Phish (and Chris Kuroda) is Touring

As much as I am sad about not going to see Phish again this summer, Sweden is much more important.  I have been checking out what Chris Kuroda has been doing so far this summer, and I’ve been digging it.  Here’s a few videos to start your day – if you don’t like Phish, enjoy the lighting!  Some of this stuff is steady, and some of it is shaky, a la Blair Witch.

  • Jim et al –

    For some amazing CK5 pictures, take a look at the Hampton Wallpaper Gallery on Jamtopia…

    All the photos are available individually in your choice of resolution or you can grab the whole bundle in one shot.


    P.S. If you can’t make the show, you can always stop by for real time updates and audio streams of every show available the next morning.

    • Jim

      Ah, thanks, Todd!!!