Crazy Carnovsky’s Crazy RGB Wallpaper

Crazy AMAZING, that is.  I take crazy as a compliment, hopefully their studio does too!  The design studio Carnovsky unveiled some amazing RGB designed wallpaper that needs red, blue, and green light (and amazing secondary results!) to reveal the true depth of the work.

Warning:  these images are freaking amazing.  CRAZY amazing.

Thanks, Creative Review!

The Most Inspiring Story of The Month

I was sent this story this morning by two lovely people (funny enough, our two amazing Gaff Dress Challenge artists, Amanda Lynne and Daphne), and by the time I had finished it, my eyes were a little damp.  An amazing story.

I’ve posted the images from the day in this post, which were all taken by Dean Rutz of the Seattle Times.  Katherine Long wrote the story about our superhero, Erik Martin, a 13 year old dude who has liver cancer.  The Make A Wish Foundation made Erik’s wish come true and turned him into Electron Boy, protector of all things light.  Make A Wish, that was amazing and awesome.  Katherine, thanks for posting this story.

An excerpt from the article:

Erik got into his red-and-blue superhero costume, and called on the powers of Moonshine Maid, who owns a DeLorean sports car. For good measure, more than 20 motorcycle officers from the Bellevue Police Department and King County and Snohomish sheriff’s offices escorted Electron Boy to Seattle.

“They shut down 405 – they shut down I-90,” marveled Moonshine Maid, aka Misty Peterson. “I thought it would just be me, in the car.”

At Qwest Field, Electron Boy was directed by frantic fans to the Sounders locker room, where the entire team was shouting for help behind jammed doors. With a little help from Lightning Lad, the alter ego of local actor Rob Burgess, Erik opened the door with his lightning rod. The Sounders cheered.

“Thank you, Electron Boy,” said defender Taylor Graham.

“You saved us!” exclaimed forward Nate Jaqua.

“Good job, big man,” said defender Tyrone Marshall. And forward Steve Zakuani mutely bowed his thanks.

Electron Boy seemed a little dazed by his powers. Out on Qwest Field, the Sounders gave Erik a hero’s congratulations, posed for pictures and gave him a jersey and autographed ball.

Everyone was startled when, overhead, the Jumbotron crackled to life.

Please go read the rest of this story.  How inspiring!  Erik, everyone here at wishes you the very best of life, little man.

If You Have A Screen or TV, You Have A Mood Light!

I got this random email from Steve at Mood Light yesterday telling me about his new free release.  Steve has created a web-based application that turns any monitor screen into a fully functioning, very bright color wash fixture for your room, with features!  You can choose a preset color scheme and speed, or you can select your own color schemes and speed.

I have been pumping a feed of this to all of my computer monitors (I have three on my desk) and the plasma TV in the living room.  What a ton of fun!  Check out these images and video of the Mood Light application – and make sure to go use the application yourself!  Full screen all the way, baby!

The MOOD LIGHT web app from Jim Hutchison on Vimeo. is about to Hit ONE MILLION PAGEVIEWS!

Ladies and gentlemen – people of light all over the world, I want to say thank you to each and every one of you. is about to breach ONE MILLION PAGEVIEWS in the next seven days, according to my calculations!  That means that is one of the most read blogs on light on the planet.  I hope that you are all as excited as I am that our website has made such an impact on the world of light.  Each and every one of you are to thank for this achievment.

In lieu of this milestone for me, it’s FREE STUFF GIVEAWAY TIME!!!  Stay tuned this week, a contest is in the works!

What JimOnLight Has Been Doing Lately – Moonlighting as Alive Lighting

I’m finally getting to a week break of a long few months of production work and being on the road.  We’ve all seen each other at USITT, I’ve been working on a few shows, and coming up in a week and a half I’ll be in Las Vegas for LightFair 2010 and in NYC for the Broadway Lighting Master Classes.  After that I’m lighting a convention in Phoenix for a week – “living the dream,” as we say!  No wait – we say that at 4am after a double long day of shows and a load out with a matinee load-in in three hours.

I had plans to get out and see the Toms, and Phil from Ocean Optics/SeaChanger, but we had a brutal schedule and I didn’t get over there.  I am sad about that – I’ll take a raincheck, yeah?

Check out a few shots of the show that I just got back from in Tampa.  I met some cool people down there – Orlando techs are a lot of fun!  Rooms with no rigging (minus the ten fixtures in the airwall) are always a challenge!

The Sunday Flickr Pool Post

I am really enjoying the images that have been hitting the Flickr Group lately – lots of very interesting stuff!  Check out a handful of images this week – I had a hard time picking out just five, that’s for sure!

(that’s why there is more than five…)

My Children

The Children Are Dead

Light Show

Light Show


Jason & Medea

Freiburg Tram Trails 1


In Case You Hadn’t Heard, ESTA and PLASA are Proposing A Merger

This is pretty huge news, everybody – if you’ve not heard about this yet, it’s time to hear about it now.

Two major organizations in the entertainment industry, the Entertainment Services and Technology Association (ESTA) and the Professional Lighting and Sound Association (PLASA) are voting on a merger.  “Wait a second,” you might ask yourself – “what good would that do?”  Well, that’s what being a professional in the industry is all about – working on making our industry better one step at a time.  That also means making decisions about what happens in our industry, and now is the time for action.  If you’re a member of ESTA or PLASA, you’ll be getting a ballot soon – send it in!  On May 31, voting closes on the merger, and we’ll hear about the results in early June.

What are your thoughts on the merger of PLASA and ESTA?  Please comment below and share your views!

If you want to see the packet that was mailed around to members, the link is here (PDF link), and the ESTA website has additional information on the merger.  Below is a letter than was sent out a month or so ago regarding the merger:

Dear Members,

It has sometimes been said that many people spend more time ‘planning the wedding’ than they do ‘planning the marriage.’  We will tell you (with great conviction) that this is certainly not the case when it comes to the proposed merger between ESTA and PLASA. Ever since last fall when we announced that the ESTA Board of Directors and the PLASA Executive Committee had agreed in principle to merge our two associations, countless hours have been spent by the ESTA and PLASA teams, your elected representatives and numerous volunteers to provide you with specific information on several topics to prepare you to cast your vote in May, 2010.

The best business plans are straightforward documents that spell out the “who, what, where, why and how much” and that is precisely what we have tried to do for you. This package includes the following:
  • An Executive Summary that clearly identifies the key issues and provides a high level view of the rationale for this merger and how the merged association will operate. Most importantly, it provides you with information about how this merger will impact you as a member of ESTA;
  • Documents have been provided that offer specific details regarding the following:
    – Membership Structure
    – Governance Structure
    – Dues Structure
    – Code of Conduct
    – Technical Standards Program
It is very important to point out the following:
  • The current ESTA staff fully supports this merger and all of them will continue to provide you with member benefits and services;
  • The member benefits and services are in no way reduced by this merger. In point of fact, new benefits and services are planned and others will be enhanced;
  • ETCP will continue as a major program dedicated to fostering safety in the industry and will operate along a separate but parallel path to PLASA’s program to accommodate both legal and regional differences in certification standards;
  • The existing committee structure will continue and will enable PLASA in North America to continue to make good use of the valuable volunteer efforts that have long been the core of our association;
  • Protocol will continue to be offered as a quarterly journal and will become a part of the PLASA Publishing team;
  • The ESTA Foundation will continue to operate as a separate 501(c)3 educational and charitable foundation under its existing name. The merged association will continue to provide support for the Foundation and its programs including Behind the Scenes.
As we said, a tremendous amount of work has been done already (and will continue through the voting process). This merger has our complete support and also enjoys the unconditional support of the ESTA Board of Directors, the Technical Standards Committee, the ETCP Council, the ‘Has Been Society’ (ESTA’s Past Presidents), the ESTA Staff and program participants too numerous to mention.

Even with all of this support, the vote to approve this merger does face the challenge that a majority of all voting classifications (Dealer and Rental Company/Manufacturer and Distributor/PSO) must vote AND a majority of those voting must vote in favor of the plan. Andrew Carnegie once said that “you can’t push anyone up the ladder unless he is ready to climb himself.”

What can you expect in the next several weeks?
  • This package of information is being sent to you both electronically and by snail mail;
  • Your comments and questions are welcome between now and April 6th;
  • For those of you attending USITT there will be a special meeting on Wednesday, March 31st from 9-10:30am at the Marriott Kansas City Downtown in room Moten AB dedicated to a discussion of these materials;
  • In mid-April, you will receive a copy of the revised by-laws that would specifically govern PLASA in North America;
– By May 1st, you will receive your ballot regarding the proposed merger and by-law changes;
– Voting will end May 31st;
– The results of the vote will be announced in early June.

William Shakespeare said that “we know what we are, but know not what we may be.”

We have made substantial efforts to provide you with the information and tools that you need. We urge you to make comments and to ask questions if there is anything that you do not understand. Your active and enthusiastic participation in this process is urgently needed to shape the future of our association.

Bill Groener
Lori Rubinstein