Vari-Lite Videos from the 1980’s – Pure Rock and Roll! #Vari-Lite


I have a special place in my heart for Vari-Lite fixtures.  My first experiences with automated lighting was with the Vari-Lite Artisan and Mini-Artisan consoles, and the very awesome Vari-Lite VL2C and VL6 spots, and the VL5 wash.  I love the VL2C – it’s like a big ol’ square truck that has great optics and color.  It blew my mind when I got programmer training and teachnician training on the fixture.  Taking a VL2C apart was like performing surgery for me!

Derek Heckler sent me a great video from the 1980s from Vari-Lite – it’s like a promo/sales video, and it’s pretty excellent – I kept expecting to see Genesis show up onstage!  I found part two of the video as well – both are embedded below.  Thanks Derek!

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  1. Camron Ware
    Camron Ware says:

    NO WAY! Man I love these kind of videos – history of lighting… Cool stuff man. Have you heard of Gary Carnes? Used to work at VL and has some great stories…

  2. Jim Hagan
    Jim Hagan says:

    That was perfect timing posting this and the PRG Bad Boy demo back to back… from the retro to the newest thing out there. That was a treat, thanks for posting both of those.

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