Hand Drafting and Rendering Supplies – FREE STUFF!


I’m giving away more of the stuff I’ve had sitting in boxes – it’s doing me no good anymore, and I’d rather just give it away to a reader who needs it!

All you have to do to be entered is leave a comment below.  That’s it.  Just leave a comment.  But do it by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT NOON, (Tuesday, June 30, 2009).  I’m picking someone at midnight! NOON.  If you’re reading via RSS feed, please go hit the website and leave a comment on this post if you’re interested!

I’m sending someone the following, stuffed into a USPS Priority Flat Rate box:

drafting supplies

1 – full set of Cray-Pas “Expressionist” oil pastels
1 – balsa sander
1 – X-Acto 45 degree triangle
1 – pencil sharpening paddle
2 – X-Acto mitre boxes (aluminum)
2 – Staedtler lead sharpeners, one mechanical, one battery operated
1 – Ames lettering guide
1 – erasing shield
4 – random fountain pen tips
1 – flexible curve
1 – large 45 degree triangle
1 – large 45 degree triangle with circle template
1 – drafting brush
1 – pounce bag
2 – bottles of SOBO craft glue
1 – Alvin geared compass
1 – electric eraser and refills
a bunch of leads for lead holders, including Repro Blue leads
a whole bunch of different weights and sizes of mechanical pencil leads
a ton of colored pencils, drafting pencils, and watercolor pencils

and other stuff that I probably forgot to mention.  It’s worth quite a penny if you were to buy all of this new, so if you’re interested, just leave a comment on this post.  I’ll draw someone at random.

GOOD LUCK!  please take this stuff off my hands, and the shipping is on me!


  1. Well that is quite a beautiful array of stuff. So this seems like a good time to comment on how I enjoy reading your blog and tweets as I work my way back into theater

  2. I would love this stuff i have a design and drafting class this year at school and I know it will all come in handy


  3. I will give your shtuff a good a home and put it to good use.

    …….when do you split for Switzer….Sweden….?

  4. Hi Jim!

    What a great thing you are doing by giving away all these valuable supplies! Im a graduate student and although I rarely hand draft anymore, there are MANY freshmen and sophmores at my school who would appreciate these supplies! And Im sure the graduate set designers would cheer loudly for the 2 bottles of sobo glue!

    Safe travels to Dallas! I myself will be heading back to Texas in late July for a quick visit with family.

    Enjoy your week!

  5. I could really use those supplies because our family monthly budget is not enough to get most of the supplies that you have listed. The courses that I am taking also require most of the supplies that you have listed. I would really appreciate it. It would be one less issue my Mom & Dad have to deal with.

    • Hi Jim.

      I am A full time student in NH. I guess it was pure luck that you have the supplies that I really could
      use. I can’t find a job to offset the cost of books and other supplies that I need for my studies.
      That is why I am asking you to consider giving the supplies to me. You have probably heard
      several people, but I am from a small town in NH. And jobs do not come easy as you well know.
      Please consider giving the supplies to me so I can go to my classes prepared as a good student
      should be.

      Thank you.

      Donald Isabelle

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