2008’s Top Posts


As I begin a new year of posting on JimOnLight.com, I thought everyone should see what the top 10 most viewed posts have been.  20,000 people have visited JimOnLight.com since I started it back in June of 2008, and I want to double that number for 2009!

Top Ten Posts of 2008:

1.    NYC’s Empure State Building Lit for Elections

2.    PRG’s Bad Boy

3.    Oh No They Didn’t:  Christmas Lighting Controller

4.    Posts Tagged with WYSIWYG

5.    What Seems Like Ancient History:  The Timberlake Truss Collapse

6.    Madonna’s Roof Collapse

7.    Philips’ Living Color Lamp

8.    Mike Zinman’s iSwitch for iPhone

9.    LIFI:  Lumens Per Watt of the Future

10.  Weekly WYSIWYG 3: Focus Contr4ol in R23