A Lamp with a Speaker…? The SoundBulb


Hoang M. Nguyen, Poom Puttorngul, and Anh Nguyen have inventedan interesting concept – a lamp with a speaker inside, with an LED lamp for maximum awesomeness, of course.

The SoundBulb is wireless with Bluetooth, bringing audio to wherever there is a socket for this sucker.  The front of the lamp is a chrome dial allowing you to control volume of your streaming music, the LED head and 8-ohm speaker are both replaceable, and from the images, it appears as if the SoundBulb comes in both A-type and R-type lamps.

What do you think?  It’s LED, so it doesn’t seem like heat will be much of a problem, but the speaker is sitting under the light source, the there don’t appear to be many perforations.  Who knows, I’ve never seen one.

Thanks, Yanko!  Interesting find.

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