Will McLeod’s FlipLite


Will McLeod has designed an emergency light powered by solar cells, which charge the fixture until it’s needed.  The FlipLite is an attractive fixture, but I have to say it reminds me of those Nerf boomeraing things I had as a kid – you know, the ones that you could never get to come back, but they could bean a neighbor kid right in the back of the head.

The FlipLite has motion sensors that detect when the light is flipped to the illuminating side – until it gets flipped, the FlipLite glows a faint blue glow to tell you where it is in the darkness when the power goes out.

Check out Will McLeod’s portfolio here.



Thanks, EcoGadgets and Coroflot!


  1. Beautiful design. I can see using it in a bedroom when you don’t want to turn on a light and wake up your partner, or to check sleeping kids.

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