Cree Uses Incandescent Light TO MAKE EASTER BUNNY SAUCE!

Ok, first – Ginny from Cree is my favorite Cree employee, and I know a few.  Cree, you’re lucky to have Ginny kicking incandescent tail for you!

Ginny from Cree posted an excellent Easter bunny video over at – a Cree LED R lamp against an incandescent R lamp.  Get ready for EASTER BUNNY GORE!

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  1. arugowski
    arugowski says:

    Jim! You wasted a perfectly good chocolate bunny rabbit to prove what we all knew about LEDs rockin’ the next wave of lighting!

  2. Ginny Skalski
    Ginny Skalski says:

    Wow, Jim, thanks for posting this and thanks for the shout out. The only good thing I can say about the incandescent bunny is that it tasted better when it was all melty!

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