News on Texas House Bill 2649 – Conference Committee Recommends LD Language Removal


The Conference Committee on Texas House Bill 2649 met yesterday and recommended that the Senate language that would severely impact Lighting Designers in the state of Texas be removed. The Committee recommended that Sections 3, 5, and 6 of the bill be reverted to the House version of the bill, which contains no Lighting Designer provisions. Read the full report.

Please be sure to write thank yous to the Senators and Representatives involved in this step of the fight against the Lighting Designer amendments in HB 2649. Be nice in your emails – be professional. Lighting Design is now on the legislative radar, and we’re fighting for the future our art and craft here, so act professionally. You represent us all.

Wayne Smith:  [email protected]
Doc Anderson:  [email protected]
Bill Callegari:  [email protected]
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Mark Homer:  [email protected]
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