USITT Opens in A Few Hours

That’s right.  It’s not even open yet, but we’re all here feeling our absolute best and waiting for it to start.

I’m still a bit amazed that Sally Struthers is the keynote for USITT’s 50th Anniversary show – mostly for relevance’s sake and all – but I didn’t come all the way up here for Sally.  I came up here to meet and appreciate the thousands of students and readers who are here and ready to expand their minds.

The Gaff Dress Challenge is also going to be in full effect today, and our lovely participants are ready to show the dresses that they’ve made completely from gaff – I’ll be snapping photos and getting some video ASAP.  Stay tuned – and if you’re here, look for the bald guy with the t-shirt!

The Live Design Excellence Awards – Voting is Open!

Live Design Online is hosting the 2010 Live Design Excellence Awards, as in previous years.  The award governs a selection of genres of individual design, and voters have been given an array of projects on which to vote.  The Live Design Online website has information on each of these projects – check them out before you vote!  I think I know people on at least half of these projects – which makes my vote even more difficult!

From Live Design Online’s Excellence Awards website (which is where you need to go to vote!):

The following pages contain the nominees for outstanding individual achievement in design for projects occurring from September 2008 to October 2009. These awards represent an opportunity for industry professionals to be recognized among their peers.

One winning project will be chosen in each of the following categories; please select one project in each category below. Winners will be featured in the May issue of Live Design and will be honored at the Broadway Master Classes that same month.

Grand Opening Of Atlantis
Pretend City’s Children’s Museum

Exile Perfect Live 2008 Tour
Essence Awards 2009

Corporate Event:
Rolex Mentor And Protégé Gala At Hamlyn Hall Royal Opera House
Two Millennia Of Heroism

Live for Broadcast:
Junior Eurovision Song Contest
Grant Park Election Night Rally

Theatre Production:
Swan Lake At San Francisco Ballet
Rooms, A Rock Romance

Venues (Club or Lounge):
Freight & Salvage
Blaze Nightclub On Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Of The Seas

Venues (Theatre or Performance):
The Joint By Rouge
Jerome Robbins Theatre At Baryshnikov Arts Center

Check out last year’s Excellence Awards winners – some amazing works!

Luminaire Efficiency Rating

This is not my typical Monday morning post type, but I cannot not share this article.

I just read a great article on Luminaire Efficiency by the awesome Craig Dilouie from the LightNOW Blog.  If you have any doubts on this subject, you should definitely read this article.  For those of you who don’t actually know who Craig Dilouie is, he’s the guy who’s written the Lighting Management Handbook, The Electrical Systems Design & Specification Handbook for Industrial Facilities, the Lighting Control Handbook, among many others. He’s also take a ride into writing horror stories!

Thanks for the great article, Craig!

Sunday Flickr Group Pool Loving

Wait, that post title doesn’t sound dirty, right?

Check out a few of the images that great folks have put up in the Flickr Group – you are all some great light lovers!  Thanks for being a part of the group!  Tell a friend!

Just a hop, skip and a jump

Blue Fear

Il Trio - Suor Angelica

The Time of Your Life - Preshow

Blue Corner


Thanks everybody! Great shots!

Sunday Solar News

I quite enjoy putting all of these solar news stories together.  Is it too cheesy that Sunday and Solar start with “s,” and that they’re kind of related?

Who cares about cheesy.  Onto the stories!

Cree LEDs Light Up Dallas American Airlines Center Video Screens
(press release from Cree)

10 First Solar Deals in the US
(article from Earth2Tech)

Solar Energy Flexes its Muscles in Arizona
Big Solar Kills Kill-Solar Bill
(both articles from CleanTechnica)

Largest Solar Plant in Europe Set to Open in Italy
Solar Plant Charges Your Gadgets with the Sun’s Rays
(both articles from Inhabitat)

Apple has Patented Solar Lights for the Laptop Screen
(article from FavStocks)

University of Minnesota’s Award-Winning Solar Powered House to Be Available for Purchase
(article from UMNews)

Solar Powered Gateway for Nigerian Capital Unveiled
(article from Archinect)

Robot Builds and Tests Thin-Film Solar Panels
(article from TreeHugger)

Dude, Seriously – Earth Hour is in Like, TEN MINUTES!

Seriously!  Shut that stuff off and go play in the dark for an hour!  Earth Hour starts at 8pm your time – meaning your time zone.  at 8pm, shut off anything drawing power in your house or apartment and just give the grid a break for an hour.

Last year my wife and I made some light art with a keychain LED.  I plan do do something similar to last year’s event in a few minutes here.

Here is a short list of things that you can do in the dark – definitely not an exhaustive list:

  • sit in the dark
  • light a candle and stare at it for a little while
  • blow out the candle and play marco polo
  • get bored with marco polo and decide to microwave some popcorn
  • remember that it’s Earth Hour, and you unplugged the microwave
  • re-convince yourself that you can wait an hour for popcorn
  • jump back on the couch defeated
  • play with your iPhone for a half hour

Phish in 3D in Selected US Theatres, April 30, 2010

Phish, as you all know, is loved by  So when I see something that says “Phish to Debut 3D Movie in April 2010,” I zheet my drawers.

So hey – did you all hear that Phish is doing a 3D movie of their Festival 8 show in Indio, CA from October?  Check out a trailer for the movie.  I’m pretty excited:

PHISH 3D – IN THEATERS APRIL 30TH from Phish on Vimeo.

And, in true pot reference fashion, a pre-view performance is going to take place in 9 cities on April 20 (or 420 to those of you who are still not getting the reference).  None of them are DALLAS, though.  GAA!

Boston – Showcase Cinemas Revere – Tickets
Burlington, VT – Majestic 10 Williston – Tickets
Chicago – Muvico Rosemont 18 Theatre – Tickets on sale 3/31
Denver – Location TBD (we’ll update you soon)
Houston – Studio Movie Grill Center City – Tickets
Los Angeles – Rave Motion Pictures 18 (formerly The Bridge) – Tickets
New York – Pavilion Theatre Brooklyn – Tickets
Raleigh/Durham, NC – Wynnsong 15 – Tickets
Washington, D.C./Fairfax, VA – Fairfax Corner 14 – Tickets and Announce USITT 2010 Kansas City’s Evening Party Plans

So over the last several months we’ve been talking about that convention that’s happening in Kansas City next week, and how @lekogirl and @a_mandolin are going to be going head-to-head in a Gaff Dress Challenge at the BMI Supply booth (which is booth 1010, by the way).  Even though apparently none of the lighting bloggers in this world are cool enough to report on the USITT convention in Kansas City, we’re still gonna be there having a good time!

We’ve been discussing the idea of having a one-night Gaff Dress Prom event for all of us crazy entertainment industry people to get gaffed up and have a great time together, do some networking, you know – standard fun stuff.  What I’ve come up with to solve the problems of convention evening scheduling, trying to find a place that will not only let us party but also work on our lighting blogger’s budget (which is typically negative $14 bucks).

Instead of disappointing the masses by having one party night, we’ve decided that we’re going to have a party EVERY NIGHT of USITT, at a different establishment in close proximity to the conference hotel and convention center so that everyone can walk to and fro!  There are some events scheduled between the expo floor’s closing and 10pm most nights, I think, so we’re going to start partying around 9pm each night and go until we’re partied out!

Did I mention that if you come to the party dressed to the nines in gaff tape, you’ll get entered in for some prizes to be given away each night?!  Also, Justin and I will buy you a beverage!  If you’re over 21, it’ll be whatever you want.  Under 21?  Then I will buy you sodas all night!

So:  What have you REALLY got going on that you can’t come hang out with us EVERY NIGHT YOU’RE AT USITT?!

We’re going to announce each location during that day, so keep your eyes on Twitter and Facebook for the hashtag #KCGaffCrawl to pop up and get RT’ed all over the place!

Stay tuned!

Vectorial Elevation, Readers Edition

Like I promised, this post is a tribute to some of the Vectorial Elevation designs that were produced live in Vancouver, Canada over the last few months.  The Vectorial Elevation interface is still alive and kicking, so go create your design and post a link to your work in the comments!

Virtualizations are on the left side, real world image on the right.  Here’s a time-lapse video of the Vectorial Elevation from relatively close, courtesy of the TourTechTV blog:

Alex Weisman from Salt Lake City, UT:

Nick Malczewsky from Buffalo, NY:

2Henchmen from Duluth, MN:

Boyd Design from Bridgeport, CT:

Ryan Fischer from Boston, MA:

Jim Hagan from Washington, DC (and one dedicated to Scott Buford): Design 1

Excellent creativity, everybody!  What a great experience this has been.  A huge thanks to Rafael Lozano-Hemmer for creating this bit of excellence.

POLL: How Do You Pronounce the Acronym for “Light Emitting Diode?”

I love to meet people from across the globe who do what we do – fellow lighting professionals and lighting industry people.  Something that I also enjoy is languages and how people pronounce common words.  One of these words is the acronym for light emitting diode, or LED.  People say this a lot of different ways, and I am intrigued and curious as to how the community of readers pronounces that term.

Some people say “led,” and some people spell it out.  How do you say it?  Please take the poll!  If you’re an RSS feed reader and the poll doesn’t show up, please pop on over to and participate!

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

(thanks for the image, Wikipedia!)