Sebastian Errazuriz’s Huge Espanta Cucos



I wrote about designer Sebastian Errazuriz a few days ago – one of the projects I discovered on his site was The Crane.  It’s a construction crane – one of the big ones – that is strung with light sources and illuminates the night.  The story is actually pretty cool.  From the website:

Following the traditional “espanta cucos,” a local kids lamp to frighten away demons.  A twenty story crane is wounded in three kilometers of cable and connected to 1,200 light bulbs.  An urban sculpture, a giant night light, or a bettered cross; silently looking after the city of Santiago, while tired Chileans sleep.

A simple project, but very interesting.  I love the concept of espanta cucos – which translates to “it frightens cuckoos,” and I assume “cuckoos” means demons or stuff that scares kids.




Sebastian’s portfolio of work is here.  Check it out.