A PHOLED Ceiling Tile

The Universal Display Corporation released a video about their phosphorescent organic LED (PHOLED) ceiling tile recently – it’s an OLED using the principle of electrophosphorescence to efficiently convert electricity into light.  UDC and Armstrong World Industries is getting two million bucks over two years to work on this project – I expect good things.

About the project video, which is below the quote:

This video demonstrates a highly energy-efficient OLED white lighting panel concept for use in commercial or residential lighting. Universal Display and Armstrong World Industries developed this device, in part through support by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solid State Lighting program, to demonstrate the potential energy-savings and other exciting features of solid-state white OLEDs for lighting.

Power-efficient white OLED lighting may reduce energy consumption dramatically and also lower the amount of by-product heat from the light source. Enabled through the use of Universal Displays PHOLED technology, energy-efficient white OLED lighting are a key element to the U.S. Department of Energys solid-state lighting initiative to help reduce worldwide energy burdens created by lighting, a significant consumer of energy. White OLEDs are also environmentally benign, especially compared to mercury-containing fluorescent lamps and newer compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). Combining these important green features with a very thin, lightweight and durable form factor, white OLEDs offer significant new lighting design opportunities, such as the one envisioned in this ceiling system concept.

Thanks, OLED-Info!

555 Kubik – A Facade Projection THIS BIG

I just read about an architectural projection project created by a company called Urban Screen – a building sized projection that really brings a sense of life to the architecture.  Daniel Rossa is the art director, and the project was realized using the MXWendler media server.  The quote listed on the Vimeo project page for the production, entitled 555 Kubik, is mentally stunning:

How would it be, if a house was dreaming.

From Urban Screen’s Vimeo page:

The conception of this project consistently derives from its underlying architecture – the theoretic conception and visual pattern of the Hamburg Kunsthalle. The Basic idea of narration was to dissolve and break through the strict architecture of O. M. Ungers “Galerie der Gegenwart”. Resultant permeabilty of the solid facade uncovers different interpretations of conception, geometry and aesthetics expressed through graphics and movement. A situation of reflexivity evolves – describing the constitution and spacious perception of this location by means of the building itself.

The short version, and directly following is the extended version:

555 KUBIK | facade projection | from urbanscreen on Vimeo.

555 KUBIK_ extended version from urbanscreen on Vimeo.

Thanks, Create Digital Motion, for the heads up on this project!

Humans Emit Light – and Not Like the Movie “Cocoon” Either

Anyone remember that really obscure reference to the movie where the old folks met the light up people?  Did I just give myself a date?

Okay, well apparently we all emit light – it’s visible light, albeit about a thousand times less intense than our eyes can even detect, but we all do.  Apparently all beings emit visible light from the biological processes and free radicals and that jazz that occurs in our bodies.  Perhaps this is linked to our serotonin and melatonin production?  It’s still being studied – but I bring that point up because the emitting of this very faint light has a peak and a trough, with the weakest emission being around 10am and the strongest around 4pm.

human light

From an article at LiveScience:

The researchers found the body glow rose and fell over the day, with its lowest point at 10 a.m. and its peak at 4 p.m., dropping gradually after that. These findings suggest there is light emission linked to our body clocks, most likely due to how our metabolic rhythms fluctuate over the course of the day.

Faces glowed more than the rest of the body. This might be because faces are more tanned than the rest of the body, since they get more exposure to sunlight – the pigment behind skin color, melanin, has fluorescent components that could enhance the body’s miniscule light production.

Since this faint light is linked with the body’s metabolism, this finding suggests cameras that can spot the weak emissions could help spot medical conditions, said researcher Hitoshi Okamura, a circadian biologist at Kyoto University in Japan.

“If you can see the glimmer from the body’s surface, you could see the whole body condition,” said researcher Masaki Kobayashi, a biomedical photonics specialist at the Tohoku Institute of Technology in Sendai, Japan.

Weird news!  I never would have thought I would have learned that today. You can read the study’s abstract at the PLoS ONE website – I highly recommend it if you’re interesting in being a major nerd like me.

Here’s the uncut image of the one above:

humans emit light

Why Did My Console Do That? An ETC Bobblehead Fred Video

An absolutely brilliant video – ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls) put out this video about some general lighting control concepts that everyone should see.  By the way, Bobblehead Fred is awesome.

I threw the video up on Youtube for all to see, but please check out the original video site too!

That’s Right, I Said Water-Cooled LEDs for the Home


A company called EternaLEDs is selling a product called the HydraLux-4 lamp – it’s an LED source for the home and office, fully dimmable, and equivalent to about 25W (the lamp itself consumes 4W).  The biggest difference?  The HydraLux-4 is water cooled.  That was water cooled, in case the first time I typed it wasn’t clear.

It’s no secret that LEDs generate heat.  Heat shortens their lifespan, leads to crappy lumen depreciation, and generally wears and tears at the components of the source.  EternaLEDs’ HydraLux-4 apparently defeats this problem with the water cooling, and claims a 360° light output, unlike a lot of other LED sources on the market.  The HydraLux-4 comes in “warm white” and “daylight white,” with a two-year warranty and 30-day guarantee.

A bit of info from the EternaLED site, comparing the HyrdaLux-4 to other sources:

  • Saves money. At 8 hours a day, the HydraLux-4 only costs $1.75 per year* to run, saving an average of $157.00 over the lifetime of the bulb in electricity and bulb replacement costs.
  • Long Lasting. The HydraLux-4 is rated at 35,000 hours. At 8 hours usage per day, it will last 12 years.
  • Non-Hazardous. These bulbs contain no mercury, unlike CFLs so they don’t require special disposal or clean up. Likewise, the liquid inside is equivalent in composition to baby oil so it’s completely non-toxic and UL compliant.
  • Fully-dimmable. Many LED and CFL bulbs are not capable of being dimmed. The HydraLux-4 is fully dimmable, allowing consumers to create the ambiance they desire by using existing dimmer switches.
  • Outdoor-approved. Many LED bulbs have their components exposed to open air so are can’t be used outdoors. The HydraLux-4 is one of the few LED bulbs approved for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Cool to the touch. The HydraLux-4 runs cool, cutting down on cooling costs as well as being safe in household applications.
  • Eternaleds plans to announce 8W, 12W and 16W versions of the HydraLux by the end of 2009.
  • The Eternaleds HydraLux-4 comes in two colors, Warm White and Daylight White, and can be ordered directly from Eternaleds.com at a list price of $34.99. Every purchase comes with a two-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

The HyrdaLux-4 is available on the EternaLEDs website for $34.99.  They’re also saying 2-3 weeks for shipping due to popularity.  It’s a relatively hefty pricetag, but for 35,000 hours it’s not a bad deal.




Check out this video:


wysiwyg r24

The makers of my favorite lighting design software, WYSIWYG, are releasing a new build to members this coming Tuesday, August 4, 2009.  If you’ve never tried WYSIWYG for anything, I highly recommend just giving it a go for a week.  Richard Cadena, who we all know and love, says that R24’s new features are “amazingly responsive.”  Hell, R23’s features are still amazingly responsive!

Some notes on the new features that are included in R24:

  • LED: New LED models use a point source to better represent a diode for LED fixtures and LED walls that look better and enhance overall efficiency and performance when dealing with all LEDs. New LED light sources and LED flare capability offer better representation in Shaded Views.
  • Improvements in visualization: including enhanced beams, improved beam footprints and shadows.
  • Inverse Square Law: A new upgrade in R24, it calculates accurate beam drop-off in visualization calculations.
  • Colour temperature: Information from wysiwyg Libraries includes different bulb wattages to more accurately display the photometrics of different bulbs.
  • Hot Spots: Hot spots add another aspect of realism to wysiwyg visualization. Formerly, uniform footprints are now distributed based on the photometric data of the fixture.
  • For outdoor events: R24 introduces a time-of-day capability in Shaded Views. Use climatic or environmental conditions specific to the time, place and even weather, specific to an event’s geographical location anywhere around the world to test ideas and demonstrate work.
  • Geometry Smoothing in OpenGL: This new shading technique delivers better-looking sets and people, plus a performance boost.
  • CITP Protocol for Video: The new feature allows consoles supporting this protocol to stream video content across a network into wysiwyg to be displayed on a video screen or DL fixture.
  • R24 also has more intuitive and logical Design Tools and an Improved Dongle Security System.

wysiwyg r24

Go check out WYSIWYG Release 23, and read up on R24 as well.  You won’t be disappointed.  It’s been one of the best things that’s ever happened to my pre-viz work, ever.

TRON – It’s Baaaack

Tron was one of the first movies I remember as a kid being very influential to my desire of working with light. Much to my pleasure, another version of the movie is coming out – Tron Legacy – and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Am I a nerd? Of course. But the original movie and all of its early 1980’s graphics was excellent.

Check out the trailer:

Pepsi Battle of the Bands Collapse in Guangzhou, China

There is a lot of conspiracy surrounding this event, and funny enough, some video has been removed from the original information poster’s site.  Hmm, that’s not suspicious, right?  Typhoon Molave slammed an outdoor concert in Guangzhou, China and substandard production might have killed some people.

Bare bones facts:

On July 18, an outdoor Pepsi “Battle of the Bands” style concert was taking place in Guangzhou, China when a typhoon started blowing and raining. At one point in the concert, a gust of wind blew over some temporary lighting positions and an LED screen.  The concert was stopped abruptly.

There are some rumors floating too – it certainly doesn’t help things that videos are being taken down and people are saying that everything’s fine.  There’s a rumor that people were killed, and there’s Chinese reports saying that the singer, Pan Yuwen suffered some flesh wounds when the LED screen nearly killed him.

From China Music Radar about the accident:

Substandard production at a Pepsi competition in Guangzhou resulted in several people being injured when the stage capsized (WTF??). Taiwanese singer Pan Yuwen was on stage at the time. Word on the street is that the both the brand and the local promoter (Guangzhou ChangLong Group) requested all media NOT to report on the accident.

What I find a bit startling is that Pepsi is being very hush-hush about the whole incident, and all kinds of “cya” PR is taking place by Pepsi.  An article, Pepsi Hits Back at Concert Death Rumor was posted at Brand Republic.  From the article:

“At the Pepsi battle of the bands concert on the evening of 18 July in Guangzhou, due to the sudden early arrival of the typhoon, the concert was stopped abruptly,” chief marketing officer of Pepsi Greater China Harry Hui said in a statement to Media. “During Taiwanese singer’s Peter Pan performance on stage, the weather worsened dramatically with torrential rain and wind. As the host was announcing that the concert was to be terminated, telling everyone to leave the stage and the venue, the LED on the stage was blown over by the strong wind. Peter Pan was pulled away by CETV staff. Pan suffered a minor injury to his hand, while a staff member from CETV also sustained a head injury.”

The statement added that people were taken to a local hospital, adding that a second night of the concert took place at the Shenzhen Convention Centre on 19 July as scheduled, including the same host, Peter Pan and all other artists.

Pepsi did not address questions regarding its PR response to the rumours.

“If there’s a concert and the video screen falls, you’ll hear about it,” one Beijing-based PR source said. “It’s just not suppressible.”

Another PR source in Beijing said: “It seems that due to Pepsi’s even more extraordinary PR work, so far no mainstream media outlet has talked about the accident.”

Mainland sources add that a video of the incident was posted then removed from Tudou.com. Representatives from Tudou and Pepsi would not comment on the rumour, though a video industry source speculated that it may have been pulled due to an ‘accuracy’ policy sites such as Tudou employ, designed to prevent misleading videos being circulated.

Here’s some video that hasn’t been pulled yet – I downloaded the FLV and uploaded it to my Youtube account in case someone wants to challenge its existence. The video is a little on the spazcam side, and the accident happens at the end:

Wow.  I hope we find out what happened here.

Crazy Six-Armed DIY Ikea Hack Lamp

ikea hack lamp

I just saw a wacky sci-fi robot-esque six-armed light monster of a lamp at the Apartment Therapy Unplugged blog – the creator used an Ikea Blanda metal bowl, six Tertial arm desk lamps, some wiring harnesses and some rigging, and made a big room light.  I read some of the comments on this project, and the general consensus was “blech!  this thing is a monstrosity!”  I have to disagree.  If “steampunk” can be popular, then there is certainly a large percentage of the population who would love this project.

My wife and I have hacked Ikea furniture to fit our needs – I highly recommend it!  Props to the creator of this project, I think it is extremely cool.

ikea hack lamp

ikea hack lamp

Another Round of JimOnLight.com Stickers

Obviously my copy editor (and Vice President of Beagle Farts) Gracie is considerably thrilled about me sending out more stickers…

gracie jimonlight

Anyone want a JimOnLight.com sticker?  Just send me your address through the contact form, and I’ll toss one in the mail to you!  I’ll probably send out another batch on Friday of this week, so if you want one, send me your address! All I ask is that you snap a picture of you and the sticker somewhere cool and email it to me!