.  This bunch of idiots claims that the location crew was shining their “hot lights” on the protesters.  Are these people really that stupid?  Why do I have a hard time accepting that there are people THIS STUPID out there?

Frankly, I think they are fortunate that these guys’ crew brothers didn’t level their rude protesting asses for screwing with gear and people trying to do their jobs.  Maybe instead of a t-shirt that says “Intolerance is a Beautiful Thing,” Fatty Mc-Hasn’t-Seen-His-Penis-In-Years should practice some intelligence.

Wow, that made me really angry.  Have you been in a situation like this ever?

I think Ghandi said it best:

“I like your Christ, but I don’t like your Christians.  Your Christians are very unlike your Christ.”